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Ferguson Police Officer Awarded For Meritorious Action

Wilson being awarded

Wilson being awarded

“(Officer Darren) Wilson won a commendation this year after he subdued a man who was found to be involved in a drug transaction, and he was honored in a ceremony in the Town Council chambers”

Man do I have questions about that sentence but for now let’s just pretend that I don’t and that Officer Wilson did a good thing; and was awarded for it.

That seems Ok until you learn “The Rest of the Story”

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To The President of the United States

presidential seal

To The President of the United States; The Honorable Barack Hussein Obama

Dear Sir,

I would like to discuss the issue of the Keystone Pipeline with you.

It is a terrible feeling of near helplessness that overtakes me when I consider the progress of this soul-destroying project and the legislation (recently passed) that allows it.

It seems there is no end to the degradation and humiliation that the US Government is willing to allow, to the indigenous peoples of this land.

Running Antelope Sioux Warrior

Running Antelope
Sioux Warrior

When; in the 21st century; it becomes necessary for a nation of indigenous people to state their intention to defend to their literal death; their land from the encroachment of Capitalist interests; after that indigenous nation has been the victim of such interference and genocide over the course of the history of this country; it seems to me that the people of these United States need; for the sake of human decency; and for the sake of their own ability to steer their own future and not become victims themselves (if self-interest is the only motivator that will work); to stand up and scream “NO!”; “STOP!” “This is not who we want to be anymore.”

We claim to care about the people of America. There are no more American people than the original inhabitants of this great land. There is no dignity in allowing this terrible crime. There is no way for us to come away with anything but bile in our mouths; the smell of burned flesh in our nostrils; and the guilt of the dead children on our conscience.

Every American should be up in arms about this danger.

Every blogger should be running similar articles; to flood the web with our indignation at the very possibility of this happening.

Everyone should be writing, calling, e-mailing, beating on the doors of their Congressional Representatives; Senators; and you; yourself Mr. President; to express their horror and disgust at the possibility that this destruction might become reality.

What do you think Mr. President?

Are you still shocked by such actions?

I hate feeling helpless. Don’t leave us to helplessly watch the destruction of an honorable people for what amounts to almost zero gain for America.

The only benefactors of this Keystone Pipeline are the huge corporations involved.

Mr. President; Veto this bill

I was recently enlightened to the problem of the South Dakota Child Protection Agency; taking away the children of perfectly good Native-American mothers and adopting them out to wealthy white citizens. Not just one or two kids either. This is a running operation; essentially using these women to breed for the wealthy whites.
Now why do you think; a wealthy, white, resident of South Dakota wish to “Adopt” small Indian children?
To nourish them and give them the advantages of wealth? Hmmm
Not likely.
You know what they say. If it walks like a duck…
Well this time it walks like a big old slave breeding operation.

siouxAnd this “Keystone Pipeline” walks like a crime against the people of The Great Sioux Nation and a sin against humanity and our own dignity.

So President Obama; Veto this bill.

It will be back with the new Congress as Mitch promised.

It must not pass; Sir.

It  must not pass; anymore than we would pass a bill that would cause the destruction of our African-American or Hispanic or Korean communities.

It must not pass because if it does; when it is done; and the long-term effects are understood; the American people will look back upon your Presidency and The Congress with shame and hatred.

A stain upon our honor and a stain of blood upon our map and our nation.

One reason we elected you was the sense that you were a compassionate person who empathized with “We The People”.

Now is not the time to back down or give in to pressure from the murderous corporate masters.

Now is the time for “Bold Progressive Moves”

Veto this bill Mr. President.




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Maryland; My Maryland: Shame Is Your Lot ; Weakness Your Only Sad Excuse.

Maryland; my home for all of my fifty-three years.

As States go; I thought Maryland to be better than some. Worse than others; but a State generally inclined toward the Democratic Party; Liberal thought; and a fairly good sense of right vs. expedience.

I knew;  as you could not help but notice; that Marylanders were not inclined to take to the streets as the Occupy Baltimore Turnout has so recently demonstrated.

The meager turnout and enthusiasm shown in my Fair City wasn’t for a lack of reason to complain.

It wasn’t because folks in Maryland are just sooo’ happy to be here that they overlook the problems.

The weak turnout is due to something far more sinister and frightening; Weak Will.

And Maryland?

My opinion of this state has quite saddly; turned from pride to shame.

Deep shame.

This is why………………….

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Misogyny-Murder- Mississippi

Austria-Hungarian soldiers execution Serbian woman

Image via Wikipedia

Consider: A gifted obstetrician who is perfectly willing to save the life of a young woman is prevented from doing so over the begging and pleading, the crying and vomiting and screaming of the poor husband whose guts have just been kicked out by the news that the talented doctors are about to let his young wife die before his eyes for no reason other than cruelty and sadistic, inhuman bloodlust.

Well, if you happen to be in the Great State of Mississippi by accident or design; this could happen to you.

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