“A Nonpartisan Day Of Unity”

02 May

“a nonpartisan day of unity”

shaking hands red and blue

Kum-ba-ya my Lord; Kum-ba-ya!

What a concept.

I think the days of Non-partisanship have gone the way of the 50 cent cigar and Penny-Candy.

They ended when the difference between the parties stopped being about how to cut the pie and started being about whether to cut the pie at all.

When the Republican Leadership stopped pretending to think of us as more than a source of replaceable parts for the Corporate Grist-Mill……Again.

But it really ended long before that for most Americans……….

………It ended when “The Government” decided to hire “Darth-Vader” and cop kicking womanhis Storm-troopers as policemen for the whole country and give them the right to kill at will.

When they said they wanted to make moral decisions for us.

When they went from protecting a free people to controlling a nation of we want beerblind sheep; so; pretty much from the jump.

Let’s face it. Non-Partisan. Bi-Partisan. These are just words. They are the currency of the wealthy. Even wealthy Progressives sometimes miss the point; though I attach no blame to them for this.

It isn’t hard to miss. It isn’t easy to see but the truth is that there has never been and will never be any sense or mood of Bi- or Non-Partisanship from the ground level American people.

There can be a false appearance of it between Republicans and wealthier; more powerful Democrats but these are mostly very moderate Democrats circuswho work in the field of politics and propaganda. It makes a good show for; well for someone.  But it is just a show.

If there ever was a chance of Republicans working (don’t let me get started on the absurdity of that possibility. Republicans don’t work. They invest.) with any more progressive party; that chance is gone.

What we are now involved in is a life and death struggle for the hearts and minds of the American People. A battle that means the difference between the road to Fascism (The Republican Road), and the road to a chance; a mere possibility; but at least a chance of a “Free Country”.

That is; after all; the goal to which the writers of the Constitution claimed to have aspired and the goal we should also seek.

Here is the thing. We know they didn’t think we would get it. We know that

Freedom of What? Constitution?  Huh?

Freedom of What?
Constitution? Huh?

just in case we did get it; they wrote many obstacles and obscurities in to the document to make it difficult for the common man to effect change. But because they did such a great job weaving the cloth; we discovered that the cloth could be used to our will and to achieve more instead of less freedom.

This is why the Republicans are forever seeking to deny us our God/Nature given rights. They seek the most narrow interpretation of the Constitution to prevent us; the common people; from achieving the most benefit from our Constitution.

Work with Republicans? Compromise like the “good ol’ boys did in the good ol’ days down-chonder”

good ol boysFuck that. All compromise gets us is the status-quo. If we want the status-quo; we may as well stay home.

Change is what we need. And end to poverty; racism; hunger; hatred; or at least an environment where they are not tolerated.

Today we live in a country where these things are encouraged. Encouraged by the Republicans who seek to divide us by Race; Religion; and Economic Class.

Who seek to control us so they can continue their evil machinations designed to enslave all of the 99%; even those stupid enough to work for those same Republicans.

We are also encouraged to get along; and we should but not with those whose very life philosophy guarantees our destruction as a “Free” nation.

Don’t be deceived. The Republicans and all of their minions don’t want you to have a decent living wage; health care; retirement with dignity; orDetail tick - parasite on leather peace of mind.

They don’t really want you to have life at all if they can convince you to go abroad and die in the fight to make the world free for “Capitalist Parasitism”



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3 responses to ““A Nonpartisan Day Of Unity”

  1. Jueseppi B.

    May 2, 2014 at 20:42

    Reblogged this on The ObamaCrat™.

  2. Valentine Logar

    May 3, 2014 at 08:08

    I think we, that is those of us of a certain age, lost our opportunity to make the change we dreamed of. Now, it is up to the next generations to kick our asses to the curb.

    • angrymanspeaks

      May 3, 2014 at 12:22

      Indeed. I like to encourage young people to care but it is a difficult argument to gain any traction with.


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