Wal-Mart And Friends Push For Universal Health Care!

06 Dec
Hi. I represent the Walton family and we want Universal Health

Hi. I represent the Walton family and we want Universal Health

In a startling statement yesterday; the owners of the Wal-Mart “Chain of Chinese Product Distributors” announced their preference for a universal healthcare system to replace the current Obamacare…………..

…………………..The announcement came in the form of a release from the company stating that it would be joining Papa-John’s, Denny’s, and many other companies who say they will cut employee hours to below the full-time mark or as in the case of Denny’s; add a surcharge to flippin lidcustomer bills to cover the cost of Obamacare.

I can’t help but think that these “Capitalist Geniuses” have flipped their mother-lovin’ lids.

If Corporate America refuses to absorb the limited increase in costs and the co-responding loss of profit, it will force more and more people to the exchanges to seek insurance and many of those will be eligible for subsidies. Therefore the cost will increase and when it becomes oppressive; the government will see the truth; that they only way to provide health coverage for all Americans is to go with a “Universal Health System”

This will of course require an even bigger contribution from the Corps. and they will; once keep calm regulate businessagain; want to recoup their losses. No doubt they will fail to see that their unwillingness to allow the working class to live with dignity has brought us to this pass. They will wish to raise their prices and lower their wages to make it up. These actions will force us to enact further controls and regulations to prevent such unfair practices.

What they fail to note or see is that a decision had been made; by the people; whether consciously or un-consciously that the Corporations need to be limited as to the amount of profit they are allowed to realise. They need to be controlled so-as not to allow them to mis-use the people in their lust for ever larger profits and ever less responsibility.we the people

What they have failed to bother with is History. Historically; when the ruling, wealthy class refuses to allow the lower/working classes enough to live with dignity; fails to compromise to the satisfaction of all; it never goes well for the wealthy. Over and over we see the downfall of great empires and autocracies for this same reason and in the same, violent fashion. France; Russia; Libya; and many more.

These guys claim they are Right-Wing but they do things that are forcing us to move to the Left to seek justice for all. They are too inflated with self-righteousness and self aggrandisement to compromise and save the day. So; instead of a gluttonous pig 2little Socialism; they will likely end up with a lot of Socialism. I’m not sure what the final result will be for us but better too far left than too far right; I always say.

Yet; if these “Gluttonous Pigs” hold true to type; they will not see the truth until it is too late and they have lost all credibility.

Why are people never able to see the consequences of their actions. All must be paid for.

“The things we do; two by two;gluttonous pig 1

Are paid for one by one.”

(quote origin unknown)

Their gluttony is leading to their self-destruction


5 responses to “Wal-Mart And Friends Push For Universal Health Care!

  1. Papizilla

    December 7, 2012 at 06:45

    Reblogged this on The Ranting Papizilla.

  2. cadesertvoice

    December 7, 2012 at 16:13

    So we are to believe Wal-mart has all of a sudden come to their senses? They don’t want to pay for employee benefits, so now they want to get off free with UHC. Sorry Wal-mart. You have just shown your greed, madness and inhumanity to us all. You may as well burn your business model because we will continue the boycott until you only need one worker to do the job.

    On another topic, Mark…Thought you might like to know I gave you a “Blog of the Year” Award. You can read about it here. Just love your insightful blog and great writing!

    • angrymanspeaks

      December 7, 2012 at 18:02

      Thank you so much Marion for the comment and the award. I have declined this award from Jueseppi and so will not be posting it this time either. Not to be arrogant or give the impression that i feel that I am too good. I just prefer not to get involved in the revolving door process. I appreciate the thought; I really do and the prospect of the facebook group is tempting but for now I will decline. With all due respect, Mark

      • cadesertvoice

        December 8, 2012 at 00:22

        Mark, I understand. I usually don’t get involved in the revolving door either. I will this time. 😉

  3. Mana

    July 8, 2014 at 03:35

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