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All Aboard; This Train Is Moving Left

Official portrait of United States House Speak...I was listening to NPR this morning and John Boehner was making it clear that “The Republicans here in the house are ready to work with you Mr. President.”

Then they made it just as clear that they were waiting for The President to bend. No change in their position. They also stated that; the fact that; the House remained a Republican majority indicated that the people were in harmony with their tax policy.

But as they say; “Denial is more than a river in Egypt”

“The Party” is in deep shit. Their base is shrinking as we speak.

Americans are far too savvy these days to be duped by such clumsy actors and liars as Mitt Romney and even a good liar would be hard put to pull the wool over the eyes of America now. The young; the poor; the immigrants; the informed; the sceptical; all are too wise to buy into the “Sieg Heil” conformity that “The Party” demands; indeed; needs to exist.

The Republican Party has put a lot into seducing the poor white Fundamentalist “Christians”. This has been one of the reasons for their strong Right-Wing stance on matters best left to the individual’s conscience.

What will they do now? The fundamentalists may well desert the Party if it relaxes it’s stance on some issues.”The Party” will be seen as completely obstructionist if they do not relax some. If that happens; they will continue to lose seats in Congress.

The problem; the one these guys don’t get is; America doesn’t want their brand of Nationalism, Militarism, or Fascism. As even the Republicans will tell you; the demographics of this country are rapidly changing and the prevailing wind is blowing Left.

So pretending to move left won’t help the Republicans in the end.Their actions will show their colors.

What a quandary to find themselves in.

I suspect that eventually; the Republican Party will go the way of the Dinosaur.

Another Party will likely emerge. A Party farther Left than the Democrats.

What a position to find ourselves in.


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My Last Word Before The Election; Angryman Speaks

Well; this is it Brothers and Sisters. The time is finally here. All of our words and all of our promises to each other have brought us to this momentous time.

In my humble attempt to make clear the machinations of the Republican Party and their pet ape, Mitt Romney; I have met a large group of people who are all allied in this most American of endeavors.

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Our Gold Isn’t Tarnished But Sportsmanship Went Down The Tubes

Ah; the Olympics. A chance for the finest athletes in the world to compete in brotherly camaraderie and the spirit of equal competition.

America did well; winning a variety of medals; notably a Gold Medal for Gabby Douglas and another for Kayla Harrison.

We have a right to be proud of these and all of our young athletes who work so hard for so long for chance at Olympic Gold.

But I guess you know that there is nothing there to make me angry. We are proud and so should our entire Olympic Team be.

But unfortunately we should also feel a sense of shame at the behavior of at least two of our nations participants.

Who are they and what the hell did they do to piss Old Angryman off?……

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Barrack Obama Is The Greatest President We Have Had; In The Last 43 Years.

Barrack Obama has done what no other President has. He has actually benefitted the American people. Not with vague promises and less than obvious laws that are predicted to do some good down the road but with dollars and cents value; today and Health Care of all things. Who ever really thought that we would see a day when nobody has to say; “I can’t afford to go to the doctor; even though I am sick” or in pain or having a hard time breathing? We are after-all, one of the last nations to address this problem and even after the SCOTUS decision to uphold, we still lag far behind those nations which provide Universal Health Care.

But that is no reason to feel anything less than proud of what The President has done……..

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Sometimes Short Just Doesn’t Get The Job Done: A Treatise On Racism In America

The History and The Inspiration:

I began this article several months ago.

I never felt that it was ready for publication and one thing leading to another; it sat in my files untouched.

Today I was perusing my files and came upon it.

Trayvon Martin; they say; has made it Ok to talk about race in America again.

I hope that’s true because; Man have I got something to say.

Now God forbid you should think that I waited for anyone’s permission before publishing a piece on Racism.

But it does seem somehow………………………….tradgically prophetic(?) that I should have written; yet not finished this piece so soon before Trayvon’s horrible death and the subsequent outrage, and I believe, trauma experienced by America because of it.

This is because I perceive a change.

At least; I think I do.

I hope I am not alone.

We have had many young black men gunned down in this country before; many, in the Southern States.

But never before have I such sensed the nationwide “Aura” of disgust, disapproval and…………almost a wishful disbelief; a hesitance to accept what we all suspected was the truth.

That Trayvon was shot down simply because of the color of his skin

This sad and depressing thing happened and for the first time America; the vast multitude of Americans who are not inclined to verbally lash out as I am; was enveloped in a silence.

A dark brooding silence; uncomfortable and yet quietly hopeful that this young man had not been murdered because he was “Black”; “African American”

If I am wrong about this; feel free to let me know.

My only News comes from NPR but I usually find them pretty fair and balanced in their reporting.

If I am right; please let me know.

Either way; this article is done and I believe this needs to be said………………………

read on; read on


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Oh Martin’o – Martin’o; Wherefore Art Thou Martin’o ………………………..Malley?


"I have done nothing but in care of thee,
Of thee, my dear one, thee, my daughter, who
Art ignorant of what thou art, nought knowing
Of whence I am, nor that I am more better
Than Prospero, master of a full poor cell,
And thy no greater father"

Anyone like Shakespeare?

I love Shakespeare.

How about the Comedies? Great huh?

Well in the beautiful State of Maryland; in the country called the United States;

We have a political comedy going on to vye with Shakespeare’s best.

In the Maryland Legislature yesterday; the Honorable Gentleman of our General Assembly were all stressed that they might not be able to pass a balanced budget bill before the midnight deadline.

The leaders assured us that they could see no reason why this should be a problem.

But they failed to account for the dramatic flare of the Governor and his political collegues.

Or did they?………………………………..

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But I Can’t Remember Where Or When

It seems we’ve often met like this before.

We looked at each other in the same way then.

But I can’t remember where or when


Well; here we are again.

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7-Up Fires Man Unjustly- Family Homeless Due To Corporations Souless Actions

BOYCOTT 7-Up and while your at it BOYCOTT the rest of their products as well

Hey Folks, As you know; I spend alot of time and effort blogging about the Souless Corporations who have America in their grip.

It isn’t hard to find examples of Corporate greed and heartlessness.

One of the sites that I frequent is Rumpydog. Rumpydog’s major issue is the treatment of animals; their care and heath.

Today Rumpy tells us of an instance of Corporate greed that has caused untold injury to another average American.

Just another guy trying to keep his family alive.

He and his family are being mistreated.

They had lttle and now because of the greed and selfishness and souless actions of 7-Up; they have nothing.

I hope you will read the rest of this and do what ever you can to help.

We don’t want money; just a few seconds of your time and perhaps a small sacrifice if you are a drinker of 7-up.

Please help. It won’t free America; but it may help this man who was only doing what anyone with a heart would do

So hit the Fuck 7-Up to read the rest of this post and learn what to do to help this poor guy…………………………………….

Fuck 7-Up


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Martin Luther King Jr. Who knew? Forty-Three Years Later

Martin Luther King Jr.

When I was young; my father said Martin Luther King was a Communist. He and my older brother often said that they thought he was instigating violence behind the scenes while preaching peace in public. I believed it because someone in authority; whose opinion I trusted said it was true.

When I was a child; MLK was leading the Civil Rights Movement. He was marching on Montgomery and Birmingham and he was Marching on Washington DC. Many thousands of people heard him speak and saw him stand up against the ill and unequal treatment that blacks received in our country; speaking to America about his dream.

But I believed he was an upstart. Someone who just wanted to tear this country apart because I was a child; I thought like a child; and I believed what I was told by a man who was forty-one when I was born.

But who knew? Who knew?………………………………………………………………………….
read to find out who knew


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American Plutocracy – Get Angry Or Get Eaten – American Plutocracy

I was reading an article on a friends site today and as so often happens I was inspired by one of the paragraphs to write this piece.

This is the paragraph reprinted from

“Restructuring companies and doing it with a heart means generous severance payments for those losing their jobs. It means help in retraining for those who need it, and it means help in relocating if the available jobs are located in distant cities. Restructuring with a heart means that not all the benefits go to a few, while hundreds or thousands are left to suffer.”

I agree with his statement as it relates to our current system but I wonder if we didn’t get something fundamentaly wrong when we started this thing we call America.

America is primarily made up of people. Average people with modest amounts of money. Most of us are of this group. The 99%. So why do we rely on crumbs from the 1%. Can they really eat enough for just the crumbs to feed all of us?

Why should we have to worry about the crumbs?……………………………………………………
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