Why We Aren’t In Step With Die Deutschen?

18 Apr


This is a comment by a reader of the previous article on Eideard’s site.

None of this requires extra smarts. The broad core of the German Left ain’t different from ours. They just sweep opportunist wimps to one side. The broad core of German Conservatives accept class collaboration instead of religion-based 19th Century economic myth as their guide. Both sides put national progress ahead of superstition and greed. Even their (successful) improvements over unemployment insurance during the Bush Great Recession required cooperation and both classes improved their lot. Compare this to birdbrain Democrats and turdbrain Republicans.”

Angryman says:

I have been listening to the bullshit coming from the fossil fuel industry for 40 years. That was the year of the “First Arab Oil Embargo”.
It was being strongly suggested that we begin to switch our nation to renewable and perpetual energy sources and  the same rhetoric was spewing from their lying mouths then; as now.

Too expensive to implement.
Not efficient enough.
Take too long to make it profitable. (A telling phrase)
Take too long to build the industry.

Each of these statements were then and are now being successfully debunked by scientists, ecologists, entrepreneurs, and Average Americans everywhere. Wherever alternative energy is installed; it works. It works and when done right can easily pay for itself and your next new car.
This information about Germany should make us ashamed that we didn’t do what they obviously did and stand up for the right course. Stop listening Corporate Profiteers. But there is something in the American psyche that makes us want to believe that the easiest path is the one to choose. Not that it’s the best one; just the one to choose.
In Europe, they obviously recognized the danger of the corporation and of the military interests that would push for fossil fuel for several perfectly sound reasons. Sound if you are a weapons manufacturer wishing to sell huge amounts of armaments for the slicing, dicing and shredding of helpless humans all over the planet.
Germany got it. It took two World Wars; the worst depression anywhere; most of their cities bombed into rubble; and moral complicity in one of the largest programs of racial cleansing against the Jews and several other sections of the worlds population, but they got it.

So while we, are running around attempting to buy, steal, and suck the last of the worlds oil from the ground; while our nation is coming to a stop; our industries dying; our cars sitting idle for want of a drop of gas; Germany will be sitting pretty in a sea of electric powered paradise?

Sure; that’s it.
So if that scenario isn’t in our future; why are we taking so long to find our way to sanity?

Ok. First,; close your eyes. Now pretend you are a “Greedy, Republican, Psychopathic, CEO” with virtually unlimited financial resources.
The answer is so easy it nearly leaps at you.

We haven’t gone to “Solar” and “Wind” because we haven’t yet finished up the oil. Yeah.
There’s still oil out there for us to consume.
After all; “If you don’t eat your meat; you can’t have any pudding. How can you have any pudding if you don’t eat your meat?” (Pink Floyd speaking about the malicious English “Public” Schools in The U.K.)
It’s the same story being used by “Psychopathic, Authoritarian, Sadists” forever.
“If you don’t take the pain; you can’t have any pleasure. How can you have any pleasure if you don’t take the pain?
If you want the good; you must suffer the bad. If you suffer through all the bad; you will get the good.
If you don’t obey my wishes and commands; you can’t be allowed out of the closet to breathe fresh air; how can you be allowed out of the closet to breathe fresh air if you don’t obey my wishes and commands.
If you don’t put “this” in your mouth; you can’t have any Dope/Rock/Crystal; how can you have any Dope/Rock/Crystal if you don’t put “this” in your mouth?
We all know this. Each of us has seen this behavior somewhere; under some circumstances. The problem isn’t in recognizing it.
The problem is admitting it when we see it and being willing do what it takes to stop it.
The problem is that stopping it requires enormous effort on our part; The American People.
The problem is that we might have to make some voluntary sacrifices of this or that to achieve control of the situation. (Not to be confused with imposed consequences which are not voluntary at all).
The problem is; there is something in the American psyche that makes us want to believe that the easiest path is the one to choose. Not that it’s the best one; just the one to choose.
So forget Germany’s mere 81 million people. The American people never tire of bending over the table.
There are 300 million of them and they aren’t even alone. Other nations are refusing to take this seriously as well.
So. Why stop selling oil before it runs out and lose all that wealth?
Solar is predicted to be there for the next several billion years and wind?
Nothing stops the wind and the water.
We’ll get around to it; when we have no choice. First we have to figure how to take control of it. How to stop Americans from owning their own power source instead of buying from us and of course we still have to suck the life and resistance out of you through faked shortages and through the roof oil and gas prices so that control will be possible with less effort.
Then; when the pain is just about unbearable and Americans are willing to accept anything; we’ll give you a bit of relief. We’ll bring out OUR renewable resource technology and let you have some cheaper power. Whew! What a relief that will be.

For a minute.


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