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To A Republican

"Now juthst you lithsen up there Mithter

“Now juthst you lithsen up there Mithter

So it seems you have decided to believe the Republican spiel.

“We just want to restore your rights under the Constitution”

“Like the right to make everybody do what we say is right”

“We are not Racist”
“We want to help the poor”
“We want to improve the Economy” (despite spending the twelve years before Obama destroying it and further impoverishing the poor and Middle Class)
“We want to return America to her former glory”                                                         
“All we need do is cleanse ourselves of the poor, the black, and the liberals to become the Gawd’ Fearin’ Country we oncest’ wuz’.”
“Mari-hutchie is BAD. Gawd is Good. Foreplay is “Get in the truck Bitch” 
Really? Well I have chosen a different path.

Follow the path LOL


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Hey Steve!

american flagThe reason we as Americans can do anything is that we have the benefit; of the experience and knowledge; of the most diverse ethnic mix in the world. America is an experiment in race and culture mixing on a grand scale. What is happening today is not in opposition to the “American Experiment”; it is the “American Experiment”………..

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Tread Carefully; Fiscal Cliff Dead Ahead

So once again we are warned of an imminent financial disaster looming just over the horizon unless drastic action is taken.

That is the picture the Republicans have painted in hopes of making The President look guilty if an agreement is not reached. They hope to keep the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy and the Bush tax cuts for the Middle Class attached to one another so that they can try to force President Obama to extend the tax cuts for everyone including the top 2% of the nation.

I don’t believe that Barack Obama is a man to be pushed into any such thing.  If I did; I and millions upon millions of my Brothers and Sisters in the fight for freedom and equality wouldn’t have worked so hard to elect and re-elect him.

The President has proposed and supported a Bill which has already been passed by the Senate; approved by the Democrats in The House and is now just waiting for the Republicans in The House; led by the ever disrespectful and quite plainly Racist; John Boehner; to decide if they are willing to oppose the will of the majority of Americans who have sent this president a mandate to increase taxes on the top 2% or if they will pretend to be willing to accept such an action so-as to appear co-operative while they plot their next attempt at undermining the will of the people and the authority of their President.

The only sure thing is that whatever they do; it will be for a reason only they know and will be whatever they think will make them look their best. They will however; harbor a flaming hot hatred for Barack Obama for defeating them.

So what else can I say? What might the Angryman tell you that is new or beyond what I have already said?

Well as it happens I would like to say that…………

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That George W Bush Moment

If; and I do mean IF; Mitt Romney were elected president; what spectacular event might we expect him to use to manipulate the nation into standing behind him. George W Bush of course; used 9/11 to propell himself to popularity and under the guise of chasing down Bin Laden (not a priority for Bush. I wonder why he was so resistant to actually punishing Osama.) While we were still waiting for our President to find and capture or kill the man who masterminded the death of thousands of American citizens; George started a war of personal vengence aginst a man who was completly unconnected with the attack; Sadaam Hussein.

This private war justified the Military Industrial Complex making billions of dollars to supply our troops; George pushing through the Patriot Act; and of course ousting Sadaam in retaliation for his insulting George’s father ten years before.

I figure Mitt will need something along the same lines to secure his place in History just as George did.

 [dreamy music begins and Angryman stares off into the distance as though in a trance]…

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Do I Expect Perfection In My President?

Please. I don’t expect perfection of anyone; least of all a politician. I am no fool nor am I a believer. I won’t have The President’s image tattooed on my chest; and I will wash my hand again; eventually; if I ever have the distinct honor of shaking his hand. Presidents are human and it pays to remember that.

I have great respect for Barrack Obama and yet I don’t expect to like everything he does or expect him to never lie or even think he doesn’t break right down and say Gee-Golly once in a while.

I do have expectations; just not impossible ones. I do expect……………..

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