Sorry Brother; This Has To Be Said.

04 Dec

The Militant Negro @
11:43 AM (40 minutes ago)

to me; Angryman

“You are a fucking racist, now go suck a penis and get over the fact I called you what the fuck you are, a white trash dick sucking cop hating moron. Saying ALL cops are bad is like saying all Negros are shiftless, lazy drug dealers. Go the fuck away dumbass.”


No, I think I’ll just continue my fight against racism, genocide and discrimination of any stripe and let you go away and hide in Sicily; if that is still your goal.

But that isn’t what I want.

What I want is to convert you. To bring you over to the light; My Brother.

I don’t turn on my friends so easily and I don’t think you are a “Bad Negro” just because you disagree with me about something as minute as whether the problem is with individual cops or if all cops are guilty by membership in a Racist Institution. So why I gotta’ be a “white trash dick sucking cop hating moron”??

Saying all Cops are bad is just telling the truth; DUMBASS;  because it isn’t the individual cops that are the problem; DUMBASS; it’s the entire Police and justice system.

Please; my dear brother; hear me.

I can’t lie.

Is that what you want?

You want me to lie to you and to everyone who reads my words and maybe; just perhaps sees the logic and puts some kind of value on my opinions?

You want me to say:

“It’s ok. Most Cops are just good guys doing a tough job. Most of them won’t gun you down for no reason. Most won’t lock you up for half your life because you stole a fucking candy bar or shoot you in the head because you stole a fucking cigar.”?

No. I can’t lie to them or you or myself. The shit is way worse than a few bad apples.

“Wid’ aw’ due ruspect’”

We are not experiencing a wave of coincidental actions by individual cops; DUMBASS. (An’ I mean dat’ in da’  nicest possible way)

We are seeing the growth and eventual culmination of a purposeful plan by all Police Departments and all Republican, Fascist Politicians to oppress and perhaps make extinct the American Negro and ultimately all of America’s poor regardless of their color. And those individual “Good Cops” you are so obsessed with defending against my “Rampant Cop Hating Racism: LOL”; jump my and your po’; asses and beat us to death and our children and our wives, mothers, dogs.

Of course there is a separate genocidal plan already in effect to get rid of African Blacks as well; lest you think you have to be American to be despised by Racist white people.

Just as an aside; you may be aware that one of the justifications that racists use for hating American Blacks is that; “Even the Africans hate them. They say; African-Americans? Ha! They are not African”

As though they feel that African Blacks are OK. That their opinions are worth valuing.

Bullshit. They hate Africans as much as they hate African-Americans. It’s just that you are handier for abuse and murder.

They are coming for you now; and not us; because it’s easier to commit genocide on one race if the rest are complacent and feeling secure.

Our time will come. The Poor White are the next victims of enslavement and genocide.

The man you so disdain for his idealism; whom I admire as a visionary and a “Moses” for my people; let alone yours; knew the truth of what I say. He saw the coming storm. He knew he had to be at the fore of the battle against the waves of chaos the storm will bring.

He saw the victory of his first movement and the beginning of his second and much larger one.

He saw that the hatred of the Right was not reserved for Blacks. It was living and breathing for all those who are unable to protect themselves and force a better deal for themselves.

He knew that the next great March would not be one for racial equality or freedom for Blacks, Greens, Yellows, Reds, or any other shade of human.

He knew the next march he was planning to lead; would be one to assure equal treatment for all of our poor.

But he knew also that none of what he had or would accomplish would last unless we; the people who most benefitted from his work; continued the fight and never lost that edge. Never allowed ourselves to devolve into infighting. Never let ourselves be lulled into a false sense of security or swallow the propaganda of the “Republican/Fascist Beast” (Such as it’s just a few bad apples; not all of our Fascist trained and armed cops are bad)

But we have allowed the enemy to fool us. To believe that racism as an institution was gone. That we were well on the way to brotherhood and equality.

Martin Luther King Jr. knew he was going to die in the fight; that he would never reach that promised land but by God; I hope he never knew how his vision would be diluted and his fight turned from a surgical scalpel to a dull butter knife.

He knew that “Divide and Conquer” is not just an old Julian Military tactic but a totally viable one; in use in his time and in ours.

And as can be seen from this post; is still working very well.

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Posted by on December 4, 2014 in freedom


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