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What Is A Republican?


boehner 2Perhaps it’s time we face the truth; determined by the actions of the Party involved and people who represent that Party; that Republicans are many things. Capitalists; Theocrats; Authoritarians; and Morally Corrupt.

The thing that Republicans can no longer be said to be; is Americans and this is why:

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Negotiations? We Don’t Need No Stinking Negotiations.

So The President is in negotiations with the Republicans about the “Fiscal Cliff” and trying to strike a deal with them. They of course don’t understand the weakness of their position and wouldn’t admit it if they did.

It could be that; in their hearts; they believe this is just another temporary slump. I hope not. If so; a couple more elections like this last one and even their beady, squinty little eyes are bound to be opened.

I don’t think all of them could still be in denial though. The Leaders of the Republican Party are not stupid in a conventional sense. They have to know going in that if pushed to the wall; they will have to relent or bear the heated anger of the entire nation (other than the top 2% of course).

I hope The President never loses sight of this fact either.

But just how much should he compromise with these Republican thieves and “Snake Oil” peddlers?…………………………..

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Here’s A Thousand Words You Can Read In Ten Seconds

To The President’s Face

Behind His Back 

Behind His Back    














Need I say More?


























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Mandate – The Authority; Granted by A Constituency; To Act As Its Representative.


The Turtle and The Ground Sloth.

To: Speaker John Boehner; Senator Mitch McConnell 

It must be killing you.

So we pray; (E nominea Diminoes; et a nice Filet; et Spirits of Sanctimonium)

Barack Obama; whom you have done your best to defame and degrade; elected for a second term; with a clear mandate from the American people to finish the job they elected him to do.

The Mandate? Help the middle class and make America a land of equality for all people…………..

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Speaker John Boehner; We’re Watching YOU And Your Republican House; Your Racism Is As Easy To See As A Big Fat Zit On The End Of Your Nose.

Dear Johnny B. One thing I have to admit is that you have the “Biggest Balls of All”

Anyone who can take a beat-down like they just received and then make statements like;

“Now it’s time for The President to propose solutions that actually have a chance of passing the Republican-controlled House of Representatives and a closely divided Senate; step up to the plate on the challenges of the moment; and deliver in a way that he did not in his first four years in office.”; Should have skipped the second hit of acid last night……………

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Tread Carefully; Fiscal Cliff Dead Ahead

So once again we are warned of an imminent financial disaster looming just over the horizon unless drastic action is taken.

That is the picture the Republicans have painted in hopes of making The President look guilty if an agreement is not reached. They hope to keep the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy and the Bush tax cuts for the Middle Class attached to one another so that they can try to force President Obama to extend the tax cuts for everyone including the top 2% of the nation.

I don’t believe that Barack Obama is a man to be pushed into any such thing.  If I did; I and millions upon millions of my Brothers and Sisters in the fight for freedom and equality wouldn’t have worked so hard to elect and re-elect him.

The President has proposed and supported a Bill which has already been passed by the Senate; approved by the Democrats in The House and is now just waiting for the Republicans in The House; led by the ever disrespectful and quite plainly Racist; John Boehner; to decide if they are willing to oppose the will of the majority of Americans who have sent this president a mandate to increase taxes on the top 2% or if they will pretend to be willing to accept such an action so-as to appear co-operative while they plot their next attempt at undermining the will of the people and the authority of their President.

The only sure thing is that whatever they do; it will be for a reason only they know and will be whatever they think will make them look their best. They will however; harbor a flaming hot hatred for Barack Obama for defeating them.

So what else can I say? What might the Angryman tell you that is new or beyond what I have already said?

Well as it happens I would like to say that…………

What? What? click here


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All Aboard; This Train Is Moving Left

Official portrait of United States House Speak...I was listening to NPR this morning and John Boehner was making it clear that “The Republicans here in the house are ready to work with you Mr. President.”

Then they made it just as clear that they were waiting for The President to bend. No change in their position. They also stated that; the fact that; the House remained a Republican majority indicated that the people were in harmony with their tax policy.

But as they say; “Denial is more than a river in Egypt”

“The Party” is in deep shit. Their base is shrinking as we speak.

Americans are far too savvy these days to be duped by such clumsy actors and liars as Mitt Romney and even a good liar would be hard put to pull the wool over the eyes of America now. The young; the poor; the immigrants; the informed; the sceptical; all are too wise to buy into the “Sieg Heil” conformity that “The Party” demands; indeed; needs to exist.

The Republican Party has put a lot into seducing the poor white Fundamentalist “Christians”. This has been one of the reasons for their strong Right-Wing stance on matters best left to the individual’s conscience.

What will they do now? The fundamentalists may well desert the Party if it relaxes it’s stance on some issues.”The Party” will be seen as completely obstructionist if they do not relax some. If that happens; they will continue to lose seats in Congress.

The problem; the one these guys don’t get is; America doesn’t want their brand of Nationalism, Militarism, or Fascism. As even the Republicans will tell you; the demographics of this country are rapidly changing and the prevailing wind is blowing Left.

So pretending to move left won’t help the Republicans in the end.Their actions will show their colors.

What a quandary to find themselves in.

I suspect that eventually; the Republican Party will go the way of the Dinosaur.

Another Party will likely emerge. A Party farther Left than the Democrats.

What a position to find ourselves in.


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