The Government’s Pyramid Scheme?

23 Nov

Ampyramid foodong the things that I have lost faith in over the years; are the U.S. Government nutritional standards we were taught as children.

Not only have they changed far too often but my family and friends and the families of my friends have been dropping like flies from heart disease; cancer; and a whole plethora of other ailments and conditions and at least some of them were strict about such matters; being older; serious churchgoing folk. Flag waiving Republicans and Roosevelt Democrats.

I learned how to eat and cook as a child and I don’t recall anything processed. My simpsons thamksgivgeneration was taught that processed foods were for emergencies; when fresh food was unavailable.

My mother’s table always had a meat, a green vegetable and a starch. Not too much cheese. Be sure to eat some fruit every day. That was healthy, balanced eating to her. It took me years and a quintuple by-pass surgery to rethink and relearn that diet; though as diets go; it could have been much worse.

Of course, like all Americans, I ate far too much processed food and fast food when I got out on my own but as often as I could, I still kept, to that basic diet I learned at home.

Living on that diet (and eating processed food) brought me to the edge of death though and I made some changes.

I removed most of the starch but not all.

I changed my grains to whole grains where I use them; cut much of the fatty meat like beef out but I still enjoy a good steak sometimes.

I eat much more chicken and I eat some fish. I would eat more fish but it is often expensive.

I eat at least two tablespoons of uncooked and unheated olive oil every day (usually

Just a few of the hundreds of brands.

Just a few of the hundreds of brands.

more) and I use only olive oil for cooking.

I use olive oil in place of butter or margarine on my toast and for almost everything else though I still use butter on some things such as raisin toast or muffins. (Mostly sweet things where the flavor of butter is indispensable).

Since I eat very few of those things I don’t worry. Extreme diets don’t work in the long run. Moderation is the key in all things.

I could do another whole article on Olive Oil. It is truly a cornucopia of flavors and a great joy to explore.

I thought I was somewhat fortunate in that I already had an aversion to sugar in my drinks and most foods so when I was told that I was Diabetic; I wasn’t overly worried. Then I discovered that magical word. Carbohydrates; when processed by a human; Sugar and so; the change in my grains and starch intake.

I eat Oatmeal about three or four days a week but my goal is to eat a small portion each

You can still see the grains and taste them too.

You can still see the grains and taste them too.

day and add some protein to it for my breakfast. Note: My Oatmeal is not mush. I heat the water to boiling; add the oatmeal and stir. It comes out chewy and good. Better flavor and texture.

The Olive Oil; the Oatmeal; less saturated fat; less carbs.

The result?  My A1C (3 month blood-sugar level) is down to “6.9”; “7” being the goal. My LDL (bad cholesterol) is down to my doctor’s goal and he is encouraging me to eat more “good fat” because my HDL (good cholesterol) is a bit low now.

So more olive oil because olive oil is one of the keys to real success. Don’t believe me? Add olive oil to your diet. Just add it. Don’t even make any other changes and see if your numbers don’t improve. But do take a few minutes to learn about Olive Oil. It will make the change much more pleasant and tastier as well.

I have learned few things about myself and about food as well.

fishI now know that I love fish for breakfast. I never got it when Brits would go on about kippers but now I do. I would rather have a nice piece of Trout or Salmon but I love Kippers too. Also Sardines.

I have also learned that a little bit of meat; cooked and used correctly can be as satisfying as a big piece of meat.

I have learned that a bit of the right olive oil in your Kale or Collard Greens tastes just as good as or better than greens with a piece of pig in them.

And I have learned that as long as I stay with-in these parameters; I can eat a piece of candy or two or three every day or so without endangering my numbers. That may depend on your individual case but it works for me.

The rest; I am sure will work for you.

I’m just telling you my experience.

I don’t judge your choices.



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