Take A Break. No Politics This Time. This is for RumpyDog and Our Other Animal Friends Online.

01 Jun

I know. You thought the Old Angryman was a simple lunatic raving about political conspiracies and such, but NO!

Snapshot_20120203As it happens I am not such a simple lunatic after all. I am a far more complicated lunatic than you know.

For several years I (and my fellow animals who live with me) have been communicating with a Very Good Chap named RumpyDog. He is a fantastic Siberian Husky who lives down in Florida and blogs about animal rights and such. He puts out a lot of good info and if you love animals; this is your site.

Now about us; from the mind of 10 month old Pup.

Hey Folks, moose

My name is “Moose”.

I’m a 10 month old Pit-Bull puppy with a big head and a BIG heart.

I live here in Maryland with my Mom and Dad and my Grammy and Poppy.

Little Boy aka "Little" aka "Little Big Nose" aka "Big" aka "Fat Boy"

Little Boy aka “Little” aka “Little Big Nose” aka “Big” aka “Fat Boy”

I also live with two cats. “Mic” is a Bombay and his half brother “Little Boy” is a Gray Tabby with big green eyes.

I have a new green ball and I can’t seem to crush and shred it like I do with most toys.


Mick aka “Mic”

Mic has written before so you probably remember him. He was one of six cats. Now he’s one of two. Poppy had to let the four girls go to someone who could give them the Love they deserve to get because he just can’t keep up with so many cats at once.

Our human; who calls himself “Angryman”; has a real name; Mark; but I like to think of him as “Absent-Minded Man” because he often doesn’t feed the cats until 10 or 11 o’clock when he knoooows they like to eat as soon as his feet hit the floor and will wake him if he sleeps past about 8 o’clock. My Mom, Dad, and Grammy live hear too. I also have a new baby brother. he is only three months old and he is my baby too. My Mom says so. He’s a human too but I try not to hold it against him.

I figure he’s “”another set of hands to open the cans”. Yeah!

My Dad feeds me so Poppy doesn’t have to worry about me unless I want to play or need a hug and a kiss.

Literally; I like to stand up; put one paw on each of his shoulders and give him big sloppy kisses while he scratches my back. Don’t pass that around; Ok? I’m a little embarrassed that I love something so; Un-dog-ly.

Anyway. Keep your “Pimp Paw” strong Rump. I find pinning the cats under my paw is an effective way to keep them humble. They wiggle and twist and I just laugh. Fun; fun; fun.

But Hey! Watch it. These are my cats. Nobody else gets to mess with them.  I have a Big Love for these guys and they for me.

My New Ball

My New Ball



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One response to “Take A Break. No Politics This Time. This is for RumpyDog and Our Other Animal Friends Online.

  1. godtisx

    June 1, 2014 at 14:29

    ‘He’s a human too but I try not to hold it against him.” Lol…


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