A White Man With A Weapon And A Grudge

14 Feb

goldberg,michelleThat title and the inspiration for this article are from the article by Michelle Goldberg, The Nation; the link to which you may use to read that article first if you wish, though it is not a prerequisite. It is an excellent article and I recommend it highly.

For those who choose not to leave the environs of your humble Angyman; the article rightly points out the predominance of “angry white men” on the list of American terrorists, mass murderers, and freaked-out, loony tunes, running the streets with assault rifles; killing members of various groups, races, religions, and cultures; for various reasons revealed, and not of late.

The line that caught me; that made me sit and write this, is “the most common type of American terrorist: a white man with a weapon and a grudge”; and I thought; “What else?”; “Who else?”

I am not entirely clear what the other major cultures of the world were doing with their young people for the last two-thousand years but in the Western (read that White), European culture we are taught to believe that:

we are the best of God’s creations. The most advanced, civilized, intelligent, powerful, righteous; yet humble and benevolent of peoplearistocrat man in our willingness to care for those who; through no fault of their own were born slightly; less. Whether it is because of the color of their skin; the heathen language that they speak; their stubborn adherence to one of the uncivilized, primitive, Hoodoo (read that NOT “Christian”) religions; or that they are Jews; is not important. What is important is that as those born to rule and care for these lesser ones, we deserve a certain amount of respect.”

It usually isn’t presented in those words.

Usually it comes as sub-text. Perhaps as a suggestion as to the correct way to react to certain situations, or a consistent reference to certain people or groups as, “Poor _?_”.

boys for whiteThe message that we must not expect as much from “those” people. That they are not as trustworthy or that they can’t comprehend what we mean by “loyalty”. Perhaps the unspoken but clearly felt message that “they” may be “nice enough, but not the kind of people one invites to the house for dinner”

Every day, in every way, this idea is re-enforced.

We are told to feel righteous if we give to charity or help a neighbor.

We are told that if we don’t help; no-one else can.

We are constantly bombarded by the suggestion that people “of color” are not smart enough or ambitious enough to pull themselves up and the best even we can do is sort of prop them up. nothing better fear

 Otherwise the best and only thing we can do is take charge and institute some discipline among their “heathen asses”.

Teach them the meaning of “hard work”; give them the chance to earn the rights we take for granted as our own. Set them on the path to being as “good” as we are; though that will of course take an untold number of generations after we are dead and gone.

So. That’s us. Well it was us.

cowering white manNow “us” (read that small-minded, ignorant, arrogant, white people) are a bit too nervous to still believe those old standards of American benevolence.

We are still convinced they are true but somehow that doesn’t seem to be protecting us. So; we are confused.

Black President to the left.                                                                                                                                                                       

Latino voters to the right.                                                                                                                                                           

Workers asking for more than subsistence.                                                                                                                                                

Jobs actually going to the most qualified candidate; sometimes even if they aren’t white.                                                                       

The economy seemingly self-destructing.                                                                                                                                                   

Our jobs going overseas.                                                                                                                                                                    

Working more and more for less and less.                                                                                                                                                     

The Republicans telling me it’s my fault.                                                                                                                                                       

I lack skills.                                                                                                                                                                                              

They need to keep more money, more money.

Only they are fit to decide who is worthy of a piece of the pie.

Only they are smart enough to lead;…….us into the last and greatest financial crisis in history and the end of life as we know it.

I feel like I have lost all control. I am helpless against the tide of the wealthy and the corporations; neither of whom offer any answers because I will never qualify for their club.

I am at the mercy of every petty boss who wants to abuse me because since the Republicans and the corporations have refused to circulate the money; they have refused to hire or pay.

My life lacks color. I say things to myself like;

“I am beginning to understand how a black man feels”    LOL. (I’m not but it shows the hubris of humans that I might entertain such a thought)

I am though; feeling pretty damned sorry for myself and somewhere in the back of my mind is the nagging suspicion that I am not being treated with the respect that I deserve. Not by “my kind” and not even by those lesser beings whom I pitied or despised.

confused sunI was once a member of a secure middle class family and now I am struggling to survive. I used to be feared by “those” people; now I am pitied or laughed at by them when they see the “mighty” fall and again; I am confused.

You’re damned Skippy I’m pissed, frustrated; betrayed; abandoned; without a clue where to turn because I have rejected the friendship of the only people who are able to understand me.

I am alone. No family; they hate me; why shouldn’t they? I can’t even make a decent living. 

No friends; we don’t even trust each other anymore.

No respect. No self-respect. No prospects. No alternatives. No control. No power.

Powerless; helpless; frustrated and vulnerable. But I am a man and I can prove it. I can do what no other animal does. I can get my gun and I can kill as many of my fellow humans as I can before I am shot down in the street and my pain and frustration ends in blissful sleep; deep and……….

So no. I am not shocked to hear that the statistics bear out what we have known for a long time.

Does this excuse these random killers of children? No Never. At best it labels these sick, frustrated people as cowards and weaklings of the worse kind.

They have given in. They have relinquished their dignity in the face of the corporate threat and corporate oppression.

White guys with guns? Yeah; I get it.

White guys with guns; rabid dogs in the playground; psychopaths running amok; tornadoes on the plain; viruses spreading like fire through tinder; frustrated expectations; angry, helpless, cowardly, white men with no morals; no compassion; no conscience; but with the ability and the will to strike out at anyone and everyone they blame for their fallen status among the humans.

I get it. finger

So sad that these “Jellyfish” never will.





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