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Oh I Do Love This Man; The Preacher That Is





Listen to what this Cop sees as his job and listen to how he thinks we should feel about him doing his “job”.




Now see what everyone can do to stop these Fascist, Police State tactics BooYa!


It’s time to insist on the freedom we were promised 223 years ago

Bill of Rights of the United States of America (1791)

The first 10 amendments to the Constitution make up the Bill of Rights. Written by James Madison in response to calls from several states for greater constitutional protection for individual liberties, the Bill of Rights lists specific prohibitions on governmental power.


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Happy 4th Of July? Yes Damn It; We Deserve At Least That.

4th puppieToday is the 4th of July. When I was a child, this was a great holiday. I looked forward to it because of the fireworks of course but also because I believed what I was taught; as children do.

I believed that we were celebrating a noble and brave thing. The start of “a new nation; conceived in liberty and…”

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What Has Two Faces And An Asshole Between The Two?

scalia pigSupreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.

OH HELL NO! That’s not Scalia. That’s a poor malformed farm animal

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Mandate – The Authority; Granted by A Constituency; To Act As Its Representative.


The Turtle and The Ground Sloth.

To: Speaker John Boehner; Senator Mitch McConnell 

It must be killing you.

So we pray; (E nominea Diminoes; et a nice Filet; et Spirits of Sanctimonium)

Barack Obama; whom you have done your best to defame and degrade; elected for a second term; with a clear mandate from the American people to finish the job they elected him to do.

The Mandate? Help the middle class and make America a land of equality for all people…………..

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Only A Republican

The following are two excerpts from a statement issued by Republican Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn from the Great State of Tennesee after hearing of the Supreme court’s decision to uphold the President’s Affordable Health Care Act.

Washington, Jun 28…”I believe Americans should have the freedom to make their own health care decisions. That’s why my colleagues and I will keep working to repeal Obamacare, and work to restore the freedom intended and secured by our founding fathers.”

Yes because the millions of Americans who were previously without health care really miss being able to choose from all the wonderful health plans offered to them………..

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I Can See The Wolf; What Happened To The Shepherd?

It is a very impressive room.

A room; veritably dripping with power and authority.

The authority to make decisions for all 300 million Americans.

Decisions about whether the laws that Congress makes are in harmony with the Constitution.

If you have been even a casual observer and tracker of the decisions handed down by the body of men who occupy and work in this room; you could be forgiven if you stood up now and yelled at the top of your voice; “Yeah; Right”………………………………………………

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Ron Paul Says Sodomy Laws Ridiculous! Angryman Says “Bullshit!”


Un-Named Republican Hopeful off to the Southern races

Ah Yes! the Big Race is on. South Carolina Republican Primary.

Did you know that even though South Carolina has only about 4% of the population of the country; so many are Republicans; that they have become in the minds of many; a reliable predictor of the Republican Nominee.

Actually; a pretty good one as the winner of the South Carolina Primary since 1980 has been the Republican Nominee.

One of the reasons for this is a curious statistic. Whereas in most of the Slave States only about 10% of the people were actually slave owners; in the Great State of South Carolina the percentage was right around…………50%.

Sooooo; 50% of South Carolinians had enough money to own slaves…………..

Sooooo; South Carolina must be a pretty wealthy state. Old money; South of Broad and all that Antebellam Tradition of Human Bondage; Torture; and Murder (for God’s sake; don’t forget the murder). Hanging; beating; whipping; shooting; maiming; branding; starving; drowning; burning; etc.; etc.; etc.

Sooooo; Lots of wealthy republicans……and they always pick the winner.

Sooooo; it would follow that the winner is picked by the votes of…wealthy republicans.

Sooooo; all you Poor Republicans; you may as well stay home. they don’t care what you think. Heh; heh; heh.

But back to South Carolina; all the Republican hopefuls are off to South Carolina to beat each other and lie about each other and probably sell their own mothers if that’s what it takes to win South Carolina

And when South Carolina has been decided; they will all rush off to Florida because it is even more important than South Carolina……….so they’ll sell their teenage grandchild into postitution and crack addiction to win here.

Well the one thing I am sure of is; that for a Republican to win anything; somebody’s got to become a whore. Besides the Candidate I mean. That’s a given.

I’ve been listening to the insults being hurled back and forth between the Candidates and if you listen to all of it; there isn’t a Republican candidate who can tie his own shoes; much less succeed as President.

Mitt Romney is such a clown. He just can’t stop himself from pointing out to everyone he meets; that he is a VERY wealthy man. And even when he tries to pretend he’s just the average American; he falls on his ass.

Like when he said he was only paid “three-hundred thousand dollars” for a speaking engagement as though as though he expected us all to understand how under-appreciated he felt.

Or right now; he is afraid to show us his tax returns; and he admits it’s because he makes so much money ; it might make him look bad.  Of course refusing to provide his tax returns like the rest of his playmates are doing doesn’t look bad. Noooooo.

Then there’s that nasty issue that keeps coming back on him; then it doesn’t; then it does; then it doesn’t.

“The only difference between Mitt Romney and a statue of Mitt Romney is that a statue never changes its position,” according to Stephen Colbert.

Rambling? Probably.

Got more?  Oh Yeah I got more.

Can we see? Ab-so-fuckin-lutly. You know I love it when you guys hit that “more” button.

Todays button says:  “Stop Fascism Now” Not that creative I know; but it’s my first try at creativity and……well…….I’m right handed…..and ; and; just hit the fucking button and mind your business. Still a free country if I want my button to say “Horse Shit” then horse shit it will be.

Stop Fascism Now


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Worse Than Pissing On Your Fallen? You Bet; No Appologies Imminent

Shit covered; just like America's reputation

Once again standing up for human rights and Constituional rights; Jonathan Turley posted an article today detailing the ill treatment of a British Citizen by US and Foriegn Interrogators. Binyam Mohamed was Indefinitely Detained in Morroco for two years.

The Obama Administration has constantly fought to prevent Britain from releasing this information even theatening them with diplomatic penalties if they failed to comply with the wishes and whims of the Great American Plutocracy.

What treatment did this innocent civilian receive at the hands of the Americans and their Morrocan cronies?
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Watch This Video-Cry For America-This Is Everywhere!

I don’t need to write much to go with this video. What is happening here is obvious. That it is happening all over the country; and more and more often may not be a clear to some.

The most amazing thing to me is that when the cops found literature from the “Constitutional Society” including a copy of that most dangerous document to cops like these and their Fascist Masters;………………..The United States Constituion.

After illegally dragging her out of the car and handcuffed her then illegally rooting through her vehicle and personal items; the Cop looks at the material, tries to decide if he should confiscate it, and then states that he isn’t sure if it is illegal to have.

He thinks she might be allowed to read the material.

He thinks she might be allowed to read the material?

He thinks she might be allowed to read the material!

watch video


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Crime-Heroin-Prostitution-Criminals? In Your Hood?

Crime. Americans are afraid of crime. As a matter of fact Americans are afraid of the mere possibility of crime. And why not?

For years they have been told about the dangers of everything from Jay-walking to Marijuana; from Mugging to Heroin. They have been inundated with reports and videos and rumors of crime. Pictures make it all the more real and immediate.

But the truth is that many millions of Americans go out every day. In cars; on foot; on buses and in cabs. They go to school, work, and just for a walk. Most; the vast majority of those people do this every day and are never the victims of crime especially violent crime.

There is a higher likelyhood that you will be the victim of crime if you: a) Live in a high crime area; mostly urban areas but not all urban areas. b) Travel in such areas regularly. c) Are involved in crime yourself. Or d) Run naked into a known criminal hangout wearing only precious stones and a Visa card and singing “Rape Me”. Other than that; your odds are pretty good.

But I am here to tell you that “Crime”, is indeed, everywhere.  And we are responsible. So if crime is everywhere; how can I say that it’s pretty safe to walk the streets in most places?

Because the crime taking place in most neigborhoods isn’t violent; it isn’t infringing on anyones rights and it doesn’t hurt anyone but the participants if it even harms them. It may be gambling, Marijuana or other drugs, prostitution, or  it could be the guy down the block who found a way to download copyrighted music or video.

So what is the truth? What should we do about all of this crime and all these criminals?…………………….

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