White Pride; Celebrate it?

17 Apr

white pride drivingEvery day I get up and eat breakfast; go to the store; shop; drive my car; go home to my family; and sleep through the night without fear of being harassed or arrested; beaten; shot; or misidentified because I look like every other white guy on the street.


How much more can I celebrate my “Whiteness”? Just doing these things is celebration enough.


If I was Black; all of those things would be a risk to my life and freedom.



I don’t get why it is so hard for people to ?”understand”? why it is Ok for Black folks to express pride about being black but not for whites to brag about being white.white pride


Really it seems only a Republican could possibly be so stupid and yet; from time to time; I find a person of a more progressive bent who claims not to get it.


I believe that part of the reason for this is that nobody ever really explains the truth to us. We either pick it up through life experience or we don’t.

If you ask; depending on who you ask, the answer could be anything from mildly offensive to downright repulsive.

It seems simple enough but I also perceive that the telling of this truth doesn’t put Black folks in their most favorable light.


It has to do with the difference between an oppressor and the oppressed; the guilty and the innocent.

When Black people express Black pride it is the self-reassurance of their worth as people.

For 400 years the entire race has been invaded; murdered; enslaved; tortured; and held against their will; all human dignity stripped from them; their families destroyed; children dragged from their arms and sold to those whose only interest in them was the same as that they had in the parents. the same as the interest they had in their horses and cattle.

They have been told with relish and regularity that they are dirt; less than human; animals with no soul and no rights.

Generation after generation denied even the most basic of human rights or self-respect unless they somehow manufactured it within themselves.

They have been told they are perpetual children in need of constant and stern supervision and discipline to prevent their baser instincts from taking over and causing them to run amok; raping and pillaging among the tender white flesh of their betters.


In the end after all the years of slavery they were still not free but were subject to Jim crow laws.


In the end after all the years of Jim Crow laws; they are still not free but are subject to the hatred and racism of a society too ashamed to admit what it is.

Subject to the corrupt justice system designed to arrest, convict, and incarcerate as many black people as possible for use in the operation of state farms; factories, etc. Slave labor for the benefit of the government and the prison officials.


When Black people express “Black Pride”; they are expressing pride in the fact that they are still here; alive; and fighting to be called human by those former oppressors who are also their current oppressors.

They are expressing pride in their ability to survive; to progress despite overwhelming odds.

Their pride in being human despite being told they are not and treated as though they are not.

Pride in their own perseverance as a race against all obstacles and attempts to destroy; dehumanize; disenfranchise; and depress their people.


When White people celebrate “White Pride” it is intended to re-enforce the ideas of White superiority and white privilege that were used to bludgeon Black people for those 400 years.

Thereby “White Pride” becomes another attempt at Black disgrace; humiliation and oppression; a reminder that we fucked you before and we are proud of it and of who we are; people who will do it again; and again; and again unless we are stopped and unless those of us who know better standup and stop these “Proud Whites” from such racist expressions of their malevolence, ignorance and stupidity.


It never ceases to piss me off to hear someone ask why Black people can have “Black Pride” but it isn’t Ok for whites to advertise their “White Pride”.

If Blacks can have a “Black Miss America Pageant”; why can’t we have a “White Miss America Pageant” where no blacks are allowed to compete?”


The fact that they need to ask and that it pisses them off so bad says a lot about where we are and where we need to go as far as educating our people about the truth no more white raceof our history and the truth of our present.


And before some Troll asks; Yes I am white but I am not “snow-blind” I can see beyond my own narrow concerns and beyond the manifestations of the Wealthy Right all around me designed to distort the causes of poverty, racism, upheaval and social inequality; blaming it on the blameless and telling us we should receive help from the helpless.






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