Helloooo; This Is The Queen…….BANG! I Say; I Think She Dropped The Phone

14 Dec
Michael Christian and Mel Greig

Michael Christian and Mel Greig

I am sure we have all heard the story of the two Australian Disc Jockies who made a prank call to the hospital where Lady Kate Middleton; the Duchess of Cambridge was in residence due to morning sickness. I won’t address the ludicrousness of someone being admitted for such a cause. My wife and my daughter went through severe morning sickness; all day sickness would be more accurate for their entire pregnancies and never were they admitted to a hospital for it. But hey; though my wife is a princess to me; she probably doesn’t qualify like Kate……….………..The two Aussies called the hospital and asked about Lady Kate; the female radio host pretending to be the Queen in what was arguably; the worst impersonation of Queen Elizabeth ever attempted.

The nurse who answered the phone was deceived though and put the call through to another suicide nurse 3 nurse who was closer to her ladyship’s eminent person.

Of course in the end the deception was discovered and; what else; the nurse who originally answered the phone and put the call through; committed suicide.

Yes that’s right; Suicide. Now I have heard this story on every news program I saw and heard today. I also saw it on Jane Valez variety line-up of freaks and geeks.

jane valez 2Jane seems to feel that the two DJs should be held responsible for the death of this nurse. She also claimed that the two DJs were displaying a less than contrite attitude; suggesting that they were laughing about it. (Cut to video of the two DJs crying in obvious remorse that their joke should have been a catalyst for such an incident)

Of course if there is an extreme right position to be taken; Jane always finds it. If there is an nancy graceauthoritarian stance to be taken; Jane always takes it. Of course Jane is really just second fiddle to the queen of conclusion jumping and name calling “NANCY GRACE“. These two harpies have made a science and an art of placing blame squarely on the heads of the innocent; always sticking up for whatever fascist Police officer decides to deny another American their rights and taking a stand for a political agenda somewhere to the Right of the Third Reich.

Nancy Grace and Jane Valez on the public airwaves is proof that if you are a Right-Wing Fascista; the world is your soapbox and your freedom to speak extends to outright lying; twisting any story you like into an amorphous blob to allow you to bitch slap; judge; convict; and sentence whatever helpless sap you chose. Not that they are always wrong. They hit it right from time to time but then “Even a blind cat; will sometimes trip over a dead rat” (Chinese proverb).

In this case I believe we may have gone collectively around the bend. In what universe does a silly and poorly executed prank call; equal cause for suicide?

Over and over I have heard this question discussed today on various programs and everyone seems confused as to who is responsible.  Is it their fault? Or not? Oh; this is a tough one.

This isn’t tough. It’s nobody’s fault if not the dead nurse’s.

The report said there was no evidence that this woman was unstable.

What do you call the act of suicide if not evidence of instability?

What more evidence of instability do we require?

Are we to believe that this person; a well adjusted; normal person suddenly became unstable enough to kill herself after a simple prank call? The very idea that she killed herself because of this call; even though all she did was transfer the call to another nurse; never giving any information out. Please.

No-one is going to convince me that this call had any relation to this nurses death wish. She could have been sent over the edge as easily by finding the milk spoiled or a waiter forgetting her extra butter.

Nobody commits suicide because of an event such as this call. This nurse was obviously quite disturbed and mentally unstable long before this call and those two DJs have no reason to feel guilty for their call. I am sure they will feel guilty; who wouldn’t? They cannot and should not; however; be held accountable by anyone else.

People don’t commit suicide because someone steps on their toe or because they make a mistake at work. People commit suicide because their life is no longer worth living. because they are ill; in serious pain; or because they suffer from deep, clinical depression.

It has also been suggested that she perhaps killed herself because of the culture she comes from. I don’t know or care what culture she comes from. If that culture has a practice of suicide because of minor embarrassments; let them kill themselves but don’t try to blame someone who has no such ludicrous cultural patterns and had no way to know of hers.

I’m sorry but if this was indeed a cultural suicide; I have as little sympathy as I do when I hear of Military officers of another culture who committed suicide after losing a battle. No more than I do for anyone who buys into any cult of suicide. These are choices that people make on their own. I feel for their families and others they hurt in the process. Nobody forced this woman to committ suicide and nobody could have stopped her. I can’t express how angry this kind of bullshit makes the old angryman; people like Nancy and Jane attempting to lay blame on these two DJs so their ratings will be maintained. Because there is a whole mass of people out there who applaud their dispicable behavior and agree with their sick; twisted notion of Justice and will tune in day after day to listen to these two Right-Wing harpies spew their filth upon the airwaves of America.

I don’t know why this young woman killed herself. I believe if you truly want to kill yourself; you will. Whether to try to stop you would never come up because a person who really wants to buy that farm doesn’t do so in public.

People who “attempt” suicide in public don’t really want to die; they want help and attention. theres the problem-safety still onEven the jumpers who climb out on the thirty story ledge don’t really want to die. Otherwise they would climb out and jump instead of standing around for an hour waiting for the TV crews to show up.

Don’t get me wrong. I am saddened that anyone should feel so alone and helpless that they would actually chose death by their own hand. Equally though I am pissed off that people should use someones pain to cast aspersions on two people who could not have had anything to do with this suicide.

It is even possible that this nurse had just stood up to walk out and kill herself; when the phone rang and she decided to answer this one last call. That is certainly far more likely than the call triggering her suicide.

She may have had this day marked on her calendar for weeks or months; “Death Day”. Who knows. The one thing I do know is that call or no call; this woman was going to kill herself; if not today; then next week or next month. I know because she did it. She didn’t call anyone after taking pills. She didn’t threaten to commit suicide; she just went off and ended her life; a choice I understand; as sad as it is; and one I would never deny a person in such real pain.

Nancy and Jane; Kiss my ass. Your cruel and vicious attacks and hate filled sensationalist style and rhetoric sicken me as a human and enrage me as a Liberal and an American.corpse nancy


2 responses to “Helloooo; This Is The Queen…….BANG! I Say; I Think She Dropped The Phone

  1. Papizilla

    December 14, 2012 at 02:48

    Are we so certain she was not killed? Suicide just doesn’t seem to cut it for me. Maybe it is just me. No one knows why someone would kill themselves, but this phone call? Something is not stirring the Kool-Aid here.

  2. angrymanspeaks

    December 14, 2012 at 12:14

    That is an excellent question and one I did not address. I was so irritated by the accusations of guilt being leveled at these two DJs that I didn’t think to question the manner of death itself.
    She could have been murdered and it could have nothing to do with the phone call. I could be wrong but I doubt Prince William sent the “Buckingham Hit Squad” after her for answering the phone.
    The whole suicide thing does seem suspicious as you say. All she did was answer the phone and transfer the call to another nurse. It isn’t even as if she put the Duchess on the phone or gave out information.
    The one thing I am sure of is that the two Aussies are not responsible either way.


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