How To Begin Again

25 Oct

before you decide where to goWhen I began this blog, it was intended to point up the corruption and injustice meted out by a political system in decline. A decline brought on by the actions of the politicians in that system; the refusal of the populace to participate in a serious, positive way; and the willingness of that same populace to allow that corruption and injustice.

The direction of the work has deviated from that specific course. It had to as I discovered other similar and dissimilar injustices all over the world. Injustices that span the entire vista of horrific things man can do to man and sometimes worse; the horrific things man can do to animals as well,  though it would take many more than just me to document all of the abuse animals experience and some of us would say it would be time and energy well expended to attempt such a task.

That is not my primary purpose though I support those who are sincerely trying to help and save animals.  

Sometimes the work has stopped and I have felt it necessary to pick up and continue after a break of months. I’m not sure if this is the longest break but it has certainly been the most confusing one.    

Before I could even think of beginning again, I knew I needed to stop; think; then decide where I am now.

There is a dream I have had that due to changes in my life, I wake up one day and I’m a right-wing Republican but so far each time I have re-evaluated my feelings and opinions of things, I find myself further and further to the left of my former position. I guess my night-mare is unlikely to happen but as I began life a Republican, I can’t help but pay constant attention. Crazy; Si? 


So, prior to sitting down today, I undertook to review what I have written. I can’t say that all of my work has been top notch; or even second bulldog reading booknotch. Some has been downright irresponsible in it’s adherence to the known truth. But in those cases it should be pretty obvious that it is meant to be funny; not taken as truth.

Overall, I am not ashamed of anything I have written. I think perhaps some of the oldest posts might be revised and re-posted; removing the profanity; which I included to express my great anger at the time; allowing a wider readership. Not that I personally object to profanity but many do and it is difficult to be taken very seriously if one uses much of it.  I have unerring faith that those who will be reading will know when and where to insert the expletives anyway.        

As I was reading I found the discussion about police again and I see now that I wasn’t communicating very well and was allowing my personal anger to cloud my understanding of what was being said and what I was saying. Because this is such a volatile subject and apparently a very emotional one for some of us; myself included I fear; I will make one final statement of what I believe and not bring it up again. If we still disagree about it then I fear we always will but I hope we agree about enough other things to agree to disagree.   When I made the statement that “All Cops Are Bad” I wasn’t intending to suggest that all cops are bad people from birth. Nor that they became bad humans when they became cops. Many of these guys are loving parents and good to their own parents. Some go to church every week and treat their neighbors with respect etc. No doubt.                            

Look at the pictures and the profiles of the officers involved in the Death of Freddie Gray.

Freddie Gray

Freddie_GrayFreddie C. Gray (August 16, 1989 – April 19, 2015)[16] was the 25-year-old son of Gloria Darden. He had a twin sister, Fredericka Gray, as well as another sister, Carolina.[17] At the time of his death, Gray lived in the home owned by his sisters in the Gilmor Homes neighborhood.[17] He stood 5 feet 8 inches (1.73 m) and weighed 145 pounds (66 kg).[18]

First we need to agree that Freddie Gray’s life mattered. Even though he had a history of trouble with the Police; Freddie’s life mattered. He wasn’t a killer or a rapist or a child molester as far as anyone knows. Just a young guy who like so many others; have little hope of escaping the trap that is inner city Baltimore. He did some fairly minor crimes and none violent. His life was important to his family as your and mine are to ours. Taking Freddie’s life left nothing more to be done to him. It is the ultimate disrespect. 

But who would do such a thing to Freddie? Baltimore_Police_officers_charged_in_Freddie_Gray's_homicide

Was it a specially trained “Hit Squad”?

Was this a group of cops gathered for the purpose of “Getting” or killing Freddie Gray?

Officers involved

Officer Caesar R. Goodson Jr., black, aged 45, is a 16-year veteran of the police force.[20] He lives in Catonsville, Baltimore County.[21]Baltimore Sun–Goodson, 45, lives on a quiet, tree-lined street of neatly kept ranch houses and colonials in Catonsville near Baltimore National Pike. Neighbors described him as a friendly man. “He spends a lot of time with his family and kids,” said a neighbor who declined to give her name.He’s helped me with my car a few times. I could never say anything negative about him.”

Officer Garrett E. Miller, white, aged 26, joined the Baltimore Police Department in 2012.[20] He lives in Kingsville.[22] Baltimore Sun–The 26-year-old lives in Freeland near the Pennsylvania border.Neighbor Chris Schloer said Miller moved into the house less than a year ago. He said he didn’t know Miller worked in the city as a police officer. He said he met Miller briefly when Miller first moved in, but that, like most area residents, he seems to keep to himself.

Officer Edward M. Nero, white, aged 29, lives in Bel Air, Harford County.[22] Nero was a volunteer firefighter between 2002 and 2012 with the Washington Township Fire Department in New Jersey. Baltimore Sun–Gloucester County Fire Chief John Hoffman told the paper that Nero was “an outstanding and dedicated firefighter,” adding that, “He was never in trouble. He was generally a good guy.”

 Officer William G. Porter, black, aged 25, joined the police force in 2012.[20]  Baltimore Sun–“This is unbelievable,” said Regina Bennett, who lives two doors down from Porter and has known him since he was about 10. “He is a good, humble kid. I have never seen him in trouble.” Court records show that Porter has no criminal record.

Lieutenant Brian W. Rice, white, aged 41, is a 17-year-veteran of the force.[20][22] Rice, who was promoted to lieutenant in 2011, is the highest-ranking officer charged in relation to Gray’s death.[24]

The Guardian reported that Rice allegedly threatened to kill himself and the husband of his former partner in 2012. He was reportedly hospitalized for a mental health evaluation and given an administrative suspension. The consequences of this threat included twice having his guns confiscated, and a restraining order on behalf of the husband of his former partner.[25] According to a police report obtained by The Guardian, Rice misused his position to order the arrest of his ex-girlfriend’s husband as part of a personal dispute that took place two weeks before the incident. Baltimore Sun–The highest-ranking officer charged in Freddie Gray’s death once had his weapons seized by Carroll County sheriff’s deputies after an ex-girlfriend reported she was alarmed by some of his comments, according to police documents 

Sergeant Alicia D. White, black, aged 30, joined the force in 2010 and was promoted to sergeant three months prior to Gray’s death.[20] She grew up in Baltimore. Baltimore Sun- Relatives and neighbors could not be reached for comment.

       Or we could look at it from any number of points of view.

            Race                   Age                                 Years on Force     

black      white

black      white     25—-26—-29—-30—-41—-45       16—-17—-3—-3—-5—-3

black      white     b     w     w      b     w     b         b    w    b    w   b   w

We could say that they were about as evenly spread as we could wish. Three black; three white; 20 years in age between the oldest and youngest black cops; 15 years between the youngest and oldest white cops; 13 years experience between the most and least experienced black cops; 14 years experience between the most and least experienced white cops. 

Or we could look at the comments of friends and neighbors

Neighbors described him as a friendly man    b 45

He is a good, humble kid. I have never seen him in trouble.” Court records show that Porter has no criminal record.  b 25

Baltimore Sun- Relatives and neighbors could not be reached for comment.   b 30             


an outstanding and dedicated firefighter,” adding that, “He was never in trouble. He was generally a good guy.”   w 29

lives in Freeland near the Pennsylvania border.—he seems to keep to himself     w 26

threatened to kill himself and the husband of his former partner — hospitalized for a mental health evaluation and given an administrative suspension — twice having his guns confiscated, and a restraining order on behalf of the husband of his former partner — misused his position to order the arrest of his ex-girlfriend’s husband — ex-girlfriend reported she was alarmed by some of his comments, according to police documents  w 41

The black cops get 2 good and  1 bad comment   

The white cops get 1 good and  2 bad  comments

How much more average could a group be? Even the white Lieutenant seems fairly typical though the worst of the lot.  

Not special cops.

 Freddie wasn’t targeted by the department for special treatment either.

No; Freddie was murdered by six, average cops. If any one of these cops had encountered Freddie by themselves (perhaps with the exception of that white Lieutenant) Freddie would still be alive; more than likely. But each of these cops had gone through the same training and conditioning that said that if a Lieutenant says do it; you do it. You don’t think or question; your brother officers (who no doubt would back you the same way) could be at risk 

officer friendlyRemember! We aren’t speaking here of Officer Helpful anymore. We are speaking of Officer Soldier; provided with and trained to use military riot equipment and crowd control methods at the least excuse cops with clubsbecause how else can we practice for an actual threat; like the parents of the kids we harass and beat and kill?  

The word cop no longer should bring a feeling of security and comfort. If it did; if cops were actually trained to do and act as they were originally envisioned; we would never have had this discussion. If they were encouraged to use their conscience rather than suppress it. If they were trained to protect the people and not to herd and corral the people into whatever spineless political mold the Conservative Power Structure (The Establishment) desires in order to make them more “useful” and less resistant. 

So, how effective can such training be? 

Effective enough to allow five otherwise normal cops; randomly chosen; variously blessed and cursed by life; some even known as “nice gcops this become thisuys” to beat and kill Freddie Gray that tragic Baltimore day? 

Because all are trained to kill. Upon orders from a superior; in defense of other cops; simply to suppress a crowd (as in: to set an example for the dirty riff-raff).

They are never trained to protect a helpless girl from the beating from a fellow officer gone berserk. never trained to protect the rights of the citizens.

Only to “Keep Order” Order. Now that is a word positively pregnant with frightening meanings.

So my last word is that while I still feel that all of the cops we have today are BAD, it isn’t because they are bad humans. It is simply that they are trained to be professionally bad actors. Get us some cops actually trained to “Serve and Protect” the people even against other cops. Get rid of the Old Boy, Il silenzio o morte, the people are our enemies mentality cops and get us some properly trained, intelligent; knowledgeable men of charactor who are allowed to be just that and I’ll stop saying “All Cops Are Bad”. 

But be not deceived by the false show of reforms. Be not as stupid as the powerful believe us to be. 

All new Police if we want good Police; with an all new training regmine; a all new set of priorities and a whole new set of laws; much shorter and much more limited in their scope. 

Till then I suppose we shall have to agree to disagree about this at least. Hopefully we will find common ground still; elsewhere.





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