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11 Nov





ben steinRemember Ben Stein? The slightly chubby, jokingly snide, host of the show where he pretended to give away his own money if players could defeat him in a trivia challenge. Of course ben is not just a game show host. No; he is also an actor, a former speech writer for Richard Nixon and a Conservative mouthpiece.

Ben has several times in the past; said things that make anyone with human feelings cringe. Living in the Republican bastion of Idaho and living the life of a wealthy Republican investor has certainly insulated him from the real world. Perhaps he believes this is just another fictional script for a bad TV movie. I don’t know and neither does Ben.

I picked a few choice comments he has recently made:

“The media in this country for a very long time has been contemptuous of Jews and contemptuous of Jewish life,” Stein said.

Is it possible that Ben has been following the same news reports that I have for the past forty years? The entire educational system; entertainment industry and news media have been on a forty year crusade  to engender continuing and ever growing support for Israel.

From the indoctrination of our children into the Holocaust stories about brave Jews escaping Nazis and strong Jews surviving the camps; as though Jews were the only victims of the war and the Nazi Camp System worth mentioning; to the constant bombardment of movies and movie references to the poor Jews and the wonderful, brave Jews.

Some 13 million people were killed in the camps by the Nazis. Only 6 million were Jews. Less than half.

A terrible thing; Yes. But not the only thing. Jews were a mere 1/10th of the people killed in the war. Sixty-million people died in WWII. 8.7 million were Russian soldiers. There were many Germans, Poles, Romany, Jehovah’s Witnesses, French, Czech, Hungarian, Mentally Retarded, Insane, and the list just goes on.

All my life I have been steered towards sympathy for the Jews and for Israel. As though they were one universal entity. As though I; as an American owe that government my loyalty for some reason I have yet to discern.

Well; I don’t. I don’t and you don’t and America doesn’t owe Israel anything. In 1948 we and the rest of the world committed an act of unconscionable trespass and invasion when we sanctioned the occupation of Palestine by the new Jewish State rather than at the very least insisting on a partition and two new nations rather than one.

We did this not because we felt guilty or because we felt sorry for the Jewish victims of the camps, swarming out of Europe. Not because we truly believed that they had a valid claim on that land after almost 2000 years of diaspora.

No we and England and France and all of the other countries of the then newly formed United Nations; approved the new Jewish State and it’s very illegal acquisition of it’s land (An illegal acquisition that still goes on now in Palestine) because we were unwilling to absorb the vast number of Jewish refugees into our own countries.

If you were a Jew living in Europe in the 1930’s and you were either wealthy or very smart or both; you left Europe. You escaped the coming storm as is always the way with the wealthy because they can buy their way out and the very smart because they begin early to find a way.

So only the poor and/or inattentive were left for the wrath of the Nazis. Nobody wanted these Jews. Nobody wanted the Ghetto Jews of the cities or the Serfs from the countryside. These people may as well have been from the stone age and then to have been through this great destruction and genocide; we already had the only Jews we wanted. Send the rest to Palestine. Give them their old homeland back. Sounds like a prophesy come true; the Jews return to Palestine.

Ever since that, we have been only too willing to assist the Jewish State to succeed. Failure was not an option. There was no other place for them to go.

  “Just as upsetting is the fact that Jews themselves have key positions in today’s media. The media likes to portray Jews as bullies and murderers and . . . it’s kind of amazing to me, because so much of the media is Jewish,” he said.

As though being born Jewish necessarily obligates you to support the Israeli Political Government. Where do Ben’s loyalties lie after all?

How would we feel if every Iraqi or Iranian or Russian or Chinese person who came here or was born here of parents from those countries or even was born here of parents whose great grand parents were from those countries decided that they owed their allegiance to the government of that other nation rather than America?

I’ll bet I can guess.

“There’s a deep-seated self-hatred, especially [among] the New York City elite media.”

“They want to show they’re not Jewish by being anti-Israel, and it’s not going to work. We know they’re Jewish and we know that they’re not being fair to their own people, but they’ll keep doing it.”

Ben!! have you considered that it may not be self hatred for being Jews. It may be that they are simply unwilling to support the mesh of lies and deceit that keeps support for Israel running high. They may not wish to aid in the genocide of the Palestinian people under the guise of “Self Defense”

“We’re supposed to think there’s something wrong with them for defending their country,” said Stein

HELP! The Palestinians are attacking!!!

HELP! The Palestinians are attacking!!!


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