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Remember. Never Forget.

 Never Forget

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Happy 4th Of July? Yes Damn It; We Deserve At Least That.

4th puppieToday is the 4th of July. When I was a child, this was a great holiday. I looked forward to it because of the fireworks of course but also because I believed what I was taught; as children do.

I believed that we were celebrating a noble and brave thing. The start of “a new nation; conceived in liberty and…”

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Mandate – The Authority; Granted by A Constituency; To Act As Its Representative.


The Turtle and The Ground Sloth.

To: Speaker John Boehner; Senator Mitch McConnell 

It must be killing you.

So we pray; (E nominea Diminoes; et a nice Filet; et Spirits of Sanctimonium)

Barack Obama; whom you have done your best to defame and degrade; elected for a second term; with a clear mandate from the American people to finish the job they elected him to do.

The Mandate? Help the middle class and make America a land of equality for all people…………..

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Capitalism; An Indictment

The following is an except from a post on thejumbledmind

This started me thinking when I wrote my comment and that led to this article.

The List:

(begin excerpt)

There was an interesting article written by John Cassidy in The New Yorker this week titled, “Is America Crazy?” While much of the article deals with guns and gun laws in the United States, Cassidy also points out ten convictions or beliefs held by Americans. From the article…

What are these shared convictions? I could go on all day, but here, for argument’s sake, are ten. Not all Americans subscribe to them, of course. In some instances, the true believers may amount to a small but vocal minority. Still, the popular sentiment underlying these statements is so strong that politicians defy it at their peril.

1. Gun laws and gun deaths are unconnected.

2. Private enterprise is good; public enterprise is bad.

3. God created America and gave it a special purpose.

4. Our health-care system is the best there is.

5. The Founding Fathers were saintly figures who established liberty and democracy for everyone.

6. America is the greatest country in the world.

7. Tax rates are too high.

8. America is a peace-loving nation: the reason it gets involved in so many wars is that foreigners keep attacking us.

9. Cheap energy, gasoline especially, is our birthright.

10. Everybody else wishes they were American. (end excerpt)

I wondered where all these lies come from. Why do so many of us still believe them? Are these lies just harmless “American folklore”? If not; what do we learn from them, about the Governmental System under which we live?………

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A Republican Aristocrat Speaks Out And Tells The Truth (For Once)

An American Aristocrat; Mitt’s Ancestor?
We don’t know but he looks like a jolly good fellow to me.

Greetings to all you real Americans out there.

I’m Thomas Kennsington St. Washingtonsonson Jefferson-Smythe and I am a real American.

By real American; I mean I am; like you; a stand alone American.

An American who never asks for a handout.

Never gives one either.

Personal Responsibility; that’s the ticket for a great America.

Law of the Jungle.

Like myself; you believe in the survival of the fittest; the right to crush anyone or thing that gets in your way and the right to use your money to buy influence.

We believe in the right of might and money.

We believe that we are a truly superior and entitled class.

After all; my hands have never been sullied or callused by labor.

Inherited wealth and sharp business dealing are the American way.

But please; don’t call me an Aristocrat.

We have no Aristocracy in America.

Just read this quote from a character in an American novel.

Proves it eh?

“The brilliance of the American aristocracy is they’ve convinced the world they don’t exist… It’s safer that way. Unlike us [the old European aristocracy], they’re invisible targets…It’s very clever — you teach them in America anyone can become rich, so that when they hate the rich, they hate themselves. It paralyzes them. All they can do is eat.” – Dirk Wittenborn, Fierce People

I’m just your average American.

Why lie?

Why not tell these upstarts the truth?

They’ll still fall in line even if I do tell them the truth.

They’ll do as they are told because they have no choice.

They aren’t smart or wealthy enough to do anything else.

Come on. Don’t hold back. Say what you really feel; or better yet; let me…………………………………………….

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7-Up Fires Man Unjustly- Family Homeless Due To Corporations Souless Actions

BOYCOTT 7-Up and while your at it BOYCOTT the rest of their products as well

Hey Folks, As you know; I spend alot of time and effort blogging about the Souless Corporations who have America in their grip.

It isn’t hard to find examples of Corporate greed and heartlessness.

One of the sites that I frequent is Rumpydog. Rumpydog’s major issue is the treatment of animals; their care and heath.

Today Rumpy tells us of an instance of Corporate greed that has caused untold injury to another average American.

Just another guy trying to keep his family alive.

He and his family are being mistreated.

They had lttle and now because of the greed and selfishness and souless actions of 7-Up; they have nothing.

I hope you will read the rest of this and do what ever you can to help.

We don’t want money; just a few seconds of your time and perhaps a small sacrifice if you are a drinker of 7-up.

Please help. It won’t free America; but it may help this man who was only doing what anyone with a heart would do

So hit the Fuck 7-Up to read the rest of this post and learn what to do to help this poor guy…………………………………….

Fuck 7-Up


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