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Obama Is The “Antchrist” We’all Of Course He Is And Isn’t He Special?

obama the antchrist


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Want A Safe Home? Put A Big, Black Man In It.

vingADT; the security corporation with a long history in the home security business has begun a new ad campaign featuring Ving Rhames as the spokesperson and effectively as the symbol of safety in our homes.

I; for one; am happy to see this particular development. I believe it is a positive sign when a big, burly, black man is placed in the position of representing home safety rather than the older stereotypical associations of large black men as a threat to our safety.

It isn’t the end all and be all of racial healing. It isn’t going to get anyone a better chance at an education or decent job by itself.

It is; I think; a sign. A sign that it has become; “Ok” to use a black man to be synonymous with white people being safe in their homes. Actually I am just a bit more excited about this than I let on. It’s a pretty big deal. It shows; better than anything I have seen yet that America’s attitudes are changing.

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Ferguson Police Officer Awarded For Meritorious Action

Wilson being awarded

Wilson being awarded

“(Officer Darren) Wilson won a commendation this year after he subdued a man who was found to be involved in a drug transaction, and he was honored in a ceremony in the Town Council chambers”

Man do I have questions about that sentence but for now let’s just pretend that I don’t and that Officer Wilson did a good thing; and was awarded for it.

That seems Ok until you learn “The Rest of the Story”

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Don’t Hold Back, Ben; Say What You Really Think

destination AmericaYou know? Sometimes I look at America and I wonder how we got to where we are.

So many millions of people came here seeking freedom and justice.

Each of those people (unless their pockets were full of cash) was treated to a special American version of enslavement and injustice. From low paying, soul destroying work to the corruption of our courts by the wealthy.

This was done to them by ethnic group, as individuals, by educational level, by religion, and by every other possible qualifier. It was done and is done under the guise of granting the freedom to achieve; to excel; to “make it big in Amer-ee-kah”.

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Ben Stein?





ben steinRemember Ben Stein? The slightly chubby, jokingly snide, host of the show where he pretended to give away his own money if players could defeat him in a trivia challenge. Of course ben is not just a game show host. No; he is also an actor, a former speech writer for Richard Nixon and a Conservative mouthpiece.

Ben has several times in the past; said things that make anyone with human feelings cringe. Living in the Republican bastion of Idaho and living the life of a wealthy Republican investor has certainly insulated him from the real world. Perhaps he believes this is just another fictional script for a bad TV movie. I don’t know and neither does Ben.

I picked a few choice comments he has recently made:

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“A Nonpartisan Day Of Unity”

“a nonpartisan day of unity”

shaking hands red and blue

Kum-ba-ya my Lord; Kum-ba-ya!

What a concept.

I think the days of Non-partisanship have gone the way of the 50 cent cigar and Penny-Candy.

They ended when the difference between the parties stopped being about how to cut the pie and started being about whether to cut the pie at all.

When the Republican Leadership stopped pretending to think of us as more than a source of replaceable parts for the Corporate Grist-Mill……Again.

But it really ended long before that for most Americans……….

Why Angryman? Why?


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Palestine. Racism And Genocide. No God Will Forgive This.

racism-untie againstThe last time we spoke; I said I would be back to discuss Racism again and I am. But this time I would like you to take a serious look at some other victims of Racism. Even if you are a Black American; I think you will agree that these people are suffering Racism on the same level or worse than you are. Not to minimize your struggle at all. But to say; “You are not alone” You are part of a larger class of people who are the victims of an unreasoning and unreasoned hatred.

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