Where Did All These Conservative/Authoritarian Rat Bastards Come From?

30 Apr

Voyage-to-VirginiaWhen people began to move to America from Europe; we are taught that they made that move, to worship as they chose. We are taught that they were seeking to be free of the old Catholic religion. We are taught that they were Progressive thinkers.


This may be true of a very few but the real reasons they came here are as varied and yet similar as it is possible to be and …………………

…………………………America was the first land in forever to be completely free of the influence of one great civilization or another.

The Native American culture can be ignored because it was by these Europeans. (Odd; I feel guilt when I say that. No-one should ever be ignored)open space

To Europe, America seemed the first truly free land they had ever heard of. Millions and millions of acres of untouched wilderness and not a Magistrate or Judge to be found if you were careful.

open space with horseEurope was an overcrowded mess. No land to be had. Poverty and starvation rampant.

Most of the citizens had a wish to be free of something.

Not to put too fine a point on it but I’m willing to bet that most of them were far more worried about their bellies and their necks than they were about how they were going to worship a god that had done precious little to help them so far.

Such matters were always left to the wealthy class; the intellectuals. They were the only ones with the time to consider such things. Everyone else was too busy just keeping body and soul together.

Remember also that some; Marylanders for example; came here for the freedom  to  practice that old Catholic religion. And some came here to help the King keep the new colonies under his Regal thumb.

 Progressives-Conservatives? Freedom of religion? Freedom. Freedom. Freedom.

Of course as is true always; the largest part of these immigrants were poor and uneducated. Superstitious in many cases. Easily deceived by a well turned phrase or a well-defined cause.

So; we have established:

That Americans were a mixed bag of classes and educational levels.

That not just one reason; there were many reasons for coming to America.

That while some were looking for Freedom to worship; they were usually wealthy and others were seeking the Freedom to grow crops; own land; pay no taxes; save the heathen for The Lord; make liquor; save the heathen from The Lord; live off the land; worship Satan; have sex with their sheep.

Who knows why they each decided to come here. Some were to come here as convicts, indentured servants, or slaves.

Who sought Freedom with more cause than they, and who else came here to lose their Freedom and not gain it?

Many of the “Founding Fathers” were heavily involved in smuggling to avoid British taxes and restrictions. Many owned slaves though most claimed to hate the institution even while they continued the tradition.smugglers

Their interest in Independence was largely motivated by greed.

As it was, they only convinced about a third of the colonists to support the Revolution. What would their numbers have looked like if they told the public they were only interested in their own wealth and power and not the lofty political ideals they touted about town.

Their own political agenda was somewhat different from the one we would have heard of.

Though they wanted to be free of Britain’s King, they didn’t really want to relinquish power into the hands of the rabble. conservative_by_titanicfan1000-d598d0qIt was even suggested that George (our George) Washington be crowned King of America.

We tend to think of these guys a forward thinkers; seekers of freedom. In truth the only real freedom they sought was the freedom to keep the power of the King without the person of the King. They were; in a word; “Conservatives”

The problem was that they were; by choice; so few. Probably about 1% of the population though I admit I didn’t check that percentage.

This made it imperative that they enlist the support of as many of the colonists as possible without revealing the great benefit they would receive and by focusing on the benefits both real and imagined that they promised the people for their coöperation.

Our Constitution; rather than a sweeping document of political change, was originally conceived as a bone for the voting republicanmasses.

A cover for the real machinations of the people with the real power. Designed to control, not free the people.

These “Founding Fathers” failed to consider the possibility that the common people would take it so seriously because even then most folks found politics just plain boring and confusing.

Once the Constitution was understood by advocates of the people, there was an ever so slight shift in the power balance.

The problem now became that the very well-written document the “Founders” were so proud of was coming back to bite them in their big fat “Conservative” Asses.

Who would have thunk’ it? The average American actually expecting to be protected by the Constitution.

Expecting their government to come through on the promises the document made.

But they even had a plan for this possibility.

To the average farmer; Freedom of speech was a big deal.

freedom of speechOnly the “Founders” knew that Freedom of Speech is of limited value without political power.

The “Founders”; the few; had both while the common people were left with only one.

Political power was denied to the people; though a clever subterfuge was put in place so that the people would believe they had the power whereby the people are welcome to choose a President as long as the “Founders” approve of their choice or are willing to at least let it pass.

If “The Founders” disapprove with enough vigor; they can contradict the voters choice by use of the “Electoral College”; that very secretive group of appointed voters whose vote can countermand the choice of the people and who are supposed to be above coercion.

Have you ever met anyone above coercion? In the Political Arena?

You’re damn Skippy you haven’t and I’ll tell you who else you haven’t met.

An Elector.

I say it’s Bullshit. I say they can be coerced; bought; convinced or otherwise forced to vote as “The Founders” wish them to.

I say the only incorruptible voice in this country is the vote of the people and it is the only one that should ever elect anyone to any office.we hold flag




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3 responses to “Where Did All These Conservative/Authoritarian Rat Bastards Come From?

  1. Jueseppi B.

    April 30, 2014 at 14:41

    Reblogged this on The ObamaCrat™.

  2. godtisx

    April 30, 2014 at 15:17

    Great point with use of a powerful illustration. *Very* interesting read…

  3. Valentine Logar

    April 30, 2014 at 16:14

    Yes indeed.


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