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I Don’t Think I Could Say It Better

I never read Mr. R.’s letter but I don’t think I need to. I am consistently repulsed by the ramblings of one

Mr. R.  Anonymous Right-Wing Mouthpiece

Mr. R.
Anonymous Right-Wing Mouthpiece

“Conservative Hack” or another. Mr. R. is just one more Republican with a Calculator for a Conscience.

The real gem here is the response by Tony Wikrent to this “Wrong-Wing” lie. It stands alone as a statement of belief and philosophy

I was distressed to read  Mr. R.’s letter “Free Education” in the February 4, 2015 issue of The Caswell Messenger. It is one thing to espouse a philosophy of political economy that protects selfishness and the rich; it is altogether another thing, and entirely unacceptable, to claim that such a philosophy is moral, and was condoned by the Founders.

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I Just Came Back From Vomiting. This Happened To Me. I Lived

Anybody want to give these Motherfucking Murderers a Motherfucking AWARD?????

I am sick of this shit. I will wait for my apology and you know who the Fuck you are.

You called me a RACIST 

You called me a RACIST because I objected to giving Cops Awards.

You called me a RACIST because I said I don’t like, trust, or co-operate with COPS.

How many have to die before you wake the fuck up?

How FUCKING dare you?


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Oh I Do Love This Man; The Preacher That Is





Listen to what this Cop sees as his job and listen to how he thinks we should feel about him doing his “job”.




Now see what everyone can do to stop these Fascist, Police State tactics BooYa!


It’s time to insist on the freedom we were promised 223 years ago

Bill of Rights of the United States of America (1791)

The first 10 amendments to the Constitution make up the Bill of Rights. Written by James Madison in response to calls from several states for greater constitutional protection for individual liberties, the Bill of Rights lists specific prohibitions on governmental power.


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Palestine. Racism And Genocide. No God Will Forgive This.

racism-untie againstThe last time we spoke; I said I would be back to discuss Racism again and I am. But this time I would like you to take a serious look at some other victims of Racism. Even if you are a Black American; I think you will agree that these people are suffering Racism on the same level or worse than you are. Not to minimize your struggle at all. But to say; “You are not alone” You are part of a larger class of people who are the victims of an unreasoning and unreasoned hatred.

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All Aboard; This Train Is Moving Left

Official portrait of United States House Speak...I was listening to NPR this morning and John Boehner was making it clear that “The Republicans here in the house are ready to work with you Mr. President.”

Then they made it just as clear that they were waiting for The President to bend. No change in their position. They also stated that; the fact that; the House remained a Republican majority indicated that the people were in harmony with their tax policy.

But as they say; “Denial is more than a river in Egypt”

“The Party” is in deep shit. Their base is shrinking as we speak.

Americans are far too savvy these days to be duped by such clumsy actors and liars as Mitt Romney and even a good liar would be hard put to pull the wool over the eyes of America now. The young; the poor; the immigrants; the informed; the sceptical; all are too wise to buy into the “Sieg Heil” conformity that “The Party” demands; indeed; needs to exist.

The Republican Party has put a lot into seducing the poor white Fundamentalist “Christians”. This has been one of the reasons for their strong Right-Wing stance on matters best left to the individual’s conscience.

What will they do now? The fundamentalists may well desert the Party if it relaxes it’s stance on some issues.”The Party” will be seen as completely obstructionist if they do not relax some. If that happens; they will continue to lose seats in Congress.

The problem; the one these guys don’t get is; America doesn’t want their brand of Nationalism, Militarism, or Fascism. As even the Republicans will tell you; the demographics of this country are rapidly changing and the prevailing wind is blowing Left.

So pretending to move left won’t help the Republicans in the end.Their actions will show their colors.

What a quandary to find themselves in.

I suspect that eventually; the Republican Party will go the way of the Dinosaur.

Another Party will likely emerge. A Party farther Left than the Democrats.

What a position to find ourselves in.


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Republican Is As Republican Does; Not As Republican Says

Over at the Blog of a friend of mine; a reader wrote to complain about some things that he said about Lyin’ Mitt Romney. My friend posted as follows:

“A reader of this blog accuses me of character assassination of Mitt Romney because I call Mitt out for his lies. You cannot be guilty of character assassination if the so-called victim lacks character. If Mitt will stop telling lies, I will stop calling him a liar. Until then, I will call them as I see them.”

Now this got me to thinking; and you all know how dangerous that can be.I thought particularly about the phrase: “If Mitt would stop telling lies”

I am just a bit weary of walking on eggshells every time I speak with a republican or about republicans. I’m tired of not saying what I think to be polite and not seem extreme.

I hate to generalize but I believe that the majority of republicans fit into one of the two types I describe so I will go ahead and risk the ire of the few who may not………..

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Criminal Cops; They’re Everywhere! They’re Everywhere

I was talking with someone recently and they were saying how terrible it is that there are so many incidents of Police using excessive force lately. They mentioned the case of the University Security “Police” Sergeant who sprayed MK-9; Military Weapons Grade Pepper

Spray, directly in the faces of protestors who were SITTING on the ground committing no chargable offence; from two feet away. Even in military situations; the minimum firing distance for MK-9 is six feet. Then they said something that just blew my mind. They said that his action borders on criminal behavior.

BORDERS ON CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR?”, I said. “Way-el’, I’d shay’ thish’ here Hombre done crossed that-there border shum’ ways back.”

Back; back; way back; way back when…………….

When? When?click here


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