I Don’t Know What To Title This. Our Turn? Your Whiteness Will Not Protect You? You Pick

07 Dec

Look at this video. Then catch up to me on the other end.

This shows a predominantly Black Cop; punching the White wife or girlfriend of a young black man.
What conclusions should we draw from this?

Perhaps the cop arrived at a domestic disturbance call; found a mixed couple; allowed his own prejudice to break out and punched the girl in the face at the least provocation.
Perhaps he has no racial prejudice at all and is just another example of a Mo—-F–k— Cop on a permanent power trip.
There was no violence; just an argument. This cop feels he has a right to storm in; decide how these people should run  their life, raise their child etc. Then even decides he’ll just arrest someone, (he doesn’t care who) to stop the argument.
Shit; this cop should see my wife and I get our heat on.

I really don’t care why he chose his course of action and I don’t care what color he is or she is.
He’s the cop; he’s wrong.

Why? Because as a professional law enforcement officer, he is supposed to be able to respond with restraint and use the least amount of force possible. Somehow I don’t think he met the test of restraint.

He’s White; he’s Black
He’s Asian too; Hispanic and Samoan.
He doesn’t care what are your dreams or where you might be goin’
He’s a sociopathic monster who believes his word is law.
He’ll beat you and he’ll shoot you and then lie about what he saw.
To justify his heartless crime; a badge and uniform.
Armed protectors who only hate you; what a perfect storm
It’s Government Sanctioned K.K.K.
It’s Big Brother always watching.
It’s Hitlerian Population control
It’s the Democracy we’ve been botching.
So give me your tired; your poor; your Black
I’ll find them one by one
Then hang them up
Then beat them down
Then rape them just for fun.

You see? I love to say I told you so. It’s not just white cops shooting black kids; though certainly that is the biggest by FAR part of the problem. For now at least. Genocide takes time. It’s not the walk in the park the Fascist try to make it seem.

But the problem crosses all lines of race and religion. In the end it will be about the money.
You have it and you are White; your safe
You have it and your Black; you’ll be ok as long as you remember your place.
If you don’t have it; nothing will ensure your safety from the Brutal, Fascist Police and they are becoming more and more Fascist every day.
Remember it isn’t the character or quality of the individual cop. It’s the collective culture of Police superiority, infallibility and violence that causes almost all cops to go bad.

The ones who are truly good cops are easy to identify. They have usually lost or resigned their job because their conscience won’t allow them to become something that is diametrically opposite the Cop they thought they were signing up to be.
Being Black will of course; always be a more dangerous position than being white even when both are poor as a church-mouse because of the overwhelming number advantage that the Whites will be able to maintain for the foreseeable future.

There can be no equality when you have republicans like Rand Paul who believe that the reason Eric Garner was brutally strangled and pressed to death on a public street in plain view of God and the video camera is; are you ready? Cigarette taxes in New York are too high.

It’s almost like one of those over the top melodramatic comedies where each scene gets more ridiculous…

Except; human beings are suffering and dying just to serve as examples for the community; to put (Even more) fear in their hearts and prove that the “White Right” has the power of life and death over us and they can recruit members of any race to carry out their dirty work.

The fact that an admitted (by the Cops) part of “Cop Culture” is to dehumanize a person once they become the target of their attention makes it sort of like Robo-Cop. No emotions; submit or die.

#1 “Time to subdue the suspect: nobody gets away with selling loosies on my block; Damn it. I can not apply the manual restraint devices to his wrist. Please choke him till he falls down.”

#2 “Would it help if he would stop breathing?”

#1 “Yes Please; That would be of great assistance.”

#2 “I am choking him but he will not stop complaining. What do I do? Should I shove a wet rag in his mouth to curtail the airflow over the vocal chords?”

#1 “No; Get 3 or 4 terminators over here to crush his chest. He is sure to submit to arrest once he is dead”

#2 “I hope so; I have an appointment to have my male member stimulated by one of those street kids”


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