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I wish I had written this. The tattered idea that giving more money to those already swimming in it will create jobs has been DISPROVEN by the last two Republican administrations. Time to try something new. I have a commenter who continuously claims taxing the rich won’t help. That cutting taxes for the middle class and small business won’t help. The “Right” has been claimimg that small business needs help. If this is so; why the emphsis on less taxes for the wealthy? Small businesses are not run by the 1%. they are run by people mostly like you and I. They have been bamboozled into supporting the Republicans based on their false promises to help and a dersire to be seen as one of the wealthy businesses. The Republicans keep telling them that they are kindred spirits; that the Republicans will help make them BIG businesses. They have failed as can be seen from our current struggle to get back to even. After twelve years of Republican rule; the wealthy are still wealthier than ever and the middle class is sinking into poverty. Unfortunately;my economic savvy is wanting but it doesn’t take an economist to see that we were in such a slump four years ago because of the policies of the Right who held the Presidency ; largely due to their scare tactics regarding terrorism and 9/11. “mykeystrokes” has a far better grip. So read and enjoy and thanks as always to the author

Let’s get one thing straight: America is not facing a fiscal crisis. It is, however, still very much experiencing a job crisis.

It’s easy to get confused about the fiscal thing, since everyone’s talking about the “fiscal cliff.” Indeed, one recent poll suggests that a large plurality of the public believes that the budget deficit will go up if we go off that cliff.

In fact, of course, it’s just the opposite: The danger is that the deficit will come down too much, too fast. And the reasons that might happen are purely political; we may be about to slash spending and raise taxes not because markets demand it, but because Republicans have been using blackmail as a bargaining strategy, and the president seems ready to call their bluff.

Moreover, despite years of warnings from the usual suspects about the dangers of deficits and debt, our government can borrow at…

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  1. Steve

    December 12, 2012 at 19:47

    It isn’t necessarily the case that small business people are being bamboozled by the Republicans, its that we see two choices, them or the Democrats. Between the two, no business person in his right mind thinks MORE government intervention, taxes and regulations is going to help them. Facts are, this President talks alot of crap about helping the middle class and being there for small businesses but talk is cheap and when you see what he actually DOES and not what he says it’s not too hard to figure out that this President despises business unless they are large enough and rich enough to pad the pockets of politicians from BOTH parties that are willing to sell their influence to the highest bidder. In the case of the Democrats, the largest players are the trade unions that they are in bed with. It also doesn’t help that every tome you turn around the Dems are putting forth policies that hurt small business. For example in case you care…we remember ‘you didn’t build that”. that says it all to me because I did build that, not with government help but in spite of it!

    • angrymanspeaks

      December 13, 2012 at 23:58

      I don’t know what size your business is. It might help to know how many employees you have; what type of store you own (no deep details just the type of store would be good). I don’t know how you define small business either. That would also make it easier I think.

      You see two choices. Assuming that you really are a “small” business; just what is it that the Republicans have done for you during their last two administrations?

      I know you say that more government and more regulations are counterproductive. That they make it more difficult for small businesses to make a profit. I am sorry if that is true. Unfortunately we find ourselves in a situation where it may be neccesary for everyone to bite the bullet.

      The middle class are already biting it. The poor even more so and all the Republicans seem able to talk about is reducing Social Security and Medicare.

      I agree that there are ways that S.S. should be changed. They should change the eligibility standards so that a person who makes “X” number of dollars from a pension; investment income; or any other income source is not eligible to collect S.S. Social Security was never conceived as a way to provide an extra thousand a month for wealthy folks. It was planned to allow poor people and disabled people to receive that minimal starvation payment after they have worked their whole lives to no lasting benefit.

      Most American workers do end up with vitually nothing after they retire. Big pensions are for executives and highly paid scientists etc; not for the average worker. In this day and age it is difficult for a worker to stay in one place long enough to qualify for a pension. Since so many companies have gone to hiring more and more part-time workers to avoid paying for health care; retirement; etc; even staying in one job won’t work. Not to mention the problem that if all they will hire is part-time; a man will have to work two part-time jobs just to survive. Neither will provide health insuance; retirement; vacation; or any other benefits that full-time workers may receive.

      I believe that a man; any man deserves the best health care technilogically available no matter his ability to pay. I don’t think health care is a priviledge.

      As far as the unions are concerned; I understand the corruption that unions have represented and I understand and I understand that from a big business standpoint they are the enemy. That is only true and we only need unions because the business owners have never been willing to pay a fair wage or provide the benefits that their workers deserve. As we see by the extreme measures they are willing to take to avoid paying for Obamacare for their employees.

      They have; however; been willing to work a man 90 hours a week until he drops; work his children as he does the adults; fire him if he becomes ill; and lay him off with no income when times become a bit tough.

      So while you may not like unions (and they aren’t my favorite entities either) we have no option as long as the greed of the 1% keeps the workers unable to get a fair shake on their own.

      If you are a small business; I doubt that unions are of much concern to your hiring and pay practices as they mostly affect the larger industries but there are exceptions of course.

      I see this a a difference in concept. The wealthy believe they are so important to business that they can disregard the needs and rights of the workers; the worker feel that the wealthy would have a hell of a time producing widgets with out assembly line workers and so they deserve consideration.

      As far as “you didn’t build that” goes; I don’t think you were paying enough attention to what The President said. You apparently paid much attention to the Republican deceptions as to his words and meaning.

      “You didn’t build that” doesn’t have anything to do with government assistance in building your business. Assuming that you don’t run a one man business; we must assume you have employees; we must assume that you have people you buy stock and or supplies from.

      When you started your business; like any good Republican and most Democrats; you agreed to allow the bank to make money from your business as well. Why? Because you couldn’t have started the business without a loan. If you need to work out of a building; it had to be built or modified and refurbished to accomodate your particular needs. Someone else probably did all or most of that work. If you need to advertize your business; there are people who will design and implement a program for you. I you need to ship product; there are all of the people who move the product to the next destination for you. Truck drivers; railroad workers; etc. Again there are the employees who make or sell or import or otherwise produce or handle the product for you. Office staff; janitorial staff; the fireman who responds to put out your fire; teh cop who stops a break-in; the guy who wahses your windows etc. etc. etc; the list goes on and on.

      Without all of these people; you would still be standing in the middle of an open fiel;d dreaming of owning your own business. Come on Steve; you have to see that it is the height of conceipt to claim to have built a business; any business alone; unless you own the Psychiatry 5 cents stand over by Lucy’s house.

      When those people work directly for you; they are your employees; they are the people deserving of the most thanks for their help every day to make your business work and succeed. If you have full health care; so should they. If you no longer have to struggle just to survive because of your business then neither should they.

      This is why they work. They shouldn’t have to own a business to get health care. They should never have to watch as you line your pockets with the profits from a business they helped to build. They should never have to watch you drive a Lincoln while they walk or take a bus to work. They don’t have to have a Lincoln but if they can’t afford a Chevy; you should be driving a Chevy so they can afford one. Because really; not having a vehicle at all in this country; today; is just not acceptable. Just some examples of specifics but the issue isn’t so much about items or specifics; it’s about fair play and fair pay.

      When you went into your business did you believe you would become some sort of priviledged aristocrat just because you put up the money. Did you believe that you were wholly responsible for the building of that business? Really? Did you never intend to give credit to all of the employees and others who work hard to make this happen for you? You deserve credit for your idea and your investment and your own work which I am sure is considerable; but not all the credit. You deserve to make a profit; but not at the expence of your workers. You deserve the loyalty of your employees but only as far as you are willing to share the wealth enough to allow them to live decently. If all your business does is raise your own standard of living; it is a wasted effort; unless you can figure a way for every person to have their own business. When you build a business it is intended to improve your life and the lives of those who work for you. If not; then that business is not contributing to the well-being of our nation.

      The problem is that not everyone can have their own little money making machine like you do. if you own a business and take home say; 1 million a year from it; is it right that you should only pay the guy who sweeps up twenty thousand a year? NO I’m afraid not. Do you really need a million a year to live very well? No. Can that sweep-up guy make it on twenty thousand? NO You see the disparity? Everyone deserves to live well or decently for their work not just the guy who needs it least; the guy who put up money. If you don’t see the fairness and the rightness of this then you better take a long look in the mirror; and open your eyes this time.

      If you want and expect a person to work hard for you so you can succeed; you must feed them. Why should a person work for you for thirty or forty years if all you pay them is starvation wages and no benefits worthy of the name? I don’t get it. You’ll say if he wants to eat he’ll work. He’ll work because he has to to survive.

      That means that you admit to exploiting these people because you can; because you are in a position of financial superiority. “Bathe me in Champaigne; let the workers live in the filth.” ” I’ll have the Filet Miognon; my worker will have a Hot Dog” Really?

  2. Steve

    December 14, 2012 at 16:57

    You probably don’t believe me but you just described me and my philosophy almost to a T. I run a small construction company that I started back in 1979. I also own a small trophy and engraving shop that I just started with my oldest son four years ago. Through the construction company we were buying and selling real estate, flipping properties and I kept a couple for rentals. It does give me ascertain perspective as to how things really work that most people never see as I see first hand various government programs up close and personal shall we say, both coming and going.

    The problem, as I see it, isn’t about the need for a solution to societies problems, it’s the methods that you and I disagree on. Who’s going to provide the needed help? You think the federal government is the best solution. That by collectively pooling everyone’s wealth in Washington, they are best able to redistribute it as some elected buracrat deems most deserving. I think that is the worst possible and least effective method, and for several reasons.

    First of all, the Federal government has NO authority to do what they are doing. I believe very strongly in the Constitution and according to it, the Federal government is not given that authority.Iknow all about these supposed common good rulings from activist judges and all that but there is no authority in the Constitution to redistribute the wealth of the nation and le,ts cut the BS, that’s exactly what you guys on the left are advocating.

    secondly, the Federal government has a terrible track record of basically screwing up every program they have invented with over regulations and cost over runs and corruption. Why, pray tell do you have any confidence that any other program they implement would have a different outcome?

    thirdly, and the most reason that concerns me most is that it makes slaves out of those it claims to serve. We now have a large percentage of our population that are completely dependent on government handouts with no expectation of ever becoming self reliant. Some of these people are third and fourth generation recipients. Whever and whatever the government does FOR us is one more thing that we aren’t able to do for ourselves. There is a big difference between a hand up and a hand out. we are doing an incredible disservice to those that truly need help but it should be rare and limited. e now pay out unemployment benefits for 99 weeks? That’s almost two years. do you really think that those job a are coming back and 99 weeks isn’t even enough, they actually want more. it used to be 13 weeks and that is a great benefit to get if you are honestly looking for work. Majority of people aren’t looking for work, they’re getting a handout. I’m all about helping someone in need, I truly am but that is NOT what is going on. I have been hearing this great society crap for decades, since Lyndon Johnson. I’m not sure what the answer to some of these questions we face is but one thing I am absolutely sure of is that the current plan of taking from or group and giving to another is not it. we cannot continue to reward nonproductive behavior by throwing money at it and punishing those in our society that play by the rules and live productive lives.


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