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Why Do We Allow Liars Like Lyin’ Mitt Access To The Public Ear?

In this age of technology; it would seem possible to control the veracity of the information presented for the public’s consideration during election campaigns.

I haven’t a detailed plan for this but I have no doubt that it could be done. It would certainly require changes in the way candidates address the people but if the people were assured that all facts were checked; then the only thing left to lie about is the candidates beliefs and policies………………..

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Elections – Corruption – One True Vote {Part Four: The Campaign}

All In Favor?

If you read the previous installment of this article, you will recall that rather than give us a system where the State Legislatures elected the President which would have been a straight-forward system at least; where the people would be fully aware of their extremely limited influence on the choice of a President; they chose instead to give us a system where the people are encouraged to vote but where the actual choice is made by a group of virtually unknown and unknowable voters called Electors.

A system that pretends to give power to the people but reserves the right to counteract the peoples choice if they wish………………………………….

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Newt: Is That A LIzard Or Just A Silly Salamander?

Newt: On break from the Campaign; takes a serious moment to shit on America

Some folks of late; have expressed concern for our beloved former House Speaker; Newt Gingrich. They fear for his political future in light of his recent statements of extremist intent and his apparent inability to look like anything but a bad imitation of Lou Costello.

But I want to reassure all you Newt fans that there is no need to worry. For one thing I received a suggestion recently that perhaps Newt should apply for the vacant position of “Dear Leader” of North Korea. But I say they are wrong. I say Newt has a bright future right here doing just as he has been doing………..What is that and shouldn’t we really be concerned for the old boy; eh… I mean Dear Speaker?………………………………………

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Elections – Corruption – One True Vote: {Part Two: The Electoral College}

The Electoral college. These people will choose your next president. Do you know any of them? Me either.

If you read the first installment of this article, you will recall that we discussed the real reasons for the American Revolution and the true charactor of the Founding Fathers who initiated that Movement. We also talked about the fact that those same founders also felt they; as the Elite Class; had the right to determine the course of the nation in perpetuity. So today we will discuss the nature of our Electoral process and look behind the facade of freedom that hides the true nature and purpose of the Electoral College. A most insideous institution? Or a miracle of American Political Thought? How do you get in? What does it do? Is the Electoral College a danger to the American people and is there a better way? Let’s begin with a simple question; with a simple but perplexing answer. What is the Electoral College?……………………………………………. Oh; wait till you hear this.

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Try Not to Think of a Newt by David Swanson Reposted from “War is a”

Secret Friends- Sedition and Conspiracy- Just another day at the office for these two cronies. Their favorite Part of the job? Backstabbing the American people and laughing while they bleed.

davidswanson – Posted on 08 December 2011

The current President and Congress are destroying our Constitutional rights, our planet’s climate, and the vestiges of a social safety net, and you are obsessing over a freak show of self-hating homosexuals and anti-intellectual intellectuals jumping through hoops in a corporate media circus with Ringmaster Donald Trump. Is this a good use of your time?

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Elections – Corruption – One True Vote: {Part One: The History}

Yankee Doodle (Founding Father)

If you think that today’s article is familiar; you are more than likely my wife. But on the off chance that you are someone else I should explain that I have posted this piece as a single document on this site previously. I think though, the time has come to revisit this piece and make a few adjustments to the ideas I originally proposed.

To keep it small enough to swallow I split it up into installments.

If you have never read it, you should.

If you have read it, take another look. This is important stuff we have here.

It addresses one of the most corrupt areas of our society and one that has the power to destroy the nation that we and our forbears have worked so hard for; taken such pride in and been denied for so long.

I say denied and that may cause some to pause and ask why? How have we been denied our country and what should we do? What can we do?………………..

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Conspiracy Theory-Socialism-Constitution-Change Is Coming

It Is Time for a Love Revolution
Image via Wikipedia

Sometimes I get involved in these
discussions and I spend a lot of time writing and researching the responses I make.
So, once again I am presenting one of those responses because so much of
interest was covered there. This guy is Ok and I love going around with him. We
talk about some pretty serious stuff and we don’t pull punches. I hope you
enjoy the read. I had a great time writing it. This one starts with conspiracy
Theory and runs on to cover Socialism, the Constitution and several other
things along the way. So come read, laugh, love, cry, and all this by just
clicking the little button that says:

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