I Couldn’t Help Myself

30 Mar

Today, I was reading a favorite blog and I saw a comment by a well-meaning but slightly confused (I guess) reader that he still didn’t have Health Insurance because he couldn’t afford it without the subsidy and he refused to take the subsidy; feeling that his neighbors needed the help more than he.

From someone else I might have been angry but I have read comments from this reader before and I don’t think he means to seems as shallow as he does. I believe he is sincere and yet somewhat misinformed.

So of course I; in my usual arrogant way; took it upon myself to explain why I felt he should adjust his thinking about the Affordable Care Act and get on board the train to Freedom. Then I thought; maybe everyone should see this and here we are.

So here is the comment I made in its entirety with only the names removed to protect…….well no-one. Sure was sounding great up till then; Huh?

First; if anything I say sounds angry, abrupt, or rude; please forgive me. That is not my intention.

Having said that; I think that not taking advantage of the subsidies offered by the ACA and then bragging that you still don’t have insurance is…a useless attempt to seem noble and so selfless that you will suffer while your slightly less fortunate neighbors are getting the care they need.
It is a fools game to refuse to allow yourself to take what is there for everyone; designed to be sure that folks like you and I don’t become a burden to the Emergency care system and by that action; allow our selfish nobility to thwart the very purpose of The Act. The ACA only works if we all participate; so…participate and stay healthy. We need you to stay with us as long as possible to help with the redirecting of this nation. To help us save our people from the Republicans.
And please don’t say or suggest that you are “too good” to take the subsidy. If you’re too good to take it; why should any of us feel that we can take it. We all know others who need the help more than we. If the subsidies were in short supply, it might make sense but there is no shortage of subsidies for all who qualify.

Yes; I realize it was originally a Republican plan. But they discarded it.
Discarded it; but not before leaving it in place in Massachusetts so that we had a proving ground for the program. Republican idea; Democratic idea makes no difference.

Listen. America was conceived as an experiment in a new form of government. An experiment because there were many who predicted its failure; many who doubted our ability to maintain such a government. Of course that original idea has been perverted and twisted along the way and at this point, we are pretty far off course as evidenced by the continued existence of the Republican Party but that just means that we have more work to do to take us back to the right course. America was supposed to offer freedom for the average man. It was not supposed to digress into a Plutocracy as it has. We were supposed to consider the ideas of everyone and chose the one that best aided the cause of increasing the freedom of all Americans.
We were expected to be a light on the hill; the shining example of what man could do when offered the reward of self-determination.
The choice should be between two or more Progressive ideas; not between a Progressive idea and an idea that steals freedom from us; disguised as a devotion to Traditional American Values.
The only real Traditional American Value is anything that increases freedom; reduces inequality or the perception thereof and provides for those who cannot provide for themselves. Not as poor cousins but as less fortunate brothers.

Now we find ourselves embroiled in a conflict; the like of which we have not seen before but which is long overdue and long necessitated by the actions of the Republican (though the name of the party of obstruction has changed) Party.

Never before seen because never have we had the knowledge and been in a position to communicate with our fellows all over the country at once which means that we are finally in a position as people to finally demand the rights and freedoms promised by the Constitution and the Founders but never delivered by those into whose care we entrusted it.

So; is the ACA perfect? No

But does it help the people? Yes it does.

It provides care now and in the end it will be the impetus for moving us to the same single-payer; universal healthcare enjoyed by the rest of the civilized world.

Already they are insisting on tweaking this complicated act to make it more efficient; more fair; more inclusive; less expensive etc.

So we; as citizens; especially “Progressive” citizens; benefited by the act are duty bound to co-operate with the ACA so we get care now and eventually show that such a system; though a step forward; is an expensive way to offer healthcare for all Americans and must be done away with; but only in favor of the only logical and compassionate way to do the job that we need done. Universal Health-Care.


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