Westboro Baptist Church Members; I Shit In Your Faces

17 Dec

westboro 2When the Westboro Baptist “Church” picketed the funerals of American soldiers who had died in battle, I thought it was in extremely bad taste.

Many of us disagree with the wars the US has been westboro 1involved in and many of us are skepticle of the real motive behind these wars. We say so everyday. We say we think the government was wrong. But there are limits to what we will say and those limits involve truth, justice, and a love for our people and those who chose to serve this nation without asking the reason why they should fight.

We must have a military to defend our nation; however that military is used; whether we agree or not with every incidence. We still must have a military and we will and should feel gratitude and pride in those who put their lives in harm’s way for our nation.

We never say that anything but Honor and Pride should be attached to the young men and women who are out there fighting these wars. We never are tempted to think they are there for any reason other than to protect this nation from terrorism as they have been told they are doing.

westboro 3Today though; when I heard that these Murderous, Maniacal, Mental Masturbators and Biblically Challenged Mouth Breathing Bottom-Feeders intended to picket the grieving parents and neighbors of the twenty babies that were slaughtered by the cold-blooded, sociopathic, Adam Lanza?; well; I admit it made me actually sick to my stomach for a moment or two.

The mere thought of anyone being so unfeeling and vicious as to suggest to these parents; to their neighbors; to us; me; that Adam Lanza was sent by a vindictive and cruel “god” in retribution for the homosexual nature or marriage of a fraction of our society?; sent me into a righteous rage.

You all know I’m not shy; not averse to using any profane language I choose; when I choose; but I truly find no such words to adequately describe my absolute repulsion; the complete revulsion I feel at the thought of these sick, twisted, probably inbred bottom feeding mutants without a heart.

Who is this hateful, cruel “god” they claim to worship? What’s his name so that I may spit in his face and call him a false god; a demon from the deepest realms of Satan. Show me his face so that I may thrust my middle finger in his face and scream, FUCK YOU” you cowardly, festering, pustual.

This is no god that I have ever heard of. Certainly it is not The God found in the pages of the Bible.

I am a peaceful person normally; truly I am. I always seek the non-violent solution when I can.westboro 4

But I must admit to being a horrible hypocrite because I would gladly be the one to shove a rough wooden stake up the ass of every one of these assholes from the Westboro Baptist “Church”.

Church! Sheeeeeee-it. No such thing. Just a dark hole where these mother-fuckers meet to wallow in their own lack of self respect. To pet and coddle each other between planning their next and yet more repugnant  display of in-humanity.

But wait; why get so upset? I don’t have to impale these freaks. Annonymous; the New Cyber-Heroes of the downtrodden people of the world and the bane of the 1% are going to do it for us. Below is the video Annonymous released to this “church” from hell. Watch it. Feel the pride and warmth of kindred spirits as Annonymous explains what they intend to do to stop these pieces of human Shit.


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6 responses to “Westboro Baptist Church Members; I Shit In Your Faces

  1. Steve

    December 17, 2012 at 13:57

    Please don’t judge Christians by the actions of these people, and I use the term people loosely. This group has done more to defame Christianity than those that participated in the Crusades a thousand years ago. I’m not sure what to call them but Christian surely isn’t accurate.

    • angrymanspeaks

      December 17, 2012 at 15:25

      Read it again and try again. I never even mentioned the word christian. I could barely type “Church” in describing them.
      Anyway; thanks for the comment. Finally; something we pretty much agree about.
      I guess Friday will be the end of the world.LOL

  2. SomerEmpress

    December 17, 2012 at 16:38

    Are you kidding me?! I was not aware of this proposed “picketing”. Clearly, these fools don’t serve the same God I serve!

  3. Steve

    December 17, 2012 at 19:16

    Church is just a group of people. These guys often get the moniker of what Christianity is about. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Jesus Christ that I follow would never carry on like these folks. I think they are all basically one big happy family down there in Tennessee. I think somebody should either test the water or maybe their genetic make up

    I actually think if you and I sat down and had a couple of beers together we’d probably agree on a lot more than you think. I don’t like Republicans much either but I like the Democrats a whole lot less. If you ever get back here to SE PA, shoot me an email, I’d love to buy you a beer. Steve

    Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  4. kholli

    December 20, 2012 at 11:16

    Yeah, they are despicable. Protesting at funerals is common practice for these nutters. Their entire existence revolves inflicting evil onto others. They praise anyone or anything that kills people and aims to destroy society. Thing is, it doesn’t even make sense. They claim there is no salvation- that if you are a sinner (by their standards, of course) you cannot save yourself, that you are going to hell no matter what. Even children deserve to die. They think they are the ONLY right church. If that is the case, why even “preach?”

  5. Papizilla

    December 24, 2012 at 19:53

    Reblogged this on The Ranting Papizilla and commented:
    I had been trying to find a way to say this, but Angryman took care of it for me. I concur 100%.


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