Robben Island: Nelson Mandela; Fascist Rulers; America

01 Jul

Robben Island 4 nelsonInteresting isn’t it?

So many men; so determined; so focused; so unrelenting in both the will to survive and to ascend to victory; so brave; so…… Black.

BLACK?Robben Island 2

How amazed the Fascists are; wait!

Do you think?

I don’t.

I think they are not at all amazed at such integrity and courage from black men .

Pissed. That’s what they are. Pissed that they were unable to stop these men. That these men got their chance to show the world what guts and loyalty and dignity were all about. These BLACK men.

What this does is it puts the lie to the carefully constructed belief / assumption that black men are incapable of organized, co-operative, steadfast thoughts and actions.

robben island 5 we hold these...

Now we know if we are Americans or Christians (definition of this word far more limited than is popular) that God created ALL men equal.

We know it. It’s in our Constitution and taught by every religion worth it’s salt.

We know that there is no difference between men who are white, black, caramel, mahogany, yellow, olive or basic brown; other than the relationship each has with his creator. (if God is not your thing and Science is, look at it as Nature instead.)

The Fascists know this also. They deny it. They try to hide it. But they know it.

NWODare we ask? If they know that color is not a determiner of character; why do they act as though it is? Why do they insist that there is a quantifiable difference in the level of intellectual and moral ability and responsibility?

They do this to divide and conquer the world.  It is hard to worry about the NWO taking over the world; slowly; in the future; when you forced to be preoccupied with your neighbors desire to conquer your race; now.

Could it be that the “Black” race (I know; Black is not a race but to be honest I hate the word negroid so…) Could it be that the Black race were chosen to be repeatedly beat down, raped, enslaved, and kicked in the teeth not because they were an easy target; but because the early “white” men detected a strength in them. A strength and ability to withstand hardship. It would make sense for these ambitious white capitalists to wish to do away with such a threat.

“If these guys ever find out about the wheel, we’ll be in deep. Let’s make slaves of them and spread the rumor that that’s all they’re good for.”

You think I joke?

I do not. The only thing that makes that speculation rather than truth is one man’s decision; long ago to protect his wealth. One simple action to bring an entire race to it’s proverbial knees.

not fascism cgristians do itOne thing is certain. They didn’t end up subjugated and enslaved because they are less in some way. Remember? We know that.

Of course to achieve real division, they must assure that there is always a core of true racist believers to keep their evil fire burning. A Cadre of people who will press their beliefs no matter how ridiculous or unpopular they become. The key to the game is to keep everything in flux. If we all believed their bullshit, it wouldn’t help them as mNWO eyech as the constant conflict that racism causes when only some believe it .

So when Nelson Mandela and his associates act with integrity; honor; loyalty; bravery; and relentless determination, it really pisses these bastards off because it puts the lie to their vicious propaganda; but they never break. Like the tall grass of the Pampas; they just sway with the wind. Minimize the damage and go on. There are circles within circles and though we may see the big picture; it isn’t very helpful. A billion little pictures and a billion solutions might make a dent.

If you are feeling frustrated now, you are seeing why the plan is so brilliant. No one wants to try to run all the pathways. Much like trying to decrypt a computer encryption by using only a pad and pencil I would imagine.Mussolini defines Fascism

Because it is so complex and frustrating; it is much as though it has a kind of force field that repels investigation. The Fascists use propaganda. We should too.

When Barack Obama visits Robben Island, it points out and makes current again the incredible courage these men showed. It should be kept alive and out front. To stiffen the backbones of the weak and reassure the strong of the truth and the fact that victory is not unattainable; even here in such a nation as ours. It is just very, very, difficult to achieve.

nwo love your servitudeMore so here perhaps than in a nation like South Africa; as counter-intuitive as that may sound. Here I think, the lines are more blurred. It makes it more difficult to see clearly. Hard to strike out at a shadow; a ghost; a mere wisp of a breeze that is gone before you can react and has done its will and moved on before you can intercept it.

That is the plan. It works as can be seen. Constant attention and constant declamation is the only way to fight back. Learn one new thing about the conspiracy and use it to shift what you believe. Like dominoes; the pieces all fall in order and a light shined into those dark corners.

Of course; I am merely a Paranoid Lunatic. A Conspiracy Theorist; willing to believe any crazy fantasy someone is trying to sell.NWO caution

Just ask the Fascists. They will be very reassuring.


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5 responses to “Robben Island: Nelson Mandela; Fascist Rulers; America

  1. Jueseppi B.

    July 2, 2013 at 00:52

    Reblogged this on The ObamaCrat.Com™ and commented:
    Another great blog post from Mr. AngryManSpeaks. This needs to go viral, and appear on CNN MSNBC CBS ABC PBS FOX NBC

    • angrymanspeaks

      July 2, 2013 at 01:54

      Thank You for the Reblog. I am honored as always.
      You know. The more you think about the machinations of these people; the more questions you find to ask. The answers are almost never reassuring or good. When I began writing, I knew that racism was still a big problem but it was difficult for me to write what I really thought and felt about it. You know? White people who take strong positions must be prepared to have their motives questioned from both sides. You may even question your own. It shouldn’t be so hard but I at least found it so. I skirted around what I really thought too often and I was never satisfied with the results. As I say. The more you think about it; the worse you see it really is; the more you feel the compulsion to stand up and speak out. This shit isn’t right. Neither is the phony, bullshit lip-service paid by so many politicians. You would have to be a blind man not to see that being born black in America is like being born with a handicap.
      It must piss you off every day when you wake up. I mean; these people are out to fuck me too for various reasons but at least I can blend in with the bastards if I have to. You ain’t blendin’ and they use that against you every day.
      Ok. That’s good for now. I have more but small bites are better I think. Namaste.

      • Jueseppi B.

        July 2, 2013 at 02:37

        This was spectacular blogging Mr. AngryManSpeaks…good to have you back.

  2. eleganzabello

    July 2, 2013 at 02:58

    Smiling … “Love is the solution to most of our problems” … Out of the kindness of a caring heart brings everlasting joy for all … Thanks Mr. Angryman … Giggling … This is my take …

  3. Steve

    July 2, 2013 at 12:37

    I find it a very interesting take that you blame the oppression of blacks on white business people that have very little effect or contact with them yet give a pass and even endorsement of government programs that enslave them through endless handouts that keep them dependent on Washington. You probably oppose school choice or vouchers so inner city kids can actually get a real education and make something productive of their lives. That would of course necessitate ending the teachers union and all that “left wing” money that keeps your people in power. I find it quite ironic that you as a socialist rail against any attempt to teach a man to fish while advocating giving him a fish dinner. Seems to me you are the one advocating slavery by keeping blacks on the plantation and waiting for another hand out, just to make it “even”.

    Go ahead and paint me the racist. It should be easy, I’m white and I disagree with you. By the way, I’m still waiting for an answer about promoting freedom for ALL of us, black and white. I look forward to your reply. I still think open, honest debate is great and I do cherish your opinion even though I rarely agree. Thanks! Steve


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