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Want A Safe Home? Put A Big, Black Man In It.

vingADT; the security corporation with a long history in the home security business has begun a new ad campaign featuring Ving Rhames as the spokesperson and effectively as the symbol of safety in our homes.

I; for one; am happy to see this particular development. I believe it is a positive sign when a big, burly, black man is placed in the position of representing home safety rather than the older stereotypical associations of large black men as a threat to our safety.

It isn’t the end all and be all of racial healing. It isn’t going to get anyone a better chance at an education or decent job by itself.

It is; I think; a sign. A sign that it has become; “Ok” to use a black man to be synonymous with white people being safe in their homes. Actually I am just a bit more excited about this than I let on. It’s a pretty big deal. It shows; better than anything I have seen yet that America’s attitudes are changing.

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Ferguson Police Officer Awarded For Meritorious Action

Wilson being awarded

Wilson being awarded

“(Officer Darren) Wilson won a commendation this year after he subdued a man who was found to be involved in a drug transaction, and he was honored in a ceremony in the Town Council chambers”

Man do I have questions about that sentence but for now let’s just pretend that I don’t and that Officer Wilson did a good thing; and was awarded for it.

That seems Ok until you learn “The Rest of the Story”

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Remember. Never Forget.

 Never Forget

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Westboro Baptist Church Members; I Shit In Your Faces

westboro 2When the Westboro Baptist “Church” picketed the funerals of American soldiers who had died in battle, I thought it was in extremely bad taste.

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“Annonymous” Posts Video Message To Karl Rove of “American Crossroads”

English: Karl Rove Assistant to the President,...

I am reposting it for my readers in hopes that they will pass it along to others as well. I am inspired to see Annoymous thinking more creatively. Cyber-attacks are cool but ultimately self destructive and temporary.

Finding ways to legally hold these Fascists accountable is a new tactic and one to be much applauded I believe.

Viva Annonymous- Viva Liberte:


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Israel: Wise Defensive Posture Or Golden Opportunity Missed

In a recent interview; Shimon Perez; President of Israel was asked about the Syrian conflict. When the subject of refugees came up the interviewer asked President Perez if; due to the problems refugees are having on the borders of other Arab nations; the State of Israel would be open to receiving refugees from Syria.

The President answered with a definitive; “No” and added that any “refugees” entering Israel armed, would be subject to aggressive defensive action from the Israeli Defence Forces…..

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At My Own Risk Is The Only Way I Roll

“Enter At Your Own Risk”.

That is the warning on the comments page of my new aquaintance;

Jueseppi B. – The Obamacrat

I posted my comment jokingly saying “At my own risk; that’s the only way I roll.”

But I got to thinking about that and it occured to me that rather than being just a joke; it’s the truth.

It is a sad truth; no doubt; but truth none the less in this country today.

After I read a statement Mr. B made on his page; I was moved to blatantly plagiarise his work; making changes and additions as I saw fit in order to present a similar statement about myself to you.

Cheeky, I know but hopefully not without some mitigation because it seemed so concise and poignient and so, me.

I have stated many of my beliefs and opinions on my site but I thought the time was right to make a clear statement of my position where President Obama is concerned and my politics in general.

A clear, concise picture of the Angryman and a reiteration of some of my strongest positions and beliefs.

So if you are intrigued or curious or just willing to listen to me again; click the button that says “Read my comment from theobamacrat”

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Bill Maher- Traitor Or Traitor? You Decide

I was watching Bill Maher last night and he was going on about how OWS seems to be letting up in New York; perhaps because of the cold; and he made the statement that those left seem to be

Read That: Ultra-Sellout Advice

those who want to break windows etc.

He feels that the time has come for OWS to go home and try to effect change through the current political system.

But….but….but…..BUT ; I checked the channel; made sure I was wearing my glasses; then just sat there with my teeth in my mouth. I was astonished; flabbergasted; taken aback even. I was aghast; astounded; discombobulated.

I sat and I thought and I sat some more and after about two minutes; I realized why Bill Maher; well known Liberal Humorist said……………………..those words I mentioned before……..I won’t say them again as the less print alotted to them; the better but if you want to know what I think; hit the “Sellout” button…………………………………………………………



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Martin Luther King Jr. Who knew? Forty-Three Years Later

Martin Luther King Jr.

When I was young; my father said Martin Luther King was a Communist. He and my older brother often said that they thought he was instigating violence behind the scenes while preaching peace in public. I believed it because someone in authority; whose opinion I trusted said it was true.

When I was a child; MLK was leading the Civil Rights Movement. He was marching on Montgomery and Birmingham and he was Marching on Washington DC. Many thousands of people heard him speak and saw him stand up against the ill and unequal treatment that blacks received in our country; speaking to America about his dream.

But I believed he was an upstart. Someone who just wanted to tear this country apart because I was a child; I thought like a child; and I believed what I was told by a man who was forty-one when I was born.

But who knew? Who knew?………………………………………………………………………….
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American Plutocracy – Get Angry Or Get Eaten – American Plutocracy

I was reading an article on a friends site today and as so often happens I was inspired by one of the paragraphs to write this piece.

This is the paragraph reprinted from

“Restructuring companies and doing it with a heart means generous severance payments for those losing their jobs. It means help in retraining for those who need it, and it means help in relocating if the available jobs are located in distant cities. Restructuring with a heart means that not all the benefits go to a few, while hundreds or thousands are left to suffer.”

I agree with his statement as it relates to our current system but I wonder if we didn’t get something fundamentaly wrong when we started this thing we call America.

America is primarily made up of people. Average people with modest amounts of money. Most of us are of this group. The 99%. So why do we rely on crumbs from the 1%. Can they really eat enough for just the crumbs to feed all of us?

Why should we have to worry about the crumbs?……………………………………………………
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