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The Ever Ellusive Blogger

It seems that every time I tell you I am back; smack down comes again and I lose my Wi-Fi.

Yes; you might ask, “Angry One” ” Why is that?”

And I would answer that it is because it is devastatingly difficult to live on the amount of money I receive each month. Even though I worked and paid for my Disability Insurance for 35 years; Social Security says $987 per month is enough for me. Thankfully; my retirement pension still pays me $500 per month after they suck off $700 for Health Insurance.

Ah well; you have heard this sad tale before. If only I were the only one in this situation.

Sadly there are many others. Then they wonder why people become involved in; let’s say; legally questionable business dealings etc.

Anyway; sometimes I just don’t have the $50 it takes per month to keep my Wi-Fi up.

I hope this doesn’t destroy our otherwise beautiful relationship.

I will continue to work and post as often as I can and can afford.

I have scrimped and saved my pennies so that I would be able to get back and busy with some time to spare before this election. As you may guess; I have a few things to say.

So welcome back to the Angrymanspeaks.

I will begin to seriously run my mouth in the next day or so. After watching the debates; all three; I am just bursting with outrage; indignation; hope; admiration; and lest us not forget; ANGER.


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Our Gold Isn’t Tarnished But Sportsmanship Went Down The Tubes

Ah; the Olympics. A chance for the finest athletes in the world to compete in brotherly camaraderie and the spirit of equal competition.

America did well; winning a variety of medals; notably a Gold Medal for Gabby Douglas and another for Kayla Harrison.

We have a right to be proud of these and all of our young athletes who work so hard for so long for chance at Olympic Gold.

But I guess you know that there is nothing there to make me angry. We are proud and so should our entire Olympic Team be.

But unfortunately we should also feel a sense of shame at the behavior of at least two of our nations participants.

Who are they and what the hell did they do to piss Old Angryman off?……

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M-Dog Romney In The House To Break It Down For Ya. Word

“Tax-ezzz? I don’ pay no stinking tax-ezzz”

I am; after-all; one of America’s wealthy Elite and as such I have a special constitutional dispensation that allows me to amass as large a fortune as I want and pay little to no ‘tax-ezz’.” “It’s only fair; because:………

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I Channeled Mitt; And What Do You Think He Said?

In a recent interview on a blog site called Bell; Book; Candle written by a friend of mine. A reformed Republican; if you can believe it. But I don’t hold that agin’ him.
We all have some political skeletons we probably wish wouldn’t come out and dance; or I do at least. Seems I was a bit of a Right-Winger back in the day myself. I made my conversion about the time Bill and Hill were in residence and then I was still drinking in the refreshing taste of Liberal Stew; exploring what it means to be a Liberal; which it turns out is nothing really.
There is no such thing as a Liberal if you depend on single word labels to define something. In other words it’s just a few tens of millions of people who want to be free to enjoy their rights and each one has a slightly different idea of what that means. But all of us agree on some things.
We don’t want to be lied to and we won’t accept lies as truth. When we see a red ball; nobody can convince us it’s blue. And telling us the ball is red; is ok; but you must produce the ball; and not hold it behind your back; switching balls at your whim.
Anyway; I was still here when My President was elected. Yes Barrack Obama is My President. And you know what they say; Once you go Black; you never; well you get my drift. Once I found Barrack Obama; I knew I had made the right choice and if I could vote for him for a third and fourth term; I would.So my friend posed a lyrical question as follows and then, I wondered what Mitt would say; and thanks to my John Edwards course on communicating with the dead; (yes it works for the brain-dead too) I was able to channel Mitt and supply the answer we seek………………………………….. Read more

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Need I Say More?


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A Short Post With No Title

I would like to take just a minute to welcome a new reader to the site. But since I have never done so before, I feel a bit guilty about singling her out for welcome.

Let me welcome all of you who follow this blog if I never have before.

I know it must be a bit frustrating at times what with my long absences etc.

Or perhaps you read this blog to punish yourself for some heinous misdeed and found it a relief.

Either way; welcome or welcome back.

It seems I am settled down and able to write again and I hope that is a good thing.

Not that it really matters much; because; you know; I can’t stop myself.

Nothing has improved much since I left as far as the election goes.

The “Romney Traveling Comedy and Patent Medicine Show” continues to amuse and amaze.

“Where’s Mitt’s money?”

Is it here?

Is it there?

We’ve sought that ‘demned cash everywhere.

Where did he put it?

What has he doned’?

It’s in a Cayman Investment Fund.

Way out in the Ocean

Away from our shore

And “Poof!” no Mitt Romney taxes ‘no more

No pay for the troops; no help for our poor

Mitt Romney took the cash and skipped out the door.


Mitt, Mitt; your like a blogger’s wet dream.


And now introducing “The Mitt Romney Doll”

It walks; it talks; it flips; it flops.

It sounds like the real Mitt

It looks like the real Mitt

It lies like the real Mitt; but best of all:

It believes it’s own lies like the real Mitt.


Well I suppose it’s time to end this “Kick-a-Mitt” and just say thanks for your readership and your support


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A Republican Aristocrat Speaks Out And Tells The Truth (For Once)

An American Aristocrat; Mitt’s Ancestor?
We don’t know but he looks like a jolly good fellow to me.

Greetings to all you real Americans out there.

I’m Thomas Kennsington St. Washingtonsonson Jefferson-Smythe and I am a real American.

By real American; I mean I am; like you; a stand alone American.

An American who never asks for a handout.

Never gives one either.

Personal Responsibility; that’s the ticket for a great America.

Law of the Jungle.

Like myself; you believe in the survival of the fittest; the right to crush anyone or thing that gets in your way and the right to use your money to buy influence.

We believe in the right of might and money.

We believe that we are a truly superior and entitled class.

After all; my hands have never been sullied or callused by labor.

Inherited wealth and sharp business dealing are the American way.

But please; don’t call me an Aristocrat.

We have no Aristocracy in America.

Just read this quote from a character in an American novel.

Proves it eh?

“The brilliance of the American aristocracy is they’ve convinced the world they don’t exist… It’s safer that way. Unlike us [the old European aristocracy], they’re invisible targets…It’s very clever — you teach them in America anyone can become rich, so that when they hate the rich, they hate themselves. It paralyzes them. All they can do is eat.” – Dirk Wittenborn, Fierce People

I’m just your average American.

Why lie?

Why not tell these upstarts the truth?

They’ll still fall in line even if I do tell them the truth.

They’ll do as they are told because they have no choice.

They aren’t smart or wealthy enough to do anything else.

Come on. Don’t hold back. Say what you really feel; or better yet; let me…………………………………………….

 read more of the truth here Read the rest of this entry »


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