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The Average “Republican American”

republican americanThe average “Republican American” is a Republican because that Party feeds a base wish to feel strong and independent.
It assures its members that everything they have; they have because of themselves alone.
It assures them that they are worthy of self worship.
It assures them that the art and the craft and the skill is not in the creation of a thing but in the paying for it.
It assures them that they have a support network of like-minded loonies who will defend their right to eat until they spew digested food all over the room while everyone else is relegated to eating that spewed food to survive.
They don’t recognize the concept of Privilege.
“Obviously the poor and the Black don’t get any and since I deserve everything I have; I don’t get any either; therefore; Privilege doesn’t exist here.

No privilege; no advantage.
No advantage; no foul; everyone plays by the same rules; to be determined situationally by those with the most power; to be determined monetarily by those with the most education; to be…
“go ahead and pick up the refrain the next time it comes around on the Gee-tar.”

I’m your Republican neighbor; don’t you murder me
I’m gonna’ lead you to heaven; just you wait and see.
I’ve got all the money and I’ve got a plan;
You do all the workin’; I’ll just be “The Man”
You do all the workin’; and I will be your friend.

I’m your Republican neighbor and it’s clear to me
You don’t need that healthcare, vacation or mo-ney
I’m your Republican neighbor and what you need instead

old folk singer

What I might look like singing this song if I lost fifty pounds; grew hair; and learned to play a guitar.

Someone who understands you and works you till your dead;
You’re just a beast of burden to beat about the head.

I’m your Republican neighbor; I can see you’re hurt
Just you lay your head down; I’ll cover it with dirt.
I’m your Republican neighbor; no need for you to stress
I’ll keep all the money and be a big success.
I’ll keep all the money and use it to oppress.




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I Don’t Think I Could Say It Better

I never read Mr. R.’s letter but I don’t think I need to. I am consistently repulsed by the ramblings of one

Mr. R.  Anonymous Right-Wing Mouthpiece

Mr. R.
Anonymous Right-Wing Mouthpiece

“Conservative Hack” or another. Mr. R. is just one more Republican with a Calculator for a Conscience.

The real gem here is the response by Tony Wikrent to this “Wrong-Wing” lie. It stands alone as a statement of belief and philosophy

I was distressed to read  Mr. R.’s letter “Free Education” in the February 4, 2015 issue of The Caswell Messenger. It is one thing to espouse a philosophy of political economy that protects selfishness and the rich; it is altogether another thing, and entirely unacceptable, to claim that such a philosophy is moral, and was condoned by the Founders.

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Ladies And Gentlemen Of The Jury…

confused conservative babyI present for your consideration; “The Case of the Confusled Conservative”

I am sure that many of you will remember Steve from our previous discussions. Steve has stopped by several times lately and has; with some encouragement; posed a couple of questions that could cause a less well armed opponent to tremble. I however am ready and willing to defy the laws of nature; try to make this poor guy see the light of “Social Democracy” and bring him into the fold. Of course the hardest thing is to convince the Conservative to have the surgery. Most of them figure; They’ve done without a heart for all these years; why get one now? Yeh-Why? Clickety click


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Republican Is As Republican Does; Not As Republican Says

Over at the Blog of a friend of mine; a reader wrote to complain about some things that he said about Lyin’ Mitt Romney. My friend posted as follows:

“A reader of this blog accuses me of character assassination of Mitt Romney because I call Mitt out for his lies. You cannot be guilty of character assassination if the so-called victim lacks character. If Mitt will stop telling lies, I will stop calling him a liar. Until then, I will call them as I see them.”

Now this got me to thinking; and you all know how dangerous that can be.I thought particularly about the phrase: “If Mitt would stop telling lies”

I am just a bit weary of walking on eggshells every time I speak with a republican or about republicans. I’m tired of not saying what I think to be polite and not seem extreme.

I hate to generalize but I believe that the majority of republicans fit into one of the two types I describe so I will go ahead and risk the ire of the few who may not………..

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I Just Know I’m Going To Hell For This

I just know I’m going to Hell for publishing this. My only hope is that I can skate if I don’t identify this guy. So from here out we’ll just call him Steve.

Steve is a guy I met on another site; got into a discussion with; figured out that he was as deaf as a stone to what I was saying; and moved on. But Steve (that clever little scamp) followed me home like a Borellian Nomen on a “Blood Trail”

Borellian Nomen

“The Nomen are disciplined, arrogant, and overbearing. If I did not know any better, I’d swear that Borella was settled by Klingons..” -Colonel Hurgh DeS’ epetai-Solazarn

He took the tour and found my article on “The Effects of the Bush Tax Cuts”; and commented on it; sort of.

Anyway; I’ve never published anything just flor a laugh and I don’t mean to make fun of Steve; Really.

But the way this thread went and how it turns out at the end (so far) seemed so damned funny that I felt I had to share it with you.

Yes I turn out to be a smart ass again and yes I know your not supposed to laugh at your own jokes etc. but; well read on and see what I mean and if anybody wants to lay into me about what a conceited asshole I am; I won’t blame you and I promise not to argue. Unless that’s what you want…………………….

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Need I Say More?


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Etch-A-Sketch Mitt And The Salamander

Mitt Now--"Primary Mitt"

I guess that really is more socially acceptable than my name for Mitt Romney……………

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