Texas Executive Order Brings Disorder And Stop The Killing Before It Starts!

The room is quiet. Outside, the thousands of loyal supporters
wait. An uneasy murmuring can be heard, but the mood is positive………on the

In the alley behind the “Little Sisters of Faith Orphanage”,
a Police Lieutenant distributes small black rods known to the populace as “Enthusiasers”
to the twenty-two Cowboy clad operatives waiting with grim visage.

As the church bells chime the hour, the man at the desk,
sitting as if in contemplation of weighty matters beyond the comprehension of
the common citizen; rises to his feet, places his large military style officers
cap on his head and pulling his face into a smile, strides out onto the balcony
of the Statehouse to address the crowds.

When he walks out and takes his position at the rail, the
crowds stretch; craning their necks for a better view. Then the chant begins;
“Il Duce, Il Duce.”

Pr- (doo-chay)

Fighter planes fly low overhead, the roar of their engines
drowning out even the noise of the teaming crowd of “Enthusiastic” Sycophants
and on their wings can be clearly seen the seal and symbol of the new
administration as ruled by “Il Duce”. An angry, goose stepping eagle
clutching the crushed, broken remains of the Yellow Rose of Texas in its

He raises his hand to still the crowd but they continue to
chant; “Il Duce, Il Duce.”

He stands erect and again raises his hand and before he can
open his mouth the silence in the square is palpable.

Again he smiles and cries out to the crowd. “My people!” and
the crowd answers as one “Il Duce”.

“How are my people this fine day?” Crowd, “Il Duce, Il Duce, Il

“I am very pleased to be able to tell you that our state is in
better condition today,,,,,,,,,than it was yesterday.”  Crowd. “Il Duce, Il Duce”.

“Our brave security forces have prevented the illegal
immigration of hundreds of Mexican border jumpers. These despicable criminals
have been taken to the desert and shot to the greater glory of our state.”

“Tomorrow, I, Il Duce, will come before you to issue an “Executive
Order” for the benefit and well being of all of the precious flowers that are
the daughters of our state.

And the crowd went wild with the near worship of this man
whose plainclothes Cowboy enforcers were circulating among the crowd to ensure
the proper amount of enthusiasm.

But the cameras of the National News media saw only the joyful
crowd and heard only the chants and cheers from the throng.

The man on the balcony sneered at the crowd; sneered at his
underlings behind him and the with an arrogant spin and a click of his
brilliantly polished heals retreated to the cool, quiet, comfort of his office
to ponder tomorrows stunning, and very profitable “Executive Order”

Thus began the day before he issued his “Executive Order” which said that all girls in the state of Texas; 11-12 years of age will have a mandatory Gardisil Vaccination; injection; invasive medical procedure.

And this was how he intended to begin every day; for Rick Perry, I mean “Il Duce”, Governor of the  State of TEXAS is a Republican.

He would lead these people; both the already cleansed and co-operative Conservatives and the hopelessly misled and dangerously compassionate and kindly Liberals in the path of righteousness
and fiscal frugality.

Even if it kills every last one of them.

Even if he has to have the Secret Police hang them up and drain every drop of blood from their resistant Liberal carcasses.

It’s all for the glory of the “Party”, the accumulation of power, and the spread of injustice.

And remember kids:

Rick Perry says, “Make sure they all get Gardisil. That’s the one my political partner in crime is getting paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to promote.”

And Il Duce skipped from the room singing loudly to the tune
of the “Howdy Doody Song” and with a strange Italian ring to the words:

“O_O_O_OH; It’s Ricky kickback time;”

“It’s Ricky kickback time;”

“Can you say Gardisil?”

“They send me dollar bills.”

“It’s Ricky kickback time;’

“It’s Ricky kickback time;”

“You get that shot you bitch;”

“So Ricky P. gets rich.”

You know you must obey; Ill Duce’s word today”.

And outside the crowd mumbled a few more half hearted “Il
Duces” and began to disperse.

And the Cowboys were last seen stabbing a group of little
girls with their “Enthusiasers” and laughing like hyenas when the helpless
children fell to the ground in convulsions and seizures.

Oh Yeh, Good times are here again for those like Rick Perry and his “Conservative Republican” party.

And anyway. Who was that mysterious hooded figure in black reportedly seen slipping out the back door of the State House carrying a travel mug of Earl Grey just before the idea for the “Executive Order” came to “Il Duce”?


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