What Is A Republican?

16 Feb


boehner 2Perhaps it’s time we face the truth; determined by the actions of the Party involved and people who represent that Party; that Republicans are many things. Capitalists; Theocrats; Authoritarians; and Morally Corrupt.

The thing that Republicans can no longer be said to be; is Americans and this is why:

The Republicans:

have displayed nothing but disrespect and disloyalty for the past seven years and they have been planning that disloyalty for much longer.

Their stated goal is the overthrow of the Government of the United States and the institution of their own; more Authoritarian and more “Christendom Centered” Regime.

This can be discerned from the fact that we; as a nation have been dedicated to the idea that church and state should be separate; no matter the differences otherwise, since our founding.

Men like Thomas Jefferson; who were no more Christian than the Emperor Constantine who converted for purely political reasons.

These founding fathers that we brag so much about; their piety; their devotion to God. All a load.tom jeff god or no no matter to me

Many of these young worthies; like Jefferson were; in fact; Deists; recognizing the existence of God but not defining his nature or identity

Their idea, this separation of church and state. Since they began, they recognized the dangers of allowing their government to base its policies on anyone’s religious codes of behavior. They had all come from a Europe; virtually drowning in the dictates of the Church.

These Republican “American” pukes have broken their most sacred pledge to support and defend the Constitution by failing to support and defend the legally and Constitutionally elected President of the United States and by dedicating themselves to the debasing of one of our most basic governmental precedents; the separation of church and state.

gwbush godTheir insistence on legislating morals for 300 million people of a huge variety of cultures and faiths is not devotion to God. It’s believing you are God.

At the very least it’s believing that you are the appointed and anointed representative of God.

Now I remember God. I was taught a lot about him as a child.

I’m pretty sure that if God was going to pick a representative; it wouldn’t be a lying, sleazy politician of any Party; much less the lying, sleazy politicians of the Republican Party who have dedicated their entire careers; their entire lives to denying you and I; the average American; the one thing that God always allowed to man. “Free Will”.


The Republican Party is a Racist Party.

Now I know that they have gone to a great deal of trouble to re-assure us that this isn’t true.

They point to the very few black people who due to one or another incentive have aligned themselves with their natural enemies and have allowed themselves to be used as a shield against that very charge.

These poor people have no more dignity left than the slaves who were taken into the Big House to be trained and treated and conditioned to think like the masters who were otherwise murdering and torturing their people just the other side of the kitchen door.

They point to the Black presidential candidate; Herman Caine.

How hard do you suppose John Boehner and his host of cronies had to grit their teeth to pretend to take Herman seriously? I felt nothing but pity for Herman Cain as he stood before his party and outlined his obviously oversimplified plan for tax reform. Then I was angry because I was forced to pity my political opponent because I saw he was a dupe. That plan was so crystal clearly obviously lacking any real understanding; not just of the problems such a plan would cause but of the simple fact that his own party would never support a plan so simple. A simple system is nearly impossible to evade and tax evasion is a “Republican Art”.

So the Republican Party was using Herman to show that they are not racist but by doing so they have proved the opposite because using a man you have no respect for as a façade to cover your distaste for that man and all like him is the most Racist action they could take and therefore prove their own claims.

By this and many other similar Racist actions they have also; rather cleverly I must admit; made it difficult for a White writer; such as myself; to criticize their actions without seeming like we are insulting African Americans as well.

I’ll bet some of you right now are saying; “Now hold on their Paleface”, and I get it.

To be clear; I am not suggesting that no black man could be a viable Republican Candidate. I am sure that there are many who could pull it off. Barack Obama could certainly have played that role had he so chosen (Perish the thought and smack my mouth).

But Herman Cain is no Barack Obama just like Frank Perdue was no Ronald Regan Frank knew better than to run and so should Herman have known better.

 Now the fact that they are willing to use a man as they used Herman and that they are willing to commit any number of other types of personal atrocities of honor and poor behavior in order to hide the truth about their goals and beliefs tells me that these are not honorable men. These are no longer Americans and have no right to claim that title.

Do we really believe that the rash of Racist killings of young black men during the presidency of our first black president is a mere coincidence?

No one will take them to task over this though. Nobody will suggest that they be arrested and tried for their heinous crimes against the American people.

No; rather they just say, “Well, it’s just politics.” As if that excuses all offences. Things that would send you or me to be interrogated and perhaps even jailed are routinely overlooked when they are a “Republican Political Tactic”.


freak show clownNow John Boehner and the clowns over at the House of Representatives have gone and done it again. They have spit in the face of their President; they have scoffed at his policies and they have denied his authority. The POTUS!

 And nobody will do a thing put these ignorant arrogant bastards in their place; in a museum; of ideas we have overcome; political philosophies we have found wanting; criminals we have uncovered; and traitors to the very principles our nation was founded on.

 What they have done is to invite the head of a foreign state to speak before Congress in order to undermine the policies and sworn duties of the POTUS.

And not just any head of state; no. Benjamin Netanyahu; the war mongering mass murdering head of the State of netenyahu as naziIsrael whose clearly stated refusal to co-operate with the diplomatic achievements of our President (That’s President Barack Obama. President of the United States) threatens to begin another war in the Middle East.

Perhaps even a world war.

The head of a State whose stated mission is to secure Israel’s borders but whose actions reveal a more aggressive tendency toward genocide. A State who was formed after so many were slaughtered and degraded by Genocidal Maniacs in 1940’s Germany only to adopt the same racial policies regarding the Palestinian people.


It is not the responsibility of the Congress to carry out diplomatic missions;

or to create diplomatic policy. It is not their place to invite an avowed detractor of our president to speak about anything; much less the very issue over which he and The President so vehemently disagree. And right in the middle of those very delicate negotiations.

Of course we know that Ben would rather the negotiations had never begun. Just blow ‘em up is his call. Kill Iranians rather than attempt to find a way to peace.

Has anyone considered how much unrest and drama and bloodshed we could have avoided if we had just sided with the real victims of the Middle East rather than their oppressors?

After the war; the Jews had the chance to show the world that they were just victims of German hatred. They were given a piece of land; stolen from the people who were living there and all they had to do was set up a nation that was more just than those they had fled. All they had to do was avoid becoming the slaughterers of children and old people like the Germans before them.

This proved too much for them and they chose the path of hatred and retribution. Instead of asking asylum of the Palestinians; they made ridiculous claims of their “Right” to inhabit this land. Because God gave it to them, they said.

Quite a claim for such an obviously godless country to make.

Aside from all of that though; diplomatic duties are the purview of the State Department; not Congress.

Treaty negotiations are the purview of the President; not Congress whose only involvement is to advise and consent. What “advise and consent” means is another article but suffice to say it doesn’t mean that the Congress has a right to take over the duties of the president or his Executive Branch because he is of the other party or because he is Black as we know the case to be with our current President.

These Republicans are in a state of panic. They have been since 08 when President Obama (and I can’t say “President Obama” to Republicans enough. It’s like rubbing fingernails across the chalkboard to them) came to office.

What else could cause the complete breakdown of the façade the Party had so carefully crafted of being the Elder Party? The Party with the judgment to govern.

 Gone now like Dust in the Wind. Even people who maintained a modicum of respect for them gave it up after witnessing the treatment the Republicans have meted out to President Obama.

 They are of course; right to panic. Like the Dinosaurs seeing their approaching demise.rep

 Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of guys.


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