Barack Obama; Political Genius.

06 Jun

obama yes we didObamacare is a success.

We all know that but have you really thought about why and just how much of a Progressive Victory; Obamacare or The Affordable Care Act truly is?

Let me explain.

The American people have been suffering under the rule of the Right-Wing as regards Health Care for as long as there has been Health Insurance. darkheart wolf

They have been allowed to suffer and wither away once they become ill because health insurance companies refuse to cover people who are ill.

According to the Right-Wingnuts who run these farcical corporations; this was the only way to insurance costs low for the republicans who deserve to live; ignore the rest of us whom they believe do not.

 They have been subject to random rejection; refusal to pay for valid procedures and many other indignities instituted by the Right-Wing slugs who own these companies.nazi vs republican

Well over thirty million Americans were unable to afford any health coverage and/or were not able to buy it even if they could afford it due to the self-serving tactics of the Corporations.

So; along comes Barack and; though it took some doing and it set the Republicans to whining and crying like a dog shitting Peach seeds; our President was able to achieve a major victory for the American people and the Progressive Movement.

The victory however was not so much “Obamacare” or the Affordable Care Act.

The victory was far more impressive and has the Right positively cutting themselves and gnashing their teeth.

First it was a victory for the obvious reason that it provides the way for millions upon millions of Americans (real Americans not Republicans with money who already had over the top insurance for little money and were perfectly content to let the rest of you die early and painfully) to buy health insurance.

BUT second; it started our Nation on the road to Universal Healthcare where all citizens are covered by the same level of coverage (as it should be). This will happen because as the Republicans are well aware; it would be a political “Hindenburg” for the Republicans to see the Democrats give thirty million people insurance; and then take it back when they get the power. Dynamite. Absolute political Nitro.

BUT; Obama care is far from perfect. It still leaves 17% of the people without insurance though I admit; I am not sure who comprises this 17%. It still requires the people to individually purchase their insurance from the same “Parasitic Insurance Corporations” they always had to deal with; if allowed.

It has the Republicans crying about how their costs have increased and God knows the Republicans can’t stand for that just because it saves the lives of millions of people.

Did we forget to mention that they would have to pay more? I don’t think so. I have a quite clear memory of the president stating with Crystal Clarity that the wealthy would need to pay a bit more so that all Americans can benefit. This of course; is anathema to the Right whose greed knows no bounds and whose lies and deceptions of the people are legend.

And what is the only viable answer to these left-over problems with the system?

Universal Healthcare; naturally.

Yes; it seems that while the U.S. Congress led by the Republicans has been doing its best for the past six years to fight every plan the President has proposed for anything; The President; Barack Obama has proven himself to be a political genius.

He has out flanked and out maneuvered the Right at every turn. He has given us Obamacare and a clear path to Universal Healthcare. He has done this so that the Republicans have no road back to the old system; and don’t you ever believe The President didn’t know this would be the eventual outcome of Obamacare.

He knew. He knew how to get the job done. Even though he has had a relentless, ongoing battle with The House, SCOTUS, the right wing religious nuts and many Members of the Senate as well as the Fascist elements who are still to the right of the Republicans forever lurking in the shadows waiting for that Reichstag moment.

Obamacare, same sex marriage, and a healthy economy after the decades of Republicans destructive policies of greed.

And Man; are the Right-Wingnuts pissed. They rant and they sputter and they double up on their lies but that’s because they know. They know the truth that Obama; A black man has outwitted and out maneuvered them into the tightest corner available where they will likely be nailed to the wall and forgotten if there is any Justice left in this country because they way out is blocked by the will and the power of the American people.foul wretched beast

So to the Republicans we say, ”Be gone you foul, wretched beast. Back to the slime from which you crawled on the day of the worlds beginning. We know who you are and what you represent and we will no longer tolerate your obstruction of laws and bills that benefit those you have disenfranchised and marginalized.”










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4 responses to “Barack Obama; Political Genius.

  1. List of X

    June 6, 2014 at 17:56

    I think that Obamacare actually made it harder to get to universal healthcare, because now there are fewer uninsured, much fewer denials for pre-existing conditions, fewer medical bankruptcies, which means leas urgency to fix the rest. However, if GOP does manage to repeal it on their 1001st attempt, the blowback to GOP would get will probably get us universal health care almost as soon the next election is over.

  2. Valentine Logar

    June 7, 2014 at 07:42

    I have to agree with X on this one, with ACA in place the road to Universal healthcare will be more difficult now.

  3. clauspeltuch

    June 7, 2014 at 15:53

    I disagree. I believe republicans will have to find way to lower those costs their voters crying for.
    What they do get young people to be buying insurance? No?
    Spread out cost but still not for all and still higher cost for big money man like republican.
    So now republican get used to Obamacare so not so bad now but still cost plenty more for him.
    Maybe now Universal care like in Europe not look so shaky. No? Big spread out now. Cost in taxes and everybody get doctor and cost nothing but taxes higher to pay for it but still in America no everybody must pay taxes if not payed enough. No? So is good for poor and for middle man but rich still wine. Rich never stop wine.

    If run like Greek government will fail for sure. Must be run better for less waste.

    I think this angry man right. Obamacare first step. people get used to thinking of helping everyone and maybe get used to Universal too. Maybe?
    We see.

  4. angrymanspeaks

    July 27, 2014 at 14:12

    Hey thanks for the support Claus. I believe you are correct and the Republicans will find Obamacare oppressive but impossible to undo. They will either have to take it back or open up to all eventually.
    They will first encourage the young and healthy to sign up; in direct opposition to their current advice. This will serve to further reduce the cost.
    Of course the wealthy will always want; ne’ demand the very best in health care and we believe they should have it. When the entire cost is covered by taxes and the wealthy adjust as they have all over the world; they and all others will have the best care available.

    The wealthy are going to have to adjust to the idea of paying a lot more if we are to achieve a truly progressive government model. Truly. Sugar-coating this fact won’t make it any easier to swallow. The best we can do is to implement these changes to our society over a period of ten or twenty years to allow for the wealthy to become accustomed to the notion that the people come first; Capitalism must always be second.

    This will; of course; have zero effect on the life and style of these worthies. It will lessen somewhat; the speed with which the money makes it’s way back to them and may slightly inhibit their ability to do the thing they love best. Play with money.
    These people are like small children. Greedy; grasping. everything is “Mine; mine; mine!”
    Whether they need more or not. This is what makes them so dangerous. They are not satisfied by living the very finest lifestyle. They hunger; thirst; lust for more wealth leads them to disregard the effect their lust has for others.
    It IS time to reign them in. It is time for kindness and compassion and level headedness to assert control over the Capitalists; who as I say; do a great job of being Capitalists but a lousy job of caring for the people whom they owe their success to.

    Yes; I believe Obamacare is a beneficial if not necessary first step in the fight for Universal healthcare and a Progressive future.


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