“The Fascist Feet Are At Our Door; Maryland My Maryland”

09 Nov


marylandIf you look over the list below; you will no doubt notice, that there is a glaring difference between the number of Republican governors and the number of Democrats in the history of my fair State.

Of course, “Democrat” hasn’t always denoted or connoted the same principles that and goals that it “does?” today so I suggest we limit any serious consideration of this statistic to the period; post 1930

A quick look however; at the lists below will demonstrate the overwhelming predominance of the Democratic party in whatever it’s form.

Number of Governors of Maryland by party affiliation[1]
Party Governors
Democratic 27
Federalist 9
Democratic-Republican 11
Republican 7
No Party 6
Whig 3
National Republican 2
American 1

The Democratic Party was originally formed in 1828 and you can see that it played a major role in Maryland politics winning  21 of the 29 gubernatorial slots between that year and 1935

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Since the 1930s, the party has promoted a social-liberal platform, supporting a mixed economy and social justice.[2][8] The party’s philosophy of contemporary American liberalism has its origins in left-of-center liberalism, which seeks to create a mixed economy by providing government intervention and regulation in the economy.[9] These interventions, such as universal healthcare, social programs, equal opportunity, labor protections, environmental protection, and regulation on big business, form the party’s economic policy basis.[10][11] Until the late 20th century the party had a powerful conservative and populist wing based in the rural South, which over time has greatly diminished. Today its Congressional caucus is composed mostly of progressives and centrists.[12]

Maryland's New Governor

Maryland’s New Governor

The Website:  states that:

The most Democratic states are Hawaii, Maryland; Maryland? Massachusetts, and Rhode Island.

So my question for Marylanders; or more to the point for the Maryland Democratic Party is: Why?

Why is a Republican; who believes in his right to legislate morals for all Marylanders; allowed within a mile of our Governor’s Mansion?

Sorry. Wrong Picture. This is Maryland's new Governor; The  Honorable Lawrence (Dazed and Confused)Hogan

Sorry. Wrong Picture.
This is Maryland’s new Governor; The Honorable Lawrence (Dazed and Confused)Hogan

Why is Maryland, in the hands of a Fascista for only the 7th time in it’s long history.

More to the point of our discussion; why has this happened for only the 5th time since 1916?

It makes me ask; Have we so soon forgotten the record of our last Republican Governor; “The Right Dis-honorable

Robert Ehrlich” who orchestrated and brokered a 75%; (read that Seventy-Five Percent) increase in energy bills for Marylanders under the guise of defending us against the Big Bad “Constellation Energy” who would only buy Baltimore Gas and Electric if they got the increase?

I didn’t want to sell B G and E anyway. That company had been doing fine for many years and Marylanders were protected from runaway energy bills by the “Maryland Public Service Commission” which regulated our rates.

The Corporate Parasites who ran that firm were making money hand over greedy fist but it wasn’t enough. They knew. They felt it. They could smell the blood of the State’s citizens; just below the surface and they knew that if they played the game right; they could be the ones to tap into that vast supply of cash.

How? How do you deceive millions of Marylanders into accepting the destruction of the PSC, and the massive increase in rates that comes with it?

Call Bob Ehrlich. Bob the Savior. Bob the flopping piece of human excrement who is still laughing about the really good joke he had on

 Bob Ehrlich.

Bob Ehrlich.


Have we forgotten the smile on Bob’s lying face as he promised us that he would get us a better deal and then negotiated a deal whereby we still had to pay 75% more but we were allowed to defer part of the increase for a bit at first and then add it on to our already increased bill later. The idea he said proudly, was to give us time to adjust to the higher rates.

Great idea Bob!

agnew and nixon prisonersOr what about a mere 36 years prior to Bob when we elected our last Republican governor? We should never forget Spiro T. Agnew.

He became Governor in 1967. He became Vice-President of the United States in 1968 under Richard (“I am not a crook”) Nixon.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

In 1973, Agnew was investigated by the United States Attorney’s office for the District of Maryland, on charges of extortion, tax fraud, bribery, and conspiracy. He was charged with having accepted bribes totaling more than $100,000 while holding office as Baltimore County Executive, Governor of Maryland, and later Vice President. On October 10 that same year, Agnew was allowed to plead no spiro agnew watchcontest to a single charge that he had failed to report $29,500 of income received in 1967, with the condition that he resign the office of Vice President. Nixon later replaced Agnew by appointing House Minority Leader Gerald Ford to the office of Vice President.

Agnew was the second Vice President in United States history to resign, the other being John C. Calhoun, and the only one to do so because of criminal charges. Nearly ten years after leaving office, Agnew paid the state of Maryland nearly $270,000 as a result of a civil suit that stemmed from the bribery allegations. Critics have Spiro_Agnewcited him as being one of the worst Vice Presidents in American history.[3][4][5] He is the only Greek-American Vice President, making him the highest Greek-American politician to have served in the United Statesworst Vice Presidents in American history.[3][4][5] He is the only Greek-American Vice President, making him the highest Greek-American politician to have served in .

Yes. Fond memories of our last two Republican Governors.

Now. another Republican to rape the average Marylander and stuff the pockets of the wealthy Corporations with Tax Cuts and the lessening of our Environmental Protection Regulations.

Larry (a fat Republican Governor who doesn't come from New Jersey) Hogan

Larry (a fat Republican Governor who doesn’t come from New Jersey) Hogan

Another Holier-Than-Thou Bible Thumping Moralist; intent on saving his Compadre’s money and our souls.

As for the answers to my questions? Stay tuned.

It ain’t pretty.

Larry’s friend who is from Joi-zey. They meet alike; they greet alike; it seems they even eat alike.

It ain’t hopeful.

Why; “ain’t”,  ain’t even English.

Never-the-less; I will tell you what I think.

Below is the complete list of Maryland governors for those who don’t have this information committed to memory but find this a fascinating subject.


Both of you.

# Governor Picture Party Took office Left office Notes
1 Thomas Johnson Johnson None March 21, 1777 November 12, 1779
2 Thomas Sim Lee Federalist November 12, 1779 November 22, 1782
3 William Paca Paca None November 22, 1782 November 26, 1785
4 William Smallwood Smallwood None November 26, 1785 November 24, 1788
5 John Eager Howard Howard Federalist November 24, 1788 November 14, 1791
6 George Plater Plater None November 14, 1791 February 10, 1792 [4]
James Brice (acting) Federalist February 13, 1792 April 5, 1792 [5]
2 Thomas Sim Lee Federalist April 5, 1792 November 14, 1794
7 John Hoskins Stone Stone Federalist November 14, 1794 November 17, 1797
8 John Henry Democratic-Republican November 17, 1797 November 14, 1798
9 Benjamin Ogle BOgle Federalist November 14, 1798 November 10, 1801
10 John Francis Mercer Democratic-Republican November 10, 1801 November 13, 1803
11 Robert Bowie Bowie Democratic-Republican November 15, 1803 November 10, 1806
12 Robert Wright Wright Democratic-Republican November 12, 1806 June 9, 1809 [6]
13 Edward Lloyd Lloyd Democratic-Republican June 9, 1809 November 16, 1811 [7]
11 Robert Bowie Bowie Democratic-Republican November 16, 1811 November 25, 1812
14 Levin Winder Winder Federalist November 25, 1812 January 2, 1816
15 Charles Carnan Ridgely Ridgely Federalist January 2, 1816 January 8, 1819
16 Charles Goldsborough Goldsborough Federalist January 8, 1819 December 20, 1819
17 Samuel Sprigg Sprigg Democratic-Republican December 20, 1819 December 16, 1822
18 Samuel Stevens, Jr. Democratic-Republican December 16, 1822 January 9, 1826
19 Joseph Kent Kent Democratic-Republican January 9, 1826 January 15, 1829
20 Daniel Martin National Republican January 15, 1829 January 15, 1830
21 Thomas King Carroll Democratic January 15, 1830 January 13, 1831
20 Daniel Martin National Republican January 13, 1831 July 11, 1831 [4]
22 George Howard National Republican July 11, 1831 January 17, 1833 [8]
23 James Thomas Thomas Whig January 17, 1833 January 14, 1836
24 Thomas W. Veazey Veazey Whig January 14, 1836 January 7, 1839
25 William Grason Democratic January 7, 1839 January 3, 1842
26 Francis Thomas Thomas Democratic January 3, 1842 January 6, 1845
27 Thomas Pratt Pratt Whig January 6, 1845 January 3, 1848
28 Philip F. Thomas Thomas Democratic January 3, 1848 January 6, 1851
29 Enoch Louis Lowe Lowe Democratic January 6, 1851 January 11, 1854
30 Thomas W. Ligon Ligon Democratic January 11, 1854 January 13, 1858
31 Thomas H. Hicks Hicks American; later Republican January 13, 1858 January 8, 1862
32 Augustus Bradford Bradford Unionist January 8, 1862 January 10, 1866
33 Thomas Swann Swann Democratic January 10, 1866 January 13, 1869 [9]
34 Oden Bowie Bowie Democratic January 13, 1869 January 10, 1872
35 William Pinkney Whyte Whyte Democratic January 10, 1872 March 4, 1874 [10]
36 James B. Groome Groome Democratic March 4, 1874 January 12, 1876 [11]
37 John Lee Carroll Democratic January 12, 1876 January 14, 1880
38 William T. Hamilton Hamilton Democratic January 14, 1880 January 9, 1884
39 Robert Milligan McLane McClane Democratic January 9, 1884 March 27, 1885 [12]
40 Henry Lloyd Democratic March 27, 1885 January 11, 1888 [13]
41 Elihu Emory Jackson Jackson Democratic January 11, 1888 January 13, 1892
42 Frank Brown Brown Democratic January 13, 1892 January 8, 1896
43 Lloyd Lowndes, Jr. Lowndes Republican January 8, 1896 January 10, 1900
44 John Walter Smith Smith Democratic January 10, 1900 January 13, 1904
45 Edwin Warfield Warfield Democratic January 13, 1904 January 8, 1908
46 Austin Lane Crothers Crothers Democratic January 8, 1908 January 10, 1912
47 Phillips Lee Goldsborough Goldsborough Republican January 10, 1912 January 12, 1916
48 Emerson C. Harrington Harrington Democratic January 12, 1916 January 14, 1920
49 Albert C. Ritchie Ritchie Democratic January 14, 1920 January 9, 1935
50 Harry W. Nice Nice Republican January 9, 1935 January 11, 1939
51 Herbert R. O’Conor O'Conor Democratic January 11, 1939 January 3, 1947 [10]
52 William Preston Lane, Jr. Lane Democratic January 3, 1947 January 10, 1951 [14]
53 Theodore R. McKeldin McKeldrin Republican January 10, 1951 January 14, 1959
54 J. Millard Tawes Tawes Democratic January 14, 1959 January 25, 1967
55 Spiro Agnew Agnew Republican January 25, 1967 January 7, 1969 [15]
56 Marvin Mandel Mandel Democratic January 7, 1969 January 17, 1979 [16]
Blair Lee III (acting) Lee III Democratic June 4, 1977 January 15, 1979 [17]
57 Harry R. Hughes Hughes Democratic January 17, 1979 January 20, 1987
58 William Donald Schaefer Schaefer Democratic January 20, 1987 January 18, 1995
59 Parris N. Glendening Glendening Democratic January 18, 1995 January 15, 2003
60 Robert L. Ehrlich, Jr. Ehrlich Republican January 15, 2003 January 17, 2007
61 Martin J. O’Malley O'Malley Democratic January 17, 2007 (Incumbent) [18]
62 Lawrence J. Hogan, Jr. Hogan Republican January 21, 2015 (Elect)


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