Oh! You Have Racism? I’ll Make It All Better. Just…

29 Jul

inmate slaveThis began as a comment; in reply to a comment but I have decided to post it because it seems relevant and it’s just good to see Steve’s name in lights again isn’t it?

A reader said that Barack Obama was expressing his own experience of racism and Steve said:……………..



July 29, 2013 at 12:41

Seriously? You think THIS guy has any idea what it’s like to be a “black guy” in America?When would that experience happened? While roughing it in the boarding school in Hawaii? Maybe while slumming it at Harvard or Columbia. Bet there’s alot of confrontation there. Funny! He’s only half black first off, the other half is WHITE. Fact is he has divided this country MORE along racial lines than any other President in history. Just how alive is racism really in this country if a “black” man gets elected President? It isn’t perfect but it certainly is better. Blacks bring an awful lot of the problems they have upon themselves. When will they as a group start to take responsibility for themselves and fix some of their own problems? How about we start with fixing the basic family union. I think that would be a good start. In order to fix a problem you first need to address what that problem is instead of always blaming in on somebody or something else but then that’s kind of your guys MO. Blame things on somebody else and it starts right up there at the top, HMMMN?

So I felt compelled to reply:

Shit Man; where do I start? Oddly; even while going to Harvard where the level of racism is probably very low; The President was still Black and still had to deal with the rest of the world around him. Also I seriously doubt that a good education should make you forget the rest of your life experience and that of many of the people you know. Harvard isn’t in a bubble. Hawaii isn’t beyond the reach of racism.

Half-black? Now it’s, “He’s only half black.” Really? Only half Black? Because:

Who is Black? One Nation’s Definition by F. James Davis  F. James Davis is a retired professor of sociology at Illinois State University. He is the author of numerous books, including Who is Black? One Nation’s Definition (1991), from which this excerpt was taken.  Reprinted with permission of Penn State University Press

“”The One-Drop Rule Defined To be considered black in the United States not even half of one’s ancestry must be African black. But will one-fourth do, or one-eighth, or less? The nation’s answer to the question ‘Who is black?” has long been that a black is any person with any known African black ancestry. This definition reflects the long experience with slavery and later with Jim Crow segregation. In the South it became known as the “one-drop rule,” meaning that a single drop of “black blood” makes a person a black. It is also known as the “one black ancestor rule,” some courts have called it the “traceable amount rule,” and anthropologists call it the “hypo-descent rule,” meaning that racially mixed persons are assigned the status of the subordinate group. This definition emerged from the American South to become the nation’s definition, generally accepted by whites and blacks.””

So I think it is safe to say that Barack Obama looks black enough to be treated as a black and not white person by any self-respecting racist (talk about an oxy-moron) he would be ;likely to meet.

Now: Which branch of the Fucking tree did you fall out of? You actually believe that America was a former slave nation; racist and discriminatory for centuries which; although it had to be dragged kicking and screaming into the twentieth century and force-fed desegregation, civil rights, and voters rights (which they have done away with as soon as a bad excuse presented itself) suddenly changed its colors in a revelation of religious inspiration and began to purge racism from its heart? Then the rapidly healing nation (after fifty (50) years); finally elects a black man as President and that causes a horrific racial rift? Bull Fucking Shit Steve. Try this instead. In the 60s racists were forced to retreat into the shadows because of a nation’s outrage at the sheer volume of cruelty and murder being perpetrated against black people. A nation; Already incensed by the disgraceful behavior of our government and it’s military in Viet-Nam; the American people; made clear that such behavior here or abroad was not the way Americans wanted America to behave or to be perceived. After fifty years; representatives of the Racist-Right; saw an opportunity  to undo what it considered damage to their cause by denying the right to vote to millions of poor and black and brown Americans. Because these racists are Supreme Court Justices; it will be another very difficult battle to return that right to all Americans. When we elected a Black president; it didn’t cause a racial rift. It cause fear among the racists waiting for their chance to strike back. They will continue to do anything to prevent real progress. For all the years since 1965, they have done their damnedest to assure as little progress for Black people as they could. They have enacted laws that discriminate indirectly. They have made help complicated and difficult to get and maintain; they have assured that the help given is just enough to keep them on assistance but never enough to get away from it. Like cutting cactus for water. If you cut all day; you can get enough water to allow you to sit and cut all day tomorrow to get enough water to…

In a thousand other ways, Black people have been frustrated in all their attempts to progress. a comparative few of course have made enough progress to create the illusion that all can succeed if they just try harder. The same story they have fed the rest of the American people since the get-go. In fact; Blacks have been segregated; disenfranchised and alienated from society. They have been allowed to attend in principle but discouragedinmate labor' by behavior. They have been legally allowed to be part of the process but practically cold-shouldered out of the action and decision-making process. They are discouraged from acting “White”; made fun of for acting “Black”; pressured to assimilate; forced not to assimilate; and the subject of the biggest scam in history.

Black people did not bring racism on themselves. They did not bring centuries of slavery; torture; and degradation on themselves. They did not ask to be made second class citizens in the home of their former enslavers. Black people didn’t do anything to deserve or justify what was done to them and they have done nothing but react as anyone would; as you or I would; if we were treated as they have been. There has been a lot of friction between the races since emancipation. Caused by the divisive actions of White racists who control the economy and the commerce of our nation.

Should black people take more responsibility for their plight and do something more to improve their lot. Hell yes. So should we all. But aside from the obstacles placed in their way by the society; there is the problem of hundreds of years of demoralization and humiliation and obvious distaste they have been subjected to in order to ensure that they failed to become a part of the only home they have ever known. Slavery comes in all flavors and forms. It goes on today as surely as it did in 1860. If you deny what I am saying here today Steve; I fear you are self-deluding as the Masters wish you to. You know; you don’t have to like Black people; or love them. You don’t have to date them; marry them; invite them into your home for dinner or think they look pretty in pink. You can feel any way you wish to and still be a good American. Truly. We; Americans; don’t ask you to change your personal likes or dislikes or preferences. You can keep them; hide them; advertise them and live by them in your personal existence and still be called a good American. What you can’t do is allow your personal likes; dislikes; and preferences to affect the way you assign rights and privileges in society. You may not use your personal likes to infringe on the rights of all other Americans to do the same that you do. Not and be a good American. A good American believes in freedom for all people; not just whites and not just Americans. Real Americans will not allow themselves to be deceived into believing lies that allow a small power group to control us all. They will nor believe unreasonable stories that turn the responsibility for people’s mistreatment back upon themselves. Stories that would ask you to believe that there is something g wrong or lacking in some people or groups or races of people that makes them lazy or unwilling to join the team.

You don’t have to like anyone you don’t want to. I find most people are pretty much the same. The ones who aren’t; stand out and tend to be the original stereotype so-to-speak. We assign the faults of one person to his entire family or race or team or group.

It is a very limiting way to approach life and people and denies one the choice of seeing the truth about people.

Don’t see the racism all around you; everyday?

Open your eyes. You’re sleeping.

What you say about Black people taking responsibility for their own problems would be Ok if they were starting at the same level as everyone else. They are not. It would be Ok if we really lived in fairyland you live in where racism is a thing of the past but here? How does a man be or feel like a good father when he is frustrated and unable to get out of the spiritual morass he has been driven into all his life. It isn’t fair to say they should just pull themselves up by their bootstraps. That’s just the White way to deny responsibility for what they have done to an entire race of people. To deny this is to suggest that there is something inherently wrong with the Black race. Really? Now that; THAT; is pure scientific racism. What a true racist believer believes.

I’d think about it a bit more Steve.


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  1. Jueseppi B.

    July 29, 2013 at 18:54

    Reblogged this on The ObamaCrat.Com™ and commented:
    Who the hell is this dumbass “Steve”…I’d love a face to face with this racist dipshit muthafucka.

    I’ll bet you Lyin UnFitt Mitt’s $10 K, he would shit his pants like Ted Nugent if locked in a room with me.

    • Steve

      July 30, 2013 at 18:59

      still calling those that think differently than you racist? you the guy that supports a guy for no other reason other than his skin is the same color as yours and I’m the racist? that’s funny Juesippi, really. Typical lib too, always willing to resort to violence when you can’t defend your position with rational thought. You’re amazing, you can even spell in ebonics, quite classy!

      • Caleb Gee

        June 15, 2014 at 18:10

        Oh look, it’s the “reverse racism” card. Considering how white America has voted for white candidates for almost 250 years to the exclusion of everyone else for the simple fact that they are white, you don’t have a leg to stand on.

    • Steve

      July 30, 2013 at 19:53

      Juesseppi- I just left this blog after responding to your reply and finding myself quite troubled as I realized I insulted you deliberately by my comments. One of the things I truly love about Angryman’s blog site is the free exchange of thoughts and ideas even though I usually vehemently disagree with him on every issue I still cherish the privledge of discussion. Believe it or not, I even enjoy your points of view even though I always disagree with you, so far anyways. I just want you to know that I am truly sorry for my comments about you personally and ask you for your forgiveness. I realize your comments are no less important to you than mine are to me. Somewhere and sometime in the world hopefully we can all show a little kindness and understanding to each other and maybe even begin to understand why certain people feel the way they do about certain issues without personally assaulting each other just because we think differently. That is what I did to you and for that I truly am sorry and ask for your forgiveness. Steve

      • Jueseppi B.

        July 30, 2013 at 20:19

        You are not capable of insulting me Steve. You’d have to mean something to me in order for you to be able to insult me.

        What is acceptable on my good friend, angrymanspeaks blog, ain’t acceptable here on my blog.

        The only thing you did accomplish by your ignorant words, were to expose your stupidity.

        Have a very wonderful week, Steve.

  2. IdealisticRebel

    July 29, 2013 at 19:22

    there is nothing I can say to compete with Jueseppi’s comment. LOL. Peace and hugs, Barbara

  3. godtisx

    July 30, 2013 at 00:04

    Between you and Jueseppi B. I think you guys have got this. Geez, what an idiot. But further than that a slave to FOX. They really run every type of stereotype alive and this guy (Steve) doesn’t sound like he’s interested in getting educated (really) about his world.

    Lotta those….SMH

    • Steve

      July 30, 2013 at 13:57

      godtisx- Thank you for responding. I understand that you think I’m probably an idiot. You certainly are entitled to your opinion. I can see by your picture that you are a young black woman, correct? please allow me to ask you a couple questions and you can answer if you so choose. According to your own life experiences…I assume you have friends and neighbors who are black? Any of them gotten an education, a job, married and raised a family, in that order? Of them, how many are living in abject poverty and waiting on their government check and food stamp packet? Compare that to the ones that have 5 kids that all live with their grandmother, sleep till noon and run with all their ‘boys’. Be honest. You don’t see a pattern here? Freedom means having a choice. Even if you’re black you have a choice. I agree it isn’t easy, downright impossible maybe, but it CAN be done if you so choose, can’t it? My grandfather, who quit school in 4th grade and worked a farm everyday of his life up until he had a stroke and got a job in a feed mill loading wagons until he died told me “if it was easy, everybody would be doing it”. My point is, life isn’t easy! It isn’t easy for me and it isn’t easy for you either, it just is what it is. Sitting around complaining that life isn’t fair doesn’t help you in the least. It only hardens your heart and makes life even tougher. Do the best you can with what God gave you. That’s all anybody can ask of you.

      • godtisx

        July 30, 2013 at 14:31


        It’s obvious you are very unexposed to black people in general and are of this view that most of us are lazy (particularly the men). I won’t respond to you again because your eyes are closed, and you don’t want to see, sitting in your comfortable little square of the world.

        And I know how this can happen, if you use the media and perhaps your immediate surrounding as information for the whole wide world you will think the earth is flat. Go on. I doubt you will change your answer or ideas on til the day you die.

        Lol. But you really hit the wrong one because all the men in my family are married. Read again, married (and have JOBS or businesses).

        And I’m speaking of cousins, brothers, my dad, even great grands when they were alive, further those I do know ‘living in abject poverty,’ still don’t fit your box.

        I’m not going to give you details b/c it’s their private life and honestly you’re not going to believe any of it anyway because it will severely shake up your myopic view of the black people, which you are holding to for breath. To you, Barack and Michelle are probably an anomaly and most likely you think black people aren’t “really,” that.

        Thanks for sharing the history of your granddad (not you) but from the way you laid that out and your questions, then insight, you actually think there are other people who haven’t worked as hard as him. Condescending much? Assuming much. Definitely, with your entire blurb. Am I shocked, no because there are tons of you feeding off Fox news as truth seed. I have quite a few stories that would rival that, but once again, it will get into hardship olympics b/c why? You’re not using your eyes.

        Have a good slumber.

        “What about the pill?” Look beyond your pond.

      • Steve

        July 30, 2013 at 18:52

        godtisx- I know my view is myopic as i am not black which is why I asked you the question I did. I also noticed you didn’t answer it. So apparently most of those in your immediate family are successful? Did they get that way because they were willing to work hard to succeed or because the government did it for them? My guess is they educated themselves and worked hard. My point was that it can be done if you want it to not sitting around feeling sorry for yourself and complaining that life is unfair. Life IS unfair and especially to blacks. I’m not denying it. I’m just saying there ARE opportunities out there but you still have to be willing to make your own too instead of waiting for somebody else to do it for you. The point about my grandfather was that even with a 4th grade education he made it and ALL his children accomplished more than him. I suspect the same is true in your own family because not quit or be kicked down even though the deck was stacked against him. I can tell by your reply that YOU are proud of that and you should be. That is very commendable. Why should you expect less from anyone else? your family has established a tradition of success. What is wrong with that?

      • Caleb Gee

        June 15, 2014 at 18:23

        You just made so many statements that are in line with the ku klux klan and other white supremacist groups in that comment that there’s no point for anyone to try to have an intelligent conversation with you.
        You just asked her a bunch of questions which you already predetermined the answers to and you wouldn’t even believe her answers if she told you anything other than what you want to hear.
        In fact you made so many judgements about her based on her picture alone, which is in essence exactly what makes you a racist/ white supremacist.
        You are your kin have some serious psychological issues which cause you to always spout the most racist stereotypes about ppl you don’t know and yet you cannot come to terms with the fact that you are a racist.
        You cannot change without admitting you have a problem in the first place, sort of like an alcoholic. You need to come to terms with your white supremacy-complex and admit that is what you are, then maybe you can try to change.
        But I’m not holding out too much hope for you.

  4. angrymanspeaks

    July 30, 2013 at 00:04

    Steve; you know what they say.
    “Meddle not in the affairs of Dragons; for you are crunchy and good with ketchup.”

  5. Steve

    July 30, 2013 at 13:38

    Wow, where do I start? first off let me state that I really don’t care if you try to paint me a racist, I know who I am and what I believe. For lack of space and this format in a blog space I must be brief with my response. Blacks have been “free” in this society for going on 200 years. No one that is alive today has been or ever was a slave in the sense of being forced to work by “massa’. All they’ve seemed to accomplish is exchange one ‘massa’ for another. how much more of a slave can one person be than to be indebted and reliant to some other entity for your very existence? A vast majority of blacks in this country are completely reliant on one government program after another for food, shelter, clothing, education, etc. that’s not enslavement? just who is it that wants to keep them that way? Me? No, it’s you guys with your endless programs and legislation to make things ‘equal’. Guess what? All the money and all the programs in the world aren’t going to set you free, only you can do that, not the government. I wholeheartedly disagree with most of your points because I think it’s BS. Blacks have been given so many opportunities that other Americans don’t get it isn’t even funny. Where are the results of your benevolence? It isn’t a money thing. If it was Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society would be a thing of the past. We’ve spent trillions of dollars trying to make things equal. Where are the results? At some point in time blacks need to accept responsibilty for their actions and stop listening to the likes of Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and yes Barak Obama that constantly spout their own brand of racism that blacks are too stupid to better themselves without all these government programs and that rich daddy white man is the reason for all their troubles. BULL!! It isn’t white people making young black girls have five and six children out of wedlock with their baby daddies, it isn’t white people making young black men father six and seven children and then run out on their responsibility to raise them, it isn’t white people going into their neighborhoods to rob them and shoot them, it isn’t white people committing all the crimes against society and filling up the prisons, it isn’t the white people running the governments in all the big cities where most of the blacks live, it isn’t the white people keeping the inner city schools dysfunctional because the labor unions refuse to allow school choice, it isn’t white people that join the gangs that go around shooting each other all the time in the big cities, it isn’t white people that spray paint all over somebody else’s property and throw their trash and garbage all over the streets making their own neighborhoods unlivable. And it certainly wasn’t right wing racists that were against voting rights back in the 60’s, it was your fellow Democrats in the south. the likes of George Wallace. Affirmative action doesn’t work. Once again I will state that you can legislate opportunity but you cannot legislate results. The facts are that there still is racism in America. In that you are correct. There is racism all around the world. Get over it, get off your ass and DO something about it. You CAN do it if you want to, but first you have to want to. Blaming your problems on everything but yourself doesn’t get it done, never has, never will. Until blacks throw off their chains put on them by their new ‘massa’, things won’t ever change, but then that’s what all you Progressive libs want isn’t it? Keep ’em all stupid so they keep pulling that D lever and blaming the rich white guy. I guess that makes me a racist in your eyes, but then again, who cares?

    Are you seriously going to tell me that the plight of the black man is white America’s fault and that NONE of the blame should be laid at the feet of black society? What we need is MORE government solutions? Just when does a person become accountable for their actions/ Sorry, my bad, I forgot, libs never hold anyone responsible for their own actions, just look at your beloved President. The state of our country is still George Bush’s fault after 5 years. When does it become HIS fault? My guess is you won’t answer me, just throw dirt and accuse me of being a racist and probably a FOX News devotee which is actually laughable as I don’t watch TV news but go ahead MR. Dragon, lube me up and eat me. Steve

    • angrymanspeaks

      July 30, 2013 at 16:14

      “it isn’t white people committing all the crimes against society and filling up the prisons”

      Crime and Prison population is not a valid indicator of racial responsibility for crime. Crime is a problem for everyone. Blacks are the victims in 70 of the crime committed in this country. They are also the perpetrators about 70% of the time. But why? Are they morally corrupt? Genetically inferior? No You may disagree but I think we have pretty much established that there is no significant superiority or inferiority between the races. Therefore we are left with social and economic causes. Perhaps being forced to live in substandard; overcrowded neighborhoods with high rent while being allow only the most menial jobs. Perhaps receiving low quality education; low quality food; and low quality jobs has produced a high pressure; low reward life that any man would rebel against in whatever way was available to them. What I do know is that a large number of the black people in prison are there for such things as drug trafficking; a non-crime. I know that if I get caught with a pound of hooch in my trunk I’ll probably get a little time and probation. if a black man goes into court right after me for the same charges exactly; he is likely to spend years in prison while I’m living in Boca. I do know that there is a huge prison labor industry dependent upon maintaining a high prison population and in America; if you are looking for slave labor; well I think we both know who they would chose first. If they put this many white men in prison to man their slave camps and factories; the outcry would be heard around the world.

      “it isn’t the white people running the governments in all the big cities where most of the blacks live” Not anymore. No. Whites used to run the cities until they mismanaged the cities and instead of using them as communities for people to live; used them as ghettos to house their pool of slave labor. If the black man were a success in America and truly assimilated; would we still be able to use his labor for nothing? Would we still get away with imprisoning so many for so little reason for so long? Once the cities were falling down and on the brink death; the white people began to leave in droves. Mazny of them moved into the county where I lived from Baltimore. It was a mass exodus and it pretty much left the black people alone to try to save what was left. With a smaller tax base by far and an undereducated; under-experienced; and culturally and societally numb population.

      “it isn’t the white people keeping the inner city schools dysfunctional because the labor unions refuse to allow school choice.” Because the answer isn’t to provide the opportunity for black kids to attend better schools outside their neighborhood. Giving an escape to some and leaving the rest behind; let me guess; because their parents didn’t work hard enough or didn’t want a better education for their kids? The answer is not to give special rights to some kids but to bring all of our schools to the very top level of educational standards so every kid; white or black gets the same excellent education. The problem here I think goes right back to the fact that we live in two different preferred realities. You believe in privilege for the wealthy and talented. I believe in privilege for everyone. You believe that being good at something is enough to get you ahead and so you get the goodies and everyone else is on their own. I believe that everyone is good at something and that the best way to operate is to encourage all talents; combine them to achieve far greater goals than we could alone and then share the benefits of the co-operative action. This way we nurture everyone and use each ones abilities to the best advantage for us all. You do not need to starve for me to live well. Why would I want more than to live well? If it meant you would be lacking? When I have enough; what will I do with more? I don’t get what drives you. I understand the desire to give yourself the best. But once you have the best; why do you refuse to share with those who aren’t as successful? Why do you look down on the less talented; less fortunate. I don’t mean dropping a twenty in the community chest now and then. I mean a system where you take what you need to reasonably secure all that you need and more; maybe twice what you need; I don’t know. You tell me what you would need to feel safe two; three times what you need to live well? The rest would be used to provide the best possible life for all people; everywhere; regardless of color. How do you like that for dreaming, Baby. The thing is; it isn’t an impossible dream. Just one that will never be allowed by you and your corporate masters. We have the resources; we have the skill; we have everything we need to make this world a near paradise for everyone. The only thing lacking is the will. who wouldn’t want to do that for the whole world or even just the whole nation if they had the power to effect such change? You Steve. You and those who believe as you do. Hey it is what it is but always remember; It could have been if you had wanted it for the country/world. I know; you’ll get all manly and start beating your chest and saying, “I’m proud to be a cold-blooded racist damn it. Grrrrrrr!”. Well Ok Steve And remembering that we are talking about the one and only life people ever get, you don’t think you may be acting just a bit, selfish. To deny what you can’t use to those who need it and can because it’s yours? Hmmm. I’m sorry Steve. I don’t get you. And here is what I thin k is worst. You deny what is obviously true in order to create the illusion that your world view is reasonable. You purposely fail to recognize the injustices and the all enveloping atmosphere of racism that is so plain to me and those who believe as I do. You claim not to understand the, Horrible, Mind-Fucking experience of these black people. I am appalled at your attempts to minimize it by saying, “Well, you were never a slave.” Why should this need to be said? These people were originally living amid their families; in a society which; while not recognized by your ancestors; was rich in tradition and descended from great civilizations of the past. They were dragged away; beaten; starved; tortured; stuffed into a space to small for half the people in there; sometimes dumped overboard alive; sometimes sold to or stolen by pirates; or sold in America to whichever “Master” was willing to pay the right amount for the right to your life; sanity; labor; children; children’s children etc. Now; for generations you are worked to death; sold at will; separated from your families; starved; beaten; tortured; hung; burned; in front of your children; your wife; your mother; you are allowed to make no choices; no contracts; no decisions; and told that you are less; inferior; deserving of enslavement; too stupid to live on your own; too primitive to use control; etc. And now you,… are generations away from the memories of the stable life in Africa. From the day you are born you are treated as less; told you are worthless; stupid; morally corrupt; even evil because of your black skin. Cursed to be the slaves of the superior white race by a mean and vengeful god. For generations this is repeated and re-enforced. Then along they come and say your free now. So; we will expect you to pick up the pace while running to catch up with the rest of society who have always believed in themselves; their god; their families; all the advantages that being black; they were denied. Still are because slavery; only ended in name. Now generations later we are surprised to find that the descendants of those same black people are less than the best adjusted; productive members of our society. Bull Fucking Shit. They were purposely handicapped from the start. Forced to take on all the responsibilities of the society that crushed them but given none of the incentives or training or even compassion that others are given. No transition period and a lot of resistance. In truth; perhaps the greatest injustice done to these former slaves was to attempt to assimilate them into our society. In fact; I believe it was done; not out of a willingness to mend fences but out of a sure knowledge that they would be unable to assimilate and would still be a group apart; thought of as slaves and unimportant to most. I believe that this was the intention from the start. Got something people don’t like? Change the name. They would have been better served if they had all been sent to a new land; such as Liberia but hopefully with more assistance to get established. They would have been free in truth rather than only in name. Not that I wish to send anyone anywhere now and if all the black people left America; she would be a much poorer nation. I would lose some good friends and acquaintances. But it would have allowed them to find their way; instead of being hobbled and sent to run in an unfriendly society; and expected to succeed. Yeh Steve; you can do what all racists do. You can deny responsibility for what has been done. You can refuse to do better than your ancestors. You can tell yourself whatever lies allow you to sleep at night but you can never change the facts or what has already been done and no matter how many times you say the sky is red; the sky is still blue.

      • Steve

        July 30, 2013 at 18:06

        Thats great! I say again…total unequivocal BULL SHIT! Slavery has been over for TWO HUNDRED YEARS!!! It was horrible, I’m sorry, get over it and move on. I realize there is prejudice throughout the world, ok I get it. What are you going to do quit? None of my relatives owned any of theirs. Blacks are treated the way they are because of the way they act and the things they do. Simple as that. Don’t want to be treated as second class citizens? Start acting like human beings instead of animals. White people walk on the other side of the sidewalk because they’re afraid. Are you going to tell me they have no reason to be? Blacks make up 13% of the population in this country and about 70% of the prison population. Is it because of white people? No it’s because blacks are the ones committing the crimes. Crime ridden cities where they live? Of course, what do you expect? Do you think any respectable business is going to open in a predominately black area so they can look forward to being robbed and murdered? Seriously? That’s white racism to you? That’s non suicidal thought if you ask me. Just what is it you think is going to happen when a group, any group acts like a bunch of animals? Who is going to hire some kid with his pants hanging around his knees, tattoos up to his neck or his face stapled to his ear? Throw in his inability to read, write or even speak anything other than ebonics and you want to wonder why they can’t get a job and be productive? Car theft or burglary doesn’t qualify as a job skill. Blacks have been given myriads of opportunities to succeed and millions have because they wanted to. You people, the white liberal ‘do gooders’ are the ones responsible who continue to spew your own racism by reinforcing the notion that blacks CAN”T do it unless big daddy government steps in and gives food stamps, section 8 housing, affirmative action, guaranteed contracts for minorities and all the other BS Federal programs that don’t work, they only further enslave them in the hopes of easing their own particular brand of white guilt. Cry me a river. Life isn’t fair, it isn’t equal and it sure as hell isn’t easy and all the name calling and blame shifting in the world isn’t going to change things. Do something about it other than blame me. You can tell me I’m clueless and a racist all you want, I know what I am and I know what my own real life experiences have shown me. I live in a small blue collar town in southeast Pennsylvania. I see black people every day. I have a couple of men that I consider to be very good friends of mine that also happen to be black. I work with 5th and sixth grade boys at my local church every week who also happen to be black, and have for years. does that make me an expert in black society? No! It does give me personal, first hand knowledge of what I see and observe. A large majority, not all, of the kids I work with are functionally illiterate, they can barely read and write. Why? Mostly because the school system here in white suburbia just passes them on and doesn’t give a crap. Why? Because their own parents don’t give a crap whether they can read or write. If the kids own parents don’t care, why should the teachers? All they get for their efforts is abuse and cries of racism from the likes of you. nobody can teach some of these kids. They are too busy having more babies so they can get a bigger check and more benefits. Most of them have numerous children with numerous men, most of them either in prison or just abandon their children. i asked the kids one night, how many of you have someone in your family who is in prison. EVERY SINGLE ONE raised their hand. You can go on and tell me that is my fault. It is not. Blame falls on the black community that continues to rely on government to take care of them. Until the blacks in this country put an emphasis on education and restore the family unit change will never take place. I am sick and tired of all you mealy mouthed liberals with your rosey colored glasses on blaming me for the plight of the black man and never putting ANY blame for the problem where it resides…solely on the black community itself. What it comes down to and I can hear the calls of racism already , is that alot of blacks ARE lazy and don’t want to make the effort to be successful. After all why should they when all they need do is put their hand out. I know many of you have children and I can’t think of any good parent that would continually tell their children that they were stupid, inferior and unable to accomplish anything on their own by hard work and dedication to the task at hand and yet constantly I see you liberals doing exactly that by your actions. Then you want to brow beat me as a greedy racist because I think what you’re are doing is wrong and non-productive. I always get a good chuckle out of you Angryman everytime you tell me that I don’t want to share and I’m greedy. That’s really funny! I don’t have a lot myself as far as material things go but I must admit that I am quite wealthy in alot of the things one can’t buy in a store. I know what it’s like to do without, I know what it’s like to work hard and go on when the world kicks you in the head and you want to quit and I know that throwing money and charity at a man no matter what color his skin is only robs him of his ability, dignity and need to be a man. Who knows, maybe if we start expecting men to actually act like men and be responsible as men things might change. If you expect nothing of a man you will probably get what you expect…nothing.

        Sorry, that’s the truth as I see it. Let the whipping begin. I have to quick turn on Fox News to see what I think. maybe my banker or chauffer has an opinion.

      • angrymanspeaks

        July 30, 2013 at 20:28

        Steve, You can’t just get up and get a job. You can’t expect a person; raised in an atmosphere of hopelessness to just get up and smile it all away. The entire black community was affected by the damage done during slavery. That doesn’t just disappear with time or a few generations separation. Some are less affected by “it” and “it” is like a snowball rolling down a hill. It doesn’t get smaller with time; it gets bigger. The damage done to the African American community cannot be overstated. Don’t you get it Steve? It’s a Fucking plot Man. It’s old and it’s evil and it worked; it’s working now. You prove it when you speak. No offence Mr. Racist. It’s not even your fault. It’s the fault of the; sorry Steve; Corporate Masters. They have a long tradition of doing what they have done here. Deceiving you about the nature of the problem is part of itThe black community has been hurt so deeply that it requires more than a Band-Aid. Now; let’s talk about Welfare. Everytime we discuss this topic you star yelling; and I know you are Steve; about Welfare and Foodstamps etc. and accusing me of being a big fan of these programs. I hate Welfare. I think Welfare sucks. I think everything you say about welfare is correct. How do you like that Steve? But the problem with Welfare isn’t that it exists. The problem is what? It doesn’t teach anything except how to work the Welfare system for the maximum amount. You see. There really aren’t all those opportunities for these kids. Black or Poor White. For one reason or another many of these children have damaged parents. Where do all these damaged parents come from? I wouldn’t know where to start and if I did we don’t have time for me to finish. This society damages so many people in so many ways and you can call them weak or whatever you want. Welfare provides just enough to keep these folks (of all colors because I know it’s about race for you Steve; but for me it’s about people and people of all colors are on Welfare) subsisting on Welfare while being constantly harassed about why they haven’t found a job. Why they don’t think volunteering sweeping floors at the hospital is likely to lead to a lucrative position in the medical industry. Don’t Fucking tell me that all these people on Welfare are just lazy and want a hand-out. I have been on Welfare. I have known many people; Black and White that have been on Welfare and I swear that 99% of those people were pissed that they had to be on Welfare. They wished they could get the skills to succeed but they can’t. You think these girls just go out and get pregnant because they’re lazy? Like caring for an infant and probably taking care of a boyfriend is easy right? You don’t have a clue who these girls are or where they are from meaning what conditions they have had to live with. You can’t even com-pre-fucking-hend how far down some of them are. How worthless they have been made to feel. You are right that it is often the parent’s fault. Well; there you go; it’s the parent’s fault so we can just act like they don’t exist. I see Steve. If we wanted to Steve; we could actually do something to correct this problem but that would involve spending some of that oh so precious Fucking cash you get so possessive about. It would involve a deep effort by people willing to get dirty and not just throw cash and food. But that won’t happen will it Steve? After all; it’s not our responsibility to hold the hand of these people; is it Steve? Every man for himself. The Lord helps them that helps themselves. Kindness and Compassion means stepping Over the helpless victims of our society. What is needed is not Welfare. It’s decent schools and teachers who give a shit. Parents don’t care you say? Oh well. We should. So that these kids too don’t become parents who don’t care. We need to stop making excuses and start making reforms that mean something. reforms that would cost a lot now but save billions in the future when the roles of those needing help begin to go down. You are right that the government has continued the enslavement of the black race and they have figured out how to add a bunch of us too. I got my family off of Welfare because I had some education and; well; it is sad to see the lack of education and even common sense that many of my fellow attendees exhibited. Steve. I defy you to come and show me how we approach that problem with people who are already adults; have poor education; have been abused and used and feel distrustful of authority and for good reason. You can’t just throw money at such people. They aren’t bad people. Most are good; loving people who don’t know which way to turn. They may not be as talented as some folks or as well adjusted but they still want something better for their children. Welfare however will never lift them up. More; different programs are needed. Ones that address the root problems. Now wouldn’t that be worth giving up some of that extra cushion of cash you sit around on Steve? I’m not even sure if I made my original point. I get so pissed when people say things like Group “B” is lazy or Group “I” are drunkards. No group or race is naturally just lazy or drunkards. they are whatever they are because of something. Some cause ‘some reason. (Not agreeing that blacks arte lazy BTW in case it sounds that way). Very few people choose to be poor and on Welfare. Those that do; come in all colors Steve. You think we have done enough and the ball is in their court. I say we did the wrong thing so we could make these unreasonable demands now and so it will look like the ungrateful blacks just don’t have the desire to succeed. It’s just Bullshit man. By the way; I actually had no idea you were such a racist Steve. I must say I am just a bit surprised. Not too surprised though; I guess.

    • Valentine Logar

      August 1, 2013 at 11:40

      Steve, your conversations got rather heated and perhaps unnecessarily so. Perhaps coming into this late I can add some sanity to the discussion. You do not need to answer, but maybe think about these things, consider them.

      Poverty, creates many of the problems you have outlined. Abject poverty and hopelessness create much of it. You are right, program after program will not fix these if the only outcome is a continuation of hopelessness. If the infrastructure isn’t addressed. If the schools aren’t good enough to truly teach the young, how will they lift themselves out of their circumstance? If there are no trade schools, no opportunities for university educations; how will they lift themselves out? If their are no jobs for their parents; how can they build lives for their families? Start their, this nation since Reagan continuously defunded schools, schools in the poorest parts of the country received less and less federal aid to supplement the local tax collections, without the federal aid they were underfunded. Children were left behind, hopeless.

      As to school choice Steve, this is privatization. Time and again it is being shown the charters are not being built in the inner cities. Those that are being built are not serving the entire community and are only serving to suck more much needed funding away from the public schools. This is not the solution. For those already struggling to put food on the table, the costs of the charters are not feasible. Charters might work in your community, in my community but Steve please step into some of the hardest hit communities in your town talk to the mothers and fathers there just once, ask them what they really need.

      Jobs were moved off-shore. Manfuacturing jobs. The jobs those with high school educations once did. Good jobs that paid living wages. More and more people, men and women who once had work were left with nothing, no work and no hope. What communities do you think were hit the hardest? With no jobs, no retraining what do you think happened to those communities? Steve, most people actually want to live with dignity and hope. Most of them would jump at the chance to retrain, to find a job with a living wage so they could support their families. Many of the people I know, work jobs and must still beg the state for help; food stamps, medicaid as examples. They don’t have benefits at their job, their minimum wage job doesn’t cover rent, utilities, food.

      The Black and Brown community is the hardest hit with unemployment Steve, their unemployment rates are at highs of 20% or more compared to the White community. This isn’t for lack of trying it is for lack of access to jobs. It is for lack of proximity, for lack of infrastructure, lack of transportation (public), lack of sufficient support for single parents (day care programs which were cut).

      Let’s talk about some of your contentions regarding sexuality, pregnancy and unwed motherhood just real quickly. You are aware White teenagers are having sex at the same rates as Black teenagers, you know this right? Poor White teenage girls give birth at the same rate, poor White teenage boys have babies with multiple girls, yes they do. In fact there is a television program called Teen Mom, they are all White! Want to solve the problem of teen pregnancy, whether it is in the Black community or otherwise? Teach age appropriate sex education in school. Make contraceptives available to young people, including birth control pills and condoms. Get religion out of this issue and reality into it; teenagers have sex lets start dealing with it. Teach them to prevent pregnancy and STD’s.

      Steve, the myth of Black-on-Black crime. This is a media myth. Crime happens in the neighborhood you live. 84% of all crimes happen this way. So yes, most crimes will happen this way, Black-on-Black if you happen to live in a predominanetly Black neighborhood; White-on-White if you live in a predominanetly White neighborhood and so on. Most violent crimes are not stranger crimes. But yes Steve, it is the White Man creating the problem though you might not like this. It is the White Man who started the Drug War with the uneven sentencing rules. It is the White Man who created the Profiling rules. It is the White Man still in charge of most of the court systems. It is the White Man who has privatized the Prison system with the promise by most states of a 99% occupancy.

      Do we need to revise programs which are not working? Yes we do. Do we need to look at how we are spending money and make certain that money is being spent to lift people out of poverty and give them hope and dignity? Yes, we do. Should we be looking to revitalize programs, education systems, retraining and bring back work to America? Yes, we certainly should be doing that. But Steve, to point to those who have the least and blame them for their poverty, that is quite horrifying.

      One final comment, the Democrats who were against Civil Rights? They joined the Republican Party. This is such a tired meme.

      • angrymanspeaks

        August 2, 2013 at 14:15

        Excellent comment. On point and so correct it hurts.

        On Thu, Aug 1, 2013 at 7:40 AM, angrymanspeaks

      • SomerEmpress

        August 10, 2013 at 20:40

        Right on point, Valentine! Thank you. At the core is poverty – folks just trying to make it on a day to day, one meal at a time, basis.

        I CHOSE not to engage Steve because his ignorance just didn’t seem worthy of a refined response or my time. The whole affair of explaining and setting folk straight just gets exhausting, quite frankly, particularly when folks are wed to their ideologies despite having access to the facts (so much for getting an education).

        Your response was not only courageous, but it contained facts as well as compassion. The latter seems to be the real missing piece in moving the conversation forward. Rather than seeking a real in-depth understanding of the issues and how they became issues in the first place, it has become easier for folks to fall back on their initial prejudices, assumptions, and media sound bytes. This refusal to tease out the various layers–the complexity–in order to get at the core, keeps the conversation sensationalized and simplistic, and further marginalizes those already at the periphery.

    • Caleb Gee

      June 15, 2014 at 18:38

      Why do you continue to speak about history which you obviously know nothing at all about? If you ever went beyond the false narrative that’s been drilled in your head, you would know that immediately after slavery was “abolished” there was this thing called peonage which in every way, shape, and form placed Black people back in bondage.. Literally. That alone lasted until WWII. In many instances this was even worse than slavery. And you’re trying to tell me the current prison population isn’t also tied to that? Instead of continuing to argue about things you either aren’t aware of or don’t want to be aware of, at least educate yourself. Start off by reading “Slavery By Another Name” by Douglas A. Blackmon and follow it up with Marissa Alexander’s “The New Jim Crow”.
      Oh and once you do that (though I doubt you actually will), you would learn that most ppl who go to prison and get ‘felon’ labels are ineligible for government assistance programs, which destroys your whole theory of criminals who don’t won’t to work getting free government checks and all that other nonsense. That stereotype has been around since atleast 1877 and isn’t anymore true today than it was then.

  6. angrymanspeaks

    July 30, 2013 at 20:46

    And to think; Not long ago I was saying how I never get any really good discussions going on my site. I am willing to allow more leeway because it often inspires me and triggers my mind about things I wish to discuss. This one is getting pretty close to the bone and some of what you said Steve; was; frankly; unacceptable. Equating people; any people with animals is suggesting they are less than human. Some of your other comments were a bit in bad taste as well. I don’t usually reprimand anyone bit I have never had anyone do this before. I don’t want to tell you not to come back but I do want to say that criticizing behavior is ok. Personal attacks or racial slurs are not ok with me. I have worked a ,long time to remove myself from such words and such emotions. I have devoted myself to seeing the truth about race and everything else. I will not have my friends insulted Steve; even by my friends. I saw your apology. That’s good but I’m not sure you really understand just how hurtful your words were to black people in general and to me because I know those words are from your heart and that makes me sad Steve. I know you are sincere; and that makes me sad too Steve. I’ll leave it there Steve. You think about it. If we are to engage in give and take we must be careful not only not to say hurtful things; but not to mean them or feel them.

    • Steve

      July 31, 2013 at 00:57

      You are right in reprimanding me. My comments to Juiseppevwere personal and a lash out at him because I felt he attacked me first. I am sorry that I allowed my emotions to get the better of me. That is why I apologized to him. My comments in my other post are what I honestly believe as I se things from my personal experiences with those I have encountered. Truth as I see it if you will. If that makes me a racist in your world then I guess that’s what I must be. I don’t presume to have al the answers but one thing I positively know for sure is that what we’ve been doing as a nation for te past half century isn’t working. When literally thousands of our children, black or white or any other color are being killed in our inner cities, a vast majority of our children are coming out of our inner city schools can barely read or write, illegitimate birth rate of over 70 % and all the other problems of a group of people within our society there is something remiss. My opinion is that throwing more money or more programs isn’t the answer. Think that kind of thinking is detrimental to addressing the real problems that exist. You guys don’t want to talk about or discuss what the problems even are let alone thinking of a solution. Painting me a racist and an awful, greedy person isn’t a solut. obviously my participation isn’t wanted in these discussions. aybe your blog wil be better served where only those that agree with your opinion and only possess an ability to agree with you instead of having an original thought. Once again, please forgive me for speaking my mind and telling the truth as I see it. steve

  7. prayingforoneday

    August 2, 2013 at 02:22

    Think Steve your debating Skills need fine tuned buddy..Sorry bud just saying.
    I don’t fully know the plight of the Black man in the USA. But in the UK, in London, England we have (Sorry the English do, I am Scottish 🙂 ) A lot of kids and grown up’s acting like the black people (Is black the correct form of wordage?) hanging around street corners and stabbing, shooting each other and have gang sign tattoo’s and all the rest.
    My take on them is “If you were born into this, get your self out of this”
    I know a few who have worked to get out of it and off the street.
    I think in the USA the same applies, work hard and be better.
    I think many STILL use the past as reason to hate. Time to move on and look to the future.

    Just my 2p (Sorry I don;t say 2c 🙂 )

    • Caleb Gee

      June 15, 2014 at 18:41

      What I want to know is why you ignorant rednecks don’t “get yourself out” of that lifestyle.. Or is it just your nature?

  8. prayingforoneday

    November 17, 2013 at 13:50

    This started as a joke…
    Now I have to nominate 10 people…
    ..10 men to the SISTERHOOD OF BLOGGERS 😦
    Please try and accept, it is fun, and blogging can be fun


  9. Caleb Gee

    June 15, 2014 at 18:05

    It’s amazing how one has to read only the first line of “Steve’s” dumbass comment to be 100% certain he’s a white Teabagger. They all get their talking points from the same source I guess.


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