Mr.Chuck Schumer; Republican Sena-..What? No Way. A Democrat? Imagine That.

12 Dec
Chuck Schumer; Senator
Chuck Schumer; Senator

 Not my words but I neglected to note where they came from. Sorry.

“In short, if you think of Obamacare as a policy intended to improve American lives, it’s going really well. Yet it has not, of course, been a political winner for Democrats. Which brings us to Mr. Chuck Schumer; Democratic? Senator from New York. The Schumer critique — he certainly isn’t the first to say these things, but he is the most prominent Democrat to say them — calls health reform a mistake because it only benefits a minority of Americans, and that’s not enough to win elections. What President Obama should have done, claims Mr. Schumer, was focus on improving the economy as a whole.This is deeply wrongheaded in at least three ways.”

And I don’t give a Rat’s Ass about any of them.rat's ass

Let me though; tell you what I do care about and the other wrongheaded thing about Mr. Schumer’s statement.

Mr. Schumer claims to be a Democrat but in this time of such total polarization of our nation; it seems he is unsure about where his loyalties really lie. Just when it is so important for us to stand together.

In all honesty; it is only to be expected that we will lose a few of the old guard Democrats to the Republicans because,

dead dino“This ain’t the Party I joined up with.”

Perhaps Mr. Schumer should face the truth and make the switch. I doubt the Democratic Party is in such need of members that it needs a man who espouses Republican views while still claiming the lie that he is a Democrat.

As I see American Politics today; we are in a fight to the death against the power of the 1%; the Power of the corporations; the power of the Republican/Right-Wing/Racist/call them what you will/Fascists who seek only more and more power.

Like vast “Black Holes” in the fabric of our country, they pull all money and power to themselvesblack hole 2 allowing the rest of us to barely exist for the advancement and benefit of The Corporation”; sucking and sucking until we are forced to comply with life as they have designed it for us; a slow, plodding, grueling life with little or no relief; barely earning enough to subsist but never enough to enjoy life much less excel or achieve greatness or even have self respect.  

Of course there would be incentives for the “Drivers”; the “Walking Bosses” of this brave new world to keep them happily abusing the rest of us into submission and efficiency.

This is no longer a polite game of chess where the victor and vanquished both sit down to drink after. Those days are gone. They are gone because the Right-Wing has seen that in a fair fight; they lose.

repub fascistsIn a fair fight. So now the game is longer played by the same rules of gentlemanly gamesmanship. It is played by the same rules as; say; a guerilla war on Asian soil.

No rules for the big power; big money; big weapons. No conscience; no restraint. black kids cross hairs

They have even allowed their Racist Police to hunt and kill Black people at random; a sort of open season for Cops.

As soon as we have become jaded enough to that practice; they will begin to do the same to the poor of the other races.

So why? Why have they chosen the African-American Community to single out for terrorizing?

Well; sadly it is because if they began with any other community, there was likely to be a huge outcry.keep calm look away

They know however that if they stick to the Black neighborhoods for now; most of the rest of us will happily look the other way while it happens; not because we are all so indifferent to the fate of Black people but because it is the American way; Hell!; it is the human way; to hunker down and hide from unpleasant things; ugly things; and not stand up and fight against what we see and what we know is wrong. Since most of us still live in communities that are largely peopled with members of our own race (another Republican design) and since Blacks are more likely to live in substandard areas; away from the rest of us (another Republican design); it will be little you want some of thisnoticed if we; those who do notice and do care; keep silent. Since the culprits are adept at covering their crimes; being Police Officers; and hiding behind lies of self-defense; even our cries will have little enough affect. When you consider the likelihood that the courts will choose to ignore the crimes of their drones; the Cops; you see how hard this will be to stop. yet stop it we must if we ever wish to respect ourselves.

Eventually; if history is any teller of future events and it most certainly is; some will become alarmed enough to make a stand. Hopefully it isn’t too late.nypd puching downed protestor

Now you ask, “What in Hell this has to do with Mr. Schumer?”

The answer is that Mr. Schumer ; regardless of what he may claim; is no Democrat.

He has demonstrated by his failure to see the huge value both real and political; this law will be for The Party as time passes.

This law does benefit all Americans because it provides for those who would otherwise not be able to afford healthcare.

If you feel that it is too expensive for those who already had health care; the answer and the solution to your problem is to get all of those young people to sign up and spread the cost around.

todd lallyA bit embarrassing after you have spent so much effort convincing young people they don’t need health insurance; I realize but, there you go.

If you don’t like having to change plans and perhaps even see a different doctor; I would suggest you support Universal Health with the Premium-Platinum benefits for everyone. Then you can keep everything you had and more.

That is how the law was designed to work. This law is a Progressive law. It was advertised as a Progressive law.

What should really embarrass you is telling any group of people in this day economy and environment that they don’t need health insurance while at the same time seeking to undermine young people worrythe laws already in place to control pollution and environmental destruction making it ever more likely that they will need healthcare at an earlier and earlier age as time goes on.

Everyone needs health insurance; Full Coverage. What you don’t use now; you will later and everyone pays for everyone.

Now if you can’t even agree to support a law; already passed and in effect that uses such moderate Progressive values as this; where will you be standing when the time comes to vote for a Universal Healthcare system such as Western Europe has.

If Mr. Schumer feels the need to back-peddle now; when the Progressives have just begun to influence Party Policy; he will certainly feel the need to change parties when those new Bold Policies become the Party Platform.

Mr. Schumer apparently feels that President Obama has done a shabby job of improving the economy and should have concentrated on that and just left millions of Americans without healthcare for the foreseeable future.

But Mr. Schumer is obviously uninformed because the economy has been in recovery since shortly after President Obama began to nurse it back to health; an amazing achievement especially considering the complete lack of co-operation the President received from the Congress during this difficult period of recovery from the years of Republican mishandling of Economic Policy.confused voter

So it seems to me that the problem isn’t with what Mr. Schumer thinks but with who he says he is.



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2 responses to “Mr.Chuck Schumer; Republican Sena-..What? No Way. A Democrat? Imagine That.

  1. georgiakevin

    December 12, 2014 at 22:35

    Your post is well thought out, well written and a post that makes your readers think.I agree with you even with some of what you wrote that I never thought about before

    • angrymanspeaks

      December 12, 2014 at 22:37

      Thanks Kevin. I wish I could write otherwise.

      On Fri, Dec 12, 2014 at 10:35 PM, angrymanspeaks wrote: > >


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