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Obama Is The “Antchrist” We’all Of Course He Is And Isn’t He Special?

obama the antchrist


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Happy 4th Of July? Yes Damn It; We Deserve At Least That.

4th puppieToday is the 4th of July. When I was a child, this was a great holiday. I looked forward to it because of the fireworks of course but also because I believed what I was taught; as children do.

I believed that we were celebrating a noble and brave thing. The start of “a new nation; conceived in liberty and…”

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Robben Island: Nelson Mandela; Fascist Rulers; America

Robben Island 4 nelsonInteresting isn’t it?

So many men; so determined; so focused; so unrelenting in both the will to survive and to ascend to victory; so brave; so…… Black.

BLACK?Robben Island 2

How amazed the Fascists are; wait!

Do you think?

I don’t.

I think they are not at all amazed at such integrity and courage from black men .

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President Barack Obama; Prince Among Men? No A Man Among Men

obama in tearsIt never fails to impress my wife how feeling Barack Obama is.

You know it impresses me. But my wife’s comments are especially telling and especially true.

I came in from the back yard today to the news about Sandy Hook. She said,

“You should have seen the President commenting about the shooting; he had tears running down his face as he spoke about it.”

I said I wasn’t surprised. She said,

“I know but it never ceases to amaze me that he is willing to show his feelings to the public; you can tell he’s sincere. I have never seen a President actually shed tears like he has. Even when 9/11 happened; George W. Bush never showed any real emotion. What sadness he did show always seemed put on; as though he really didn’t care. But you can see and feel that Obama really cares and really grieves about these people.”

I said she was right although I think I remember Bill Clinton showing such emotions a time or two as well, Barack Obama is far and away the most decent, caring president we have ever had. She said,

“Yes he is; and he is the only one who openly talks about his children all the time. He always seems to mention his kids and his wife and how much he loves and cares for them. That really says something good about him to me. Any man who speaks the way he does; cries in public when horrible things happen to Americans and talks about his family as he does; is a good man. he’s not afraid to show his emotions or afraid he will be laughed at or made fun of and obama with baby that says that he really cares and is really concerned.”

I of course agreed with her completely.

It is hard to understand how anyone could fail to be impressed by this President and I defy anyone to say that he is not sincere. As I have often said; I don’t agree with him about everything he has done or will do no doubt but he is the only human being we have had as President in many years. I can look in his eyes and see real concern; anger; pride; happiness; grief and love; not a dead pool of dark purpose and unfeeling pretence that I have seen in the eyes of most Presidents before.

Others that I respect for this are Jimmy Carter and as I said Bill Clinton. Why is it always democrats? Because though they don’t always agree with me and don’t always go as far as i would like; Democrats have a record of working for the people rather than for the Banks etc.

Their policies are those of a party who really wants to make America a better place for the common person and not just the wealthy.

Barrack Obama is the champion though. He never fails to seem real and we love this man. We both agree that he is the only president we would feel comfortable inviting for dinner. The only one we could talk to like I talk to you. The only one who wouldn’t look down his nose at our humble accommodations.

This is a really good man. Not perfect of course lest you think I can’t see reality clearly; but a really good man and one I can respect. One I can care about. One I can love as I did my brother. One who inspires that love in others. I can give a guy like him a lot of slack when I don’t agree with him because I truly feel he is using all his heart and mind in his decisions.obama with flag

Thank You Mr. President for caring; for feeling; for being open and sincere with us and for taking a stand for what is right for all Americans.



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Here’s A Thousand Words You Can Read In Ten Seconds

To The President’s Face

Behind His Back 

Behind His Back    














Need I say More?


























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Speaker John Boehner; We’re Watching YOU And Your Republican House; Your Racism Is As Easy To See As A Big Fat Zit On The End Of Your Nose.

Dear Johnny B. One thing I have to admit is that you have the “Biggest Balls of All”

Anyone who can take a beat-down like they just received and then make statements like;

“Now it’s time for The President to propose solutions that actually have a chance of passing the Republican-controlled House of Representatives and a closely divided Senate; step up to the plate on the challenges of the moment; and deliver in a way that he did not in his first four years in office.”; Should have skipped the second hit of acid last night……………

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Tread Carefully; Fiscal Cliff Dead Ahead

So once again we are warned of an imminent financial disaster looming just over the horizon unless drastic action is taken.

That is the picture the Republicans have painted in hopes of making The President look guilty if an agreement is not reached. They hope to keep the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy and the Bush tax cuts for the Middle Class attached to one another so that they can try to force President Obama to extend the tax cuts for everyone including the top 2% of the nation.

I don’t believe that Barack Obama is a man to be pushed into any such thing.  If I did; I and millions upon millions of my Brothers and Sisters in the fight for freedom and equality wouldn’t have worked so hard to elect and re-elect him.

The President has proposed and supported a Bill which has already been passed by the Senate; approved by the Democrats in The House and is now just waiting for the Republicans in The House; led by the ever disrespectful and quite plainly Racist; John Boehner; to decide if they are willing to oppose the will of the majority of Americans who have sent this president a mandate to increase taxes on the top 2% or if they will pretend to be willing to accept such an action so-as to appear co-operative while they plot their next attempt at undermining the will of the people and the authority of their President.

The only sure thing is that whatever they do; it will be for a reason only they know and will be whatever they think will make them look their best. They will however; harbor a flaming hot hatred for Barack Obama for defeating them.

So what else can I say? What might the Angryman tell you that is new or beyond what I have already said?

Well as it happens I would like to say that…………

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Loyalty To A Vision; A Family Of Believers; And The Man Who Articulated That Vision

As is my usual morning practice; I was listening to NPR  around 7am and the subject was politics. One of the pundits being interviewed said the Democrat’s challenge is to hold the Black and Latino vote in 2016; when it is not as likely the Democratic candidate will be black again. I agree but…………………

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Do I Expect Perfection In My President?

Please. I don’t expect perfection of anyone; least of all a politician. I am no fool nor am I a believer. I won’t have The President’s image tattooed on my chest; and I will wash my hand again; eventually; if I ever have the distinct honor of shaking his hand. Presidents are human and it pays to remember that.

I have great respect for Barrack Obama and yet I don’t expect to like everything he does or expect him to never lie or even think he doesn’t break right down and say Gee-Golly once in a while.

I do have expectations; just not impossible ones. I do expect……………..

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The Alledged Lie Of Barrack Obama

The former Kingdom of Libya's flag is being us...

The former Kingdom of Libya’s flag is being used by the National Conference. NCLO website (retrieved 23 March 2011) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I keep hearing of this alleged lie ; supposedly told by the President; concerning this trifling nonsense about Libya which the republicans keep harping about as if The President has no latitude concerning what intelligence information he releases.

Four Americans were killed and the republicans are jumping mad about it. When thousands of Americans were being killed in Iraq after our groundless invasion of that country; you weren’t complaining. Why?

Because you know and I know that in a volunteer military; every man knows that he is undertaking an assignment that could end in his death. He is a volunteer. A soldier; not a mailman. Soldiers die. It’s what they are recruited for.

The same is true of the diplomatic service. These people go to all manner of nations; from violent nations in the throes of revolution; to nations that are our allies in the world situation. They know or should that when they take on such assignments; there is a chance they will be killed. Many of our diplomats; Chris Stevens among them refused heavy security. He felt it would distance him from the Libyan people he was attempting to help and work with. He was right. It would have distanced him and he knew what you folks seem to forget. He knew he had a dangerous job. He volunteered for it. He accepted the risk as did all of those with him. In addition to that, Chris Stevens was known for his resistance to any but the most necessary and inconspicuous security personnel; claiming that it undermined his relationships with the locals he dealt with in the course of his duties.

Embassies are typically equipped with a Marine corp detail. Their job is to protect the embassy staff; not to provide personal protection for the ambassador. Private security is used for that purpose generally to lessen the visible military presence.

When we launch a military action; we send “X” number of troops. They may be sufficient for the task but they may not. We use the best judgement as to the required personnel. When we are wrong; as we have often been; soldiers die. They don’t bitch; they don’t whine. They just die in the attempt; sometimes more than a few. Chris Stevens did his job. He did it well and he did it on his own terms for the most part. He is to be mourned. He is to be honored for his work and dedication. In the end though; he knew the job was dangerous when he took it.

Barrack the vote

Vote for Barrack Obama because:


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