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My Last Word Before The Election; Angryman Speaks

Well; this is it Brothers and Sisters. The time is finally here. All of our words and all of our promises to each other have brought us to this momentous time.

In my humble attempt to make clear the machinations of the Republican Party and their pet ape, Mitt Romney; I have met a large group of people who are all allied in this most American of endeavors.

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That George W Bush Moment

If; and I do mean IF; Mitt Romney were elected president; what spectacular event might we expect him to use to manipulate the nation into standing behind him. George W Bush of course; used 9/11 to propell himself to popularity and under the guise of chasing down Bin Laden (not a priority for Bush. I wonder why he was so resistant to actually punishing Osama.) While we were still waiting for our President to find and capture or kill the man who masterminded the death of thousands of American citizens; George started a war of personal vengence aginst a man who was completly unconnected with the attack; Sadaam Hussein.

This private war justified the Military Industrial Complex making billions of dollars to supply our troops; George pushing through the Patriot Act; and of course ousting Sadaam in retaliation for his insulting George’s father ten years before.

I figure Mitt will need something along the same lines to secure his place in History just as George did.

 [dreamy music begins and Angryman stares off into the distance as though in a trance]…

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Why Do We Allow Liars Like Lyin’ Mitt Access To The Public Ear?

In this age of technology; it would seem possible to control the veracity of the information presented for the public’s consideration during election campaigns.

I haven’t a detailed plan for this but I have no doubt that it could be done. It would certainly require changes in the way candidates address the people but if the people were assured that all facts were checked; then the only thing left to lie about is the candidates beliefs and policies………………..

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Lyin’ Mitt Is Not Only UN-FIT But Hopefully Unelectable

I believe that Barrack Obama will win this race. I believe that he will win because of the electoral math and because he is a man of character and integrity.

For all Mitt Romney’s sad degrading life, he has succeeded at all of his criminal efforts. He has perpetrated some of the most morally corrupt and reprehensible acts on the people and especially the workers of his own country; if Mitt can be said to have a country; a loyalty much in doubt since his latest act of betrayal at the time of the much misused and abused events in Ben Ghazi, Libya.

Mitt seems to be finding that winning the vote of the American people is just a bit more difficult than winning in the world of high finance and low accountability. Mitt is accustomed to being able to bully his way through those tough spots when someone realized he was not to be trusted. Either by use of his offensive smirking overbearance or by throwing huge amounts of money at the problem.

You and I know that Mitt is just like Eddie Haskel; smarmily kissing the asses of the parents while secretly threatening and bullying his friends when the parents are out of hearing. I am sure he has applied those same practices in his business life. That is how many of the most successful Fascist criminals have succeeded.

But Mitt just can’t throw enough money at the people and he certainly can’t bully his way into the office of President. Even a professional liar and manipulator like Mitt would find it difficult to pin 200 million people in a corner and threaten them into voting for him.

No; I think Mitt’s candidacy will end in defeat. Too many people are becoming aware of his lies and his complicity in destroying the economy he claims to know how to save. Another lie easily debunked by a brief glance at the historical record.

Perhaps had the GOP found an intelligent, believable liar to represent them instead of the smirking bully and whining Mamma’s boy Lyin’ Mitt Romney; they may have been able to deceive the people (Independents that is because most Democrats won’t be deceived and most Republicans don’t need to be deceived; just ordered to obey) but Mitt is such an obvious shit; he almost couldn’t help but fail.

Don’t get me wrong. The fight is not over but I believe that if the people will just get out and vote; the numbers will fall in favor of the only real choice; Barrack Obama.

Barrack the vote.

Vote early for Barrack Obama because; that’s right; you know the answer:


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