To A Republican

02 Jun

"Now juthst you lithsen up there Mithter

“Now juthst you lithsen up there Mithter

So it seems you have decided to believe the Republican spiel.

“We just want to restore your rights under the Constitution”

“Like the right to make everybody do what we say is right”

“We are not Racist”
“We want to help the poor”
“We want to improve the Economy” (despite spending the twelve years before Obama destroying it and further impoverishing the poor and Middle Class)
“We want to return America to her former glory”                                                         
“All we need do is cleanse ourselves of the poor, the black, and the liberals to become the Gawd’ Fearin’ Country we oncest’ wuz’.”
“Mari-hutchie is BAD. Gawd is Good. Foreplay is “Get in the truck Bitch” 
Really? Well I have chosen a different path.

I have chosen to seek out those who believe in people; not parties.

Jesus but not Christians

I prefer to align myself with those who are more concerned about helping the Poor and Middle Class of America than about killing the Poor and Middle Class of other nations.

Those who feel compassion for a soldier whose conscience won’t allow him to slaughter with ruthless abandon as a matter of foreign policy.

So in short; I find your politics and your attitude both repulsive and naïve; a strange combination of qualities; No?

But hey.

This is America; Right? Even Republicans have a right to have an opinion.

Not so long ago, I would have said that was obvious but the Republican Party has moved from Elitist to Racist; from Right-Wing to Right-Wingtip.

Never before have I been so morally and politically offended by the cold-blooded nature of the Republican Agenda.
Never before have I spent so much time listening to Republicans denying their Racism and their Elitism.
So many Republicans.

Because never before has there been such cause for the allegations of Racism and Elitism leveled constantly upon the body of the soon dead Party.

Much like one of the Right-Wing Extremists who wind up self destructing after a spree of killings and atrocities; the Republican party is in a downward spiral of self destruction all its own after adopting ever more selfish and damaging policies and attempting to carry them out; at the expense of the American people whom they have long ago stopped representing.

Will I be “Marginalized” by the “Cool” kids? Hmm. My opinions may seem rather far Left.
In truth I am not a fan of either Party.

My parties tend to be a bit more Bohemian in nature. yes we cannabis

But Republicans?

Just too ready to buy the “Party Line”.

Democrats; not able to decide on a cohesive agenda that works for all.

But with the Dems there is room for descent. A little “Wiggle Room” for various visions and models.

With the GOP?

NO room at all.

nazi vs republican

Devout adherence to the dictates of the 1%.

Seig Heil!








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One response to “To A Republican

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