Angryman A Racist? Whaaaaat?

16 May

No funny photos today. I can’t find a place for them

I guess you have noticed a common thread between the last three posts.  

I don’t want to depress anybody.                                                                  

I wanted to point out a condition that we live with everyday and I wanted to explore the question:

What constitutes Racism?

More succinctly; Is it Racist to dislike a particular Profession?

Do we; for example; give Teachers the same level of rights and respect that we do say; Black people or Gay people?….

….It is unacceptable and generally considered ungodly to attack someone because of their skin color or their sexual orientation.

Is it also not ok to criticize their skills or their personality; their intentions and moral character?

Who really can respect a Government Interrogator who tortures subjects to get information?

Do you need to ask each Government Interrogator if he has tortured or murdered any of your neighbors lately?

Of course not. As a Liberal or Progressive you will more than likely agree that “Government Interrogator” is a profession that you disapprove of and will find it difficult to conjure up any love for.

Me too.

Another one I just can’t get it up for is the job of “Cop”.

I can’t take part or approve of such things as awards for cops who do a good deed by saving someone’s life.

I don’t get how we have come to a point where Cops are given awards by the President for doing their job.

We want Police to be there to stop violent crime; save the lives of children etc.

This is what we pay them for.

Then; because our governments are staffed by a large number of Conservatives in Key positions just below the elected positions, we allow the Police to get out of control, be abusive, and to stick their noses into our private lives so that when they actually do their job as they are supposed to; we feel they need to be specially recognized for it.

And that would be proper if they were not otherwise involved in crimes against the very people they have “sworn” to protect.

The Cop who was given an award for his good deeds yesterday could very well be the same Cop who beats or murders your neighbor tomorrow; or you if the circumstances are convenient. I could go on and on but I won’t.

I will just ask one question.

What is it we are Awarding these Cops for?

Perhaps we are awarding them for not beating and murdering the victim instead of saving them.

I have recently been chastised by someone I thought of as a friend and a Brother because I said these things about Cops.

I didn’t get it when he lashed me and I don’t get it now. (Though I must admit to being a bit of a smart-ass when I commented)

He said disliking all Cops was the same as Racism.

I’m not angry at my Brother though. I love him and respect him and if he would rather go on without my friendship; well; I don’t know what to say to him.

But a Racist? Me? Hmmm. I’m not angry. (Ok; maybe a little miffed but no big deal. We all react to things and sometimes we make questionable choices.)

However I disagree with his characterization of “The Angryman” as a Racist.


People can’t help or choose their race and race doesn’t make a person be any particular type of person; good or bad. We are born white or black or whatever.

Gay people don’t choose to be Gay and being born Gay doesn’t make one a good or bad person.

Women are born Women and being a Woman doesn’t make one god or bad etc.

Of course it is wrong to hate or mistreat or dislike someone because of the born nature of their being.

Cops however are not born cops.

They choose to be Cops.

Just like a Republican chooses to be a Republican; a member of the KKK chooses to be a member of the KKK.

These are choices we make.

We choose to be a good person or we choose to be a member of the KKK or be a Cop.

I don’t like people who choose to be killers.

I don’t like people who choose to be thieves.

I don’t like people who choose to be Republican.

I don’t like people who chose to be Racist,

and I don ‘t like people who choose to be Cops.

They all choose their own course and it is they who must bear the blame for their choices and actions.

I Love Barack Obama. He is “My President”.

When he was elected I knew he was the right choice but I never said I would automatically approve of everything he did.

Most things but not everything.

Not Awards for Cops. Not in America.

Can’t we all get on board with “Toys for Tots” or something real?

Really? Cops?


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7 responses to “Angryman A Racist? Whaaaaat?

  1. Valentine Logar

    May 16, 2014 at 21:42

    I think though choosing to be a member of law enforcement doesn’t automatically make you a bad person. There were cops that were first responders, in many situations. The cops who saved my life, were good men and continue to be. Not all cops are bad, not all are dirty and the ones who are, they create a bad name for all of them. The ones who are should be prosecuted, should be removed. To paint all cops, especially those who want to serve, who want to protect who want to make their communities better with same brush as those who are bad, it is just like seeing all women or all blacks or all hispanics as only one thing.

    Awarding a member of a community, whether a cop, or a soldier for going above and beyond their duty, it isn’t a bad thing it is a good thing.

    That is just my thought. I don’t mean to offend you.

    • angrymanspeaks

      May 16, 2014 at 23:54

      No problem Val. I respect your right to have an opinion whether or not you agree with me. I understand what you said and I think I hear that from more people than not. I don’t believe that there is a good or a clean cop in America. Not because all cops are evil and out to oppress and kill. Because they are trained to do and ordered to do things that are wrong and enforce laws that are wrong. I don’t think every cop begins his career with a bad motive. Time in changes a person though and as I say; the hero today may be the villain tomorrow. It is quite a conundrum. We need Police to protect us but their power allows them to control us. I don’t like Fascism and Cops seem to be moving further and further in that direction. I can’t say that there are no good cops left. I can say that there certainly are not enough of them for me to ever trust one. I have taught my children not to trust them and never to call them unless they are in real life danger. The neighbors can tear the walls down and I won’t call. the kids can break my window and I won’t call etc. Only if I think I am in danger of being killed or if I think someone else in in danger; especially a child will I call. Not for a burglary or a vandalism. I can’t see Cops as protectors. I wish I could but I don’t trust them to save me. Even as I made that last ditch call for their help I would be thinking; “Yeah, Fat Chance”. I am glad you were saved by a cop who was doing his job of protecting people. I know he isn’t the only one but I can’t allow myself to become a booster for the little bit of good lest I fail to spotlight the overwhelming bad. I’ve seen too much and we have all heard enough to at least make us wonder. I just don’t wonder. I’ll shut up now.

      On Fri, May 16, 2014 at 9:42 PM, angrymanspeaks wrote:


  2. List of X

    May 17, 2014 at 02:55

    I agree with Val. I think we should still give awards to the cops for saving someone’s life, stop a crime. Otherwise, how else would they know which part of their job they are really supposed to do? 🙂

    • angrymanspeaks

      May 17, 2014 at 07:52

      Noted. Thanks for your input. I realize that many people will agree with you.

      I have in the past noted that even the most outspoken against injustice still seem hesitant when it comes to the Police.

      I don’t really get it; I admit. All of my experience says NO. Sorry that I can’t jump on this particular bandwagon.

      I hope that placing their trust in the Police; counting on them to protect them doesn’t end in tragedy for you or any of my friends.

      I hope that not trusting them doesn’t end in tragedy for me.

      You understand; I don’t hate the people; I hate what they do and the use they are put to. The position.

      After 55 years; I have seen too much to change I guess.

      I’ll even admit that I have been moved; in the past; to consider whether my feelings about “The Police” are not just a bit immature.

      In the end; I can’t shake it. I can’t hang on to admiration or respect for people who I know stomp on the rights of Americans everyday.

      I can’t bring myself to respect those who have never had a civil word for me. Smart-assed snide remarks; jokes about my hair; my jewelry; my political opinions. They have broken in my door; sexually assaulted my daughter while I was right in the next room in cuffs. Twisted and broke my wrist when I insisted on seeing a search warrant and verbally humiliated my whole family. They have cuffed me; arrested me jailed me and hit me; and for what?

      I; on the other hand have never been involved in a crime. I have never beaten; killed; stolen from; injured or in any way harmed another person to my knowledge. I don’t drink so never have been stopped for that.

      And Yet.

      No; sorry. Have to agree to disagree. Oh yeah. you probably wonder why all the police contact (or not)

      I smoke Marijuana. Don’t sell it. Don’t grow it. Don’t need to rob anyone for drug money. LOL Just smoke it. 37 years now. Just an old hippie from the seventies. I believe in Peace; Love; and living to let live. Minding my business and expecting others (cops included you see) to mind theirs.

      Oh well. I really didn’t intend to beat this subject to death. It has little effect on my life.

      Other people avoid criminals. I avoid Cops. I know some criminals I trust with my life.

      Cops? Not so much.

      It is; I think; a personal choice and my life is generally not in conflict with the law; as I say.

      Maryland just decriminalized “Weed” so even that shouldn’t cause me to run in with the Cops.

      Now if I can just stop myself from speaking up for those being oppressed by them; I might make it to the grave without some Cowboy “poppin’ a cap in my dome” LOL

      On Sat, May 17, 2014 at 2:55 AM, angrymanspeaks wrote:


  3. jezebel82

    June 2, 2014 at 14:42

    Cops really don’t provide the services they are supposed to. Instead solving murders, they harass people with busted tail lights and roaches in their ashtray. The few times I have felt I was in danger and have called the cops, guess what, they were nowhere to be found. I don’t want to hear about cops being rewarded for the services they provide. To me, eating donuts and making people’s lives more difficult is not a reputable service. We are in complete agreement on this issue.

    • angrymanspeaks

      June 2, 2014 at 18:10

      Thank You; Thank You. I knew I couldn’t be the only one who feels this way.

      On Mon, Jun 2, 2014 at 2:42 PM, angrymanspeaks wrote:


  4. eideard

    June 3, 2014 at 12:34

    While I’ve known a couple of cops who chose the career from an honest desire to fill traditional standards – I easily know as many or more who look upon the job as akin to leaning on a shovel for a county highway department – or worse.

    Now, aside, one of my neighbors has a great career in my own county’s highway department and I witness the changes he’s brought to every department he’s been associated with. He’d also be the first to acknowledge he had to wait for a couple of political hacks to retire to advance on his merits.

    Back to coppers – I still will never forget an electrician I worked with in the engineering dept of a major teaching hospital – who told me he was leaving to join the local police dept. I asked him why? He said he could make a decent living, great benefits – and all the free drugs he could ever wish for.


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