Welcome Back

26 Apr
Welcome Back

Welcome to any and all who may find this. some will no doubt receive notice of my return but as it has been several years since I have posted, I am sure I have lost many of my former readers.

It’s a new day in America and only time will tell how it ends. Or doesn’t as the case may be.

Either way, I think that I still have something to say. Not necessarily a unique perspective, but my own.

Previously I posted as “angrymanspeaks”.

Because I was angry.

But time changes all things.

I am no longer “angry”.

I am furious.

I am appalled.

I am disgusted.

Disgusted with what’s going on and by the people who claim to have our interests at heart.

I hope you will stick around at least long enough to find your new reasons to hate me. I am sure some will.

But with luck, you might stay around.

It seems that re-starting a blog after so long is a bit like pulling the old truck out to see if she still runs.

Only when you get it out you find that all the instructions, abilities and controls have changed while you thought it was just rusting away.

So I am kicking the tires and cranking the old girl up. As I do, I discover that I have some possibilities that are new such as producing my own podcast for those who prefer their radical political thinking to be audible.

So notification will come when I post my first actual content.

We’ll see. Still just looking at the Podcast idea but I am sure I will be publishing my views here again soon.

Hope to hear from my friends, old and new.


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3 responses to “Welcome Back

  1. List of X

    April 28, 2021 at 12:57

    Welcome back. WordPress keeps changing things around and not for the better. Since I haven’t technically stopped posting, for me it not quite doing a service on an old truck to see if it still runs, but more like getting in my car to go to work only to find that the car manufacturer removed the brake pedal and replaced it with something… somewhere… that may possibly require an upgrade to the car.

  2. eideard

    May 26, 2021 at 16:39

    Nothing wrong with old trucks. My Dodge Ram pickup … 1994 … speedo stopped working at 224,000+ miles … still starts and runs fine. Doesn’t burn oil. Mostly only makes a dump run once a month, nowadays.

    Nothing wrong with old geezers, either. Speaking as one. Walk a little slower. Remember stuff a little slower. Gears shift just fine. Glad to see you aboard. Still have your link up at my site.

  3. eideard

    February 26, 2023 at 09:03

    Just dropping by, checking in.


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