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The Average “Republican American”

republican americanThe average “Republican American” is a Republican because that Party feeds a base wish to feel strong and independent.
It assures its members that everything they have; they have because of themselves alone.
It assures them that they are worthy of self worship.
It assures them that the art and the craft and the skill is not in the creation of a thing but in the paying for it.
It assures them that they have a support network of like-minded loonies who will defend their right to eat until they spew digested food all over the room while everyone else is relegated to eating that spewed food to survive.
They don’t recognize the concept of Privilege.
“Obviously the poor and the Black don’t get any and since I deserve everything I have; I don’t get any either; therefore; Privilege doesn’t exist here.

No privilege; no advantage.
No advantage; no foul; everyone plays by the same rules; to be determined situationally by those with the most power; to be determined monetarily by those with the most education; to be…
“go ahead and pick up the refrain the next time it comes around on the Gee-tar.”

I’m your Republican neighbor; don’t you murder me
I’m gonna’ lead you to heaven; just you wait and see.
I’ve got all the money and I’ve got a plan;
You do all the workin’; I’ll just be “The Man”
You do all the workin’; and I will be your friend.

I’m your Republican neighbor and it’s clear to me
You don’t need that healthcare, vacation or mo-ney
I’m your Republican neighbor and what you need instead

old folk singer

What I might look like singing this song if I lost fifty pounds; grew hair; and learned to play a guitar.

Someone who understands you and works you till your dead;
You’re just a beast of burden to beat about the head.

I’m your Republican neighbor; I can see you’re hurt
Just you lay your head down; I’ll cover it with dirt.
I’m your Republican neighbor; no need for you to stress
I’ll keep all the money and be a big success.
I’ll keep all the money and use it to oppress.




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What Is A Republican?


boehner 2Perhaps it’s time we face the truth; determined by the actions of the Party involved and people who represent that Party; that Republicans are many things. Capitalists; Theocrats; Authoritarians; and Morally Corrupt.

The thing that Republicans can no longer be said to be; is Americans and this is why:

Find Out Here


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To A Republican

"Now juthst you lithsen up there Mithter

“Now juthst you lithsen up there Mithter

So it seems you have decided to believe the Republican spiel.

“We just want to restore your rights under the Constitution”

“Like the right to make everybody do what we say is right”

“We are not Racist”
“We want to help the poor”
“We want to improve the Economy” (despite spending the twelve years before Obama destroying it and further impoverishing the poor and Middle Class)
“We want to return America to her former glory”                                                         
“All we need do is cleanse ourselves of the poor, the black, and the liberals to become the Gawd’ Fearin’ Country we oncest’ wuz’.”
“Mari-hutchie is BAD. Gawd is Good. Foreplay is “Get in the truck Bitch” 
Really? Well I have chosen a different path.

Follow the path LOL


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The Last Suspect

Two days ago I published an article by a Mr. Edward Lazarus. I said I would have something to say in responce or reaction so here is my half

click to find the suspect


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A Short Post With No Title

I would like to take just a minute to welcome a new reader to the site. But since I have never done so before, I feel a bit guilty about singling her out for welcome.

Let me welcome all of you who follow this blog if I never have before.

I know it must be a bit frustrating at times what with my long absences etc.

Or perhaps you read this blog to punish yourself for some heinous misdeed and found it a relief.

Either way; welcome or welcome back.

It seems I am settled down and able to write again and I hope that is a good thing.

Not that it really matters much; because; you know; I can’t stop myself.

Nothing has improved much since I left as far as the election goes.

The “Romney Traveling Comedy and Patent Medicine Show” continues to amuse and amaze.

“Where’s Mitt’s money?”

Is it here?

Is it there?

We’ve sought that ‘demned cash everywhere.

Where did he put it?

What has he doned’?

It’s in a Cayman Investment Fund.

Way out in the Ocean

Away from our shore

And “Poof!” no Mitt Romney taxes ‘no more

No pay for the troops; no help for our poor

Mitt Romney took the cash and skipped out the door.


Mitt, Mitt; your like a blogger’s wet dream.


And now introducing “The Mitt Romney Doll”

It walks; it talks; it flips; it flops.

It sounds like the real Mitt

It looks like the real Mitt

It lies like the real Mitt; but best of all:

It believes it’s own lies like the real Mitt.


Well I suppose it’s time to end this “Kick-a-Mitt” and just say thanks for your readership and your support


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A Republican Aristocrat Speaks Out And Tells The Truth (For Once)

An American Aristocrat; Mitt’s Ancestor?
We don’t know but he looks like a jolly good fellow to me.

Greetings to all you real Americans out there.

I’m Thomas Kennsington St. Washingtonsonson Jefferson-Smythe and I am a real American.

By real American; I mean I am; like you; a stand alone American.

An American who never asks for a handout.

Never gives one either.

Personal Responsibility; that’s the ticket for a great America.

Law of the Jungle.

Like myself; you believe in the survival of the fittest; the right to crush anyone or thing that gets in your way and the right to use your money to buy influence.

We believe in the right of might and money.

We believe that we are a truly superior and entitled class.

After all; my hands have never been sullied or callused by labor.

Inherited wealth and sharp business dealing are the American way.

But please; don’t call me an Aristocrat.

We have no Aristocracy in America.

Just read this quote from a character in an American novel.

Proves it eh?

“The brilliance of the American aristocracy is they’ve convinced the world they don’t exist… It’s safer that way. Unlike us [the old European aristocracy], they’re invisible targets…It’s very clever — you teach them in America anyone can become rich, so that when they hate the rich, they hate themselves. It paralyzes them. All they can do is eat.” – Dirk Wittenborn, Fierce People

I’m just your average American.

Why lie?

Why not tell these upstarts the truth?

They’ll still fall in line even if I do tell them the truth.

They’ll do as they are told because they have no choice.

They aren’t smart or wealthy enough to do anything else.

Come on. Don’t hold back. Say what you really feel; or better yet; let me…………………………………………….

 read more of the truth here Read the rest of this entry »


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Watch This Video-Cry For America-This Is Everywhere!

I don’t need to write much to go with this video. What is happening here is obvious. That it is happening all over the country; and more and more often may not be a clear to some.

The most amazing thing to me is that when the cops found literature from the “Constitutional Society” including a copy of that most dangerous document to cops like these and their Fascist Masters;………………..The United States Constituion.

After illegally dragging her out of the car and handcuffed her then illegally rooting through her vehicle and personal items; the Cop looks at the material, tries to decide if he should confiscate it, and then states that he isn’t sure if it is illegal to have.

He thinks she might be allowed to read the material.

He thinks she might be allowed to read the material?

He thinks she might be allowed to read the material!

watch video


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Elections – Corruption – One True Vote: {Part Two: The Electoral College}

The Electoral college. These people will choose your next president. Do you know any of them? Me either.

If you read the first installment of this article, you will recall that we discussed the real reasons for the American Revolution and the true charactor of the Founding Fathers who initiated that Movement. We also talked about the fact that those same founders also felt they; as the Elite Class; had the right to determine the course of the nation in perpetuity. So today we will discuss the nature of our Electoral process and look behind the facade of freedom that hides the true nature and purpose of the Electoral College. A most insideous institution? Or a miracle of American Political Thought? How do you get in? What does it do? Is the Electoral College a danger to the American people and is there a better way? Let’s begin with a simple question; with a simple but perplexing answer. What is the Electoral College?……………………………………………. Oh; wait till you hear this.

read more


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Try Not to Think of a Newt by David Swanson Reposted from “War is a”

Secret Friends- Sedition and Conspiracy- Just another day at the office for these two cronies. Their favorite Part of the job? Backstabbing the American people and laughing while they bleed.

davidswanson – Posted on 08 December 2011

The current President and Congress are destroying our Constitutional rights, our planet’s climate, and the vestiges of a social safety net, and you are obsessing over a freak show of self-hating homosexuals and anti-intellectual intellectuals jumping through hoops in a corporate media circus with Ringmaster Donald Trump. Is this a good use of your time?

read more


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Lowe Blow: Retailer Bows To Anti-Muslim Campaign And Withdraws Advertising From TLC’s “All-American Muslim”

This American Muslim Girl is displaying the best of Traditional American Values. Standing up for her rights against FFA's Fascist, Hatefilled Racism.

Today is a first for Angrymanspeaks. Today I am re-publishing a post from a website that I follow and whose Author I respect for his knowledge and his courage in standing up for right when we are surrounded by so much wrong. Professor Jonathan Turley is a nationally recognized legal scholar who has written extensively in areas ranging from constitutional law to legal theory to tort law.  He has written over three dozen academic articles that have appeared in a variety of leading law journals at Cornell, Duke, Georgetown, Harvard, Northwestern, and other schools.

read more


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