Reid Cherlin; American Zero!

16 Apr


I spent 13 years as a Circulation Supervisor for a large public library system

State of the Art Catalogue

State of the Art Catalogue

. Procedures; properly performed protect both the Library and the patrons from paying for damages and late fees when they are not owed or are owed by someone else.

They assign blame where warranted and prevent false assignation of blame.

How we do something is just as important as getting it done. I have firedlibrary 2 outright; new staff members who refused to follow a procedure, (Back-dating the morning items returned overnight) designed to prevent patrons who returned those items from paying an extra .20 in late fees. This as a courtesy to our patrons; to over-rule their automatically being charged when the computer switches date at 9pm.

How we accomplish our work is critical to assure efficient handling of our responsibilities to our patrons.

Public Service. Some should work in the field and some should not.

Having said this; I would like to briefly discuss the attitude and the self-centeredness of a writer who seeks to propel himself into the limelight by yeowling’ and scratching at a former employer; whose style he didn’t like.

reid cherlin 2Reid Cherlin; a former staff member of Michelle Obama, who has written a book about his apparent inability to get his way and forward his personal agenda while working for the First Lady of the United States.

I will admit that I won’t be reading Mr. Cherlin’s book. I have heard it discussed and I have watched an interview with the author; who has explained his complaints quite clearly.

Essentially he wasn’t getting petted enough.

According to Reid, it is difficult to get face-time with Mrs. Obama. WHAH!!

In her style of managing an office; in a situation where she has a brief 4 to 8 years to accomplish as much as possible to increase public approval and love for the administration; while also accomplishing the goals that the President and First Lady have set forth for this office; Reid wasn’t getting enough attention.

In Michelle Obama’s management style; staff are expected to find things for the First Lady to<> on January 19, 2013 in Washington, DC. embrace, attack, or otherwise try to effect change in. Face-time is awarded for excellent work and to further the agenda, not because you feel like chatting about how bitter you are that you can’t seem to get your way.

This is not to say that all of the motives of Michelle Obama are political.

Certainly, her love and concern for the people are clearly evident in the things she espouses and works to achieve.

Her goals are in harmony with the policies of her husband and his administration and political popularity is what comes as a natural result of doing good for the people.

 Michelle Obama’s style is a recognized style of management; especially needed and best used in situations where time is so limited as with the First Lady of the United States.

They are expected to keep meticulous itineraries; and be sure that she has everything she requires to do the delicate job that she does.

If she had to do all of this for herself, she would have no time for achieving her goals. This is the reason that people like Michelle Obama; people whose time is valuable because of it’s limited quantity; hire people like Reid Cherlin. To do the grunt work and to do it meticulously, perhaps even anonymously. Not to become her best chum and right-hand man with unlimited access to her person.

cap pigThe position is; as I say; not for everyone. Some folks need to jump right in and charge the throne. They are not satisfied to, or capable of, restraining their own ego in furtherance of the common good, anymore than those Fat-Cat Republicans who believe they deserve the credit for their corporate success.

People like these are a bit too impatient and self-centered to be taken seriously as someone who seeks the advantage for those who cannot seek it for themselves. Their own aggrandizement is what they seek under the banner of public service.

Reid Cherlin seems to be such a one. Not such a big deal if his employer is a broom maker in Chachalucia, Texas.

As a key staff member of the First Lady? Big Deal!

Taking such a job to begin with; knowing the nature of the position? Big deal.

Quitting in a snit in the middle of the term? Big deal.

Writing a book of bitches about the things you don’t like about the job and treating it as anything other than a back-biting, whiny, cry-baby, bitch-fit? BIG DEAL.

Using the defamation of the character of such a well-loved public figure; to make money and get on TV? REPUGNANT

I haven’t read Reid Cherlin’s other work either. I considered it but chose to wait until after this reid slummingpiece lest I allow my thoughts to be tainted because I happen to agree with his politics; or at least his claimed politics.

I am not sure that such a person can be trusted to tell the truth about what he believes or even necessarily to believe anything at all.

I certainly wouldn’t want him at my back when the shit hits the fan. No, I think I’ll keep him where I can see him; clearly.

Safer I suspect.










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One response to “Reid Cherlin; American Zero!

  1. Valentine Logar

    April 16, 2014 at 18:46

    Not going to put money into the pocket of a bitch.


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