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06 Dec

american flagThe reason we as Americans can do anything is that we have the benefit; of the experience and knowledge; of the most diverse ethnic mix in the world. America is an experiment in race and culture mixing on a grand scale. What is happening today is not in opposition to the “American Experiment”; it is the “American Experiment”………..

……………………………The founders of our nation foresaw that adjustments would be needed to accommodate changes in our nation and the world. Thus Congress is empowered to make needed laws but those laws are supposed to support the Constitution; protect the rights of the people; never deny or take away those rights. That is the truly experimental part. The maintainence of the government and the rights of the people over time; through difficulties.

They never considered that anyone would try to run an efficient twentieth century or twenty-first century government in the same way that they were running their eighteenth century government. True; many were in favor of keeping the Federal Government as small as possible but I don’t believe they meant at the expense of the well-being of the people.

The “American Experiment” was a new thing when it began. Allowing the people to have a say in how they are governed; however limited; was a new concept; predicted to fail by many. Government by the will of the people. If we fail to abide by that will; as expressed by the majority of the people; we are in fact, destroying the very system we have pledged our allegiance to. We are admitting that the experiment has failed.

But the experiment is going on; alive and well. it’s just that we tried your way and found it wanting. It only felt good to the wealthy; (I know; who else matters; right?) To the vast multitude of the rest of us; it sucked and while that might be ok with you; it really isn’t ok for us; the majority; the 99%.

America was not begun with the understanding that if the wealthy didn’t like the way the vote was taking us; they could do away with it and return to an autocratic government.

Nobody guaranteed that we would stay a conservative country; willing to believe whatever we are told. Advancement in technology (something much supported by you when you wanted to sell us devices and software) have opened up the world to us. We can see what is really happening.

It has opened us up to the world as well. They can see what we are doing. They speak to us and we to them. In almost all nations; some form of democratic rule is in place. Some better. Some worse.

But the time has come to open our eyes and see what is happening. We are no longer the cutting edge of democracy. Other nations have passed us by while we were staying in one place socially and economically.

While our country has been embroiled in race wars and social class warfare; many other nations have come to accept a more diverse set of political possibilities and have willed to try new ideas. They have looked at the first modern democracy; America; and they have seen the decay and decline of our nation. They see the internal battles that have ripped us apart and forced us to hate each other. They have seen the effects of rampant Capitalism. They have seen what happens to a Democracy that is not tended and protected. They have looked at America and the Americans and they have found us wanting.

Not because we are any less than they but because we have failed to see the future in time to make the needed adjustments to protect our people from a threat inherent in our system. The threat of the Corporation to the individual’s rights and the threat of a wealthy class allowed to accumulate too much of the wealth.

Because we have failed to note the approaching threat; we are no longer a nation: Of the people; By the people; and For the people. We have become a nation more and more every day: Of the wealthy; By the wealthy; and For the wealthy. I don’t believe that was the intent of the Founding Fathers nor the Constitution. Do You?

I am not saying that just because a guy doesn’t want to work; he should be supported in style.

I am saying that if a guy CAN NOT work; he should not have to live a life of squalor and poverty.

I am saying that when a guy works every day 40 hours a week; he deserves to be paid enough money to feed, house, and clothe his family. And he needs to be able; without killing himself; to be able to make enough to allow himself and his family to enjoy life. Have hobbies; take a decent vacation every year; drive a vehicle that isn’t nickel and diming him to death; etc.

That is a life with dignity. Not a life of wealth. That is what every man who works deserves for his effort. No matter how menial or unskilled his job. Else why work at all?

As a matter of fact; why not just take what we need. It would be a bit messy and it would destroy us all in the end but; what the hell; we’re dying out here now. Does that make more sense? No it doesn’t but that is what ultimately happens when the wealthy refuse to share the money a little by paying a decent wage. When they live in splendour while the masses aren’t paid enough to live at all.

So we agree that most people can and should work; it’s just a matter of negotiating the right wage.

But because we are humans and have empathy; we also believe that those who truly are not able to work should have the same decent life.

Now I understand that you believe that anyone who isn’t succeeding is just lazy and shiftless but that just isn’t true. There are those who are but here are many who are not; who are legitimately unable for one reason or another to function socially or perform productive labor.

Deciding which is which and who is deserving, is and has been since the inception of the “Social Safety Net” the job of a group of civil servants; doctors; medical technicians; and administrative judges.

You can’t just walk in; say you can’t work; and get a check. Unless you are Terminal; it takes about two years and three appeals to get a Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) check. It takes some months to get an Suplimental Security Insurance (SSI) check. (the Social Security program for those who are unable to work but who never were able to work long enough to pay in enough to qualify for normal disability benefits).

Welfare or Temporary Cash assistance; Food Stamps; and Medical Assistance are available to everyone else if they meet certain criteria. TCA is for single parents with children who have no other means of support and for families who have no way of supporting themselves. This is temporary help requiring you to volunteer and/or find work.

Single men; Black; White; or Purple cannot receive TCA. They may receive temporary Food Stamps  and Medical Assistance if their income remains low enough but; not cash.

If you are homeless; it’s worse. You can’t get Food Stamps “because you have no place to cook food” If you have no income; you can’t get into Government Subsidized Housing. And God forbid you be caught smoking a joint. You can lose it all and be back on the streets. You can lose your children; your home; and everything you have if you are living on the Government dime.

So don’t tell me that I’m just lazy or that my neighbor who can’t keep his own rent paid and bills paid without help from a friend; who isn’t able to explain what the problem is if he has to return something to a store; is just lazy and needs to get a job.

I worked every day for over thirty-five years and I paid my “dues” as well as my taxes.          My neighbor? He has never held a job for more than a week or two. Usually takes about a day or two. Should we let him starve or live outdoors?

Those other nations you claim are so poorly led and politically scary? They don’t let this happen to their people. Do you know that we are the only developed nation that does not have a Universal Healthcare Program? Is it possible that they are all wrong and we; the only ones who are right? Hmmm. Sounds highly unlikely to me.

Everywhere else; if you are sick; you get the best treatment they have to offer. Here? Not so much; unless you are wealthy.

Is this really fair? Are you really so unwilling to give up a bit so that everyone can live decently and all can prosper together?

If you built that; you did so with the help of many others. Don’t all those people deserve to get a fair amount of the profit in the form of decent wages. If you hitch up an Ox to grind your

Starving OxUnable to produce

Starving Ox
Unable to produce

grain for you to eat; then you refuse to feed the Ox; both the Ox and you will die of starvation.

If you feed the Ox well; it will become ever stronger and be

Healthy Ox Ready to work.

Healthy Ox
Ready to work.

able to grind more grain for you to get fat from. Tit for Tat and everyone is happy.

Otherwise you wind up where you are now; Cowering in a subterranean fortress; paranoid and isolated; believing that everyone wants to take your wealth. Living in as much misery as those you refuse to pay for their work. Telling yourself that there is no need for you to help because anyone can succeed in America and all who don’t are just lazy.

Wake up man and smell the Rich Columbian Roast. The world has changed and it has become a real bitch. The days of rugged individualism; if they ever existed; are gone.

Now; if we don’t stand together; we will all fall alone. Most can succeed; but not everyone can excel. You shouldn’t have to excel; to live.


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8 responses to “Hey Steve!

  1. Papizilla

    December 7, 2012 at 06:34

    Reblogged this on The Ranting Papizilla and commented:
    Read. Love. And share, share, share people!

  2. heretherebespiders

    December 7, 2012 at 19:08

    I’m waiting for Steve. He said he liked to debate…

    • angrymanspeaks

      December 7, 2012 at 19:30

      Yes; I was wondering what happened to him. He may be out; working hard to amass a fortune and become one of the 1%. He could be out in search of puppies to drown or kittens to step on. LOL. I just don’t know. Perhaps I finally said something he can’t find fault with;…..perhaps; or not. I’m sure he will be back with pistols blazing any day now. Thanks for commenting. And Steve thanks you too; I think; yeh; I’m sure he does. He’s not bad really; just misunderstood; or confused; yes confused; I think. LOL Peace

      On Fri, Dec 7, 2012 at 2:08 PM, angrymanspeaks

      • Steve

        December 8, 2012 at 19:39

        Sorry, I just had a minute to check your site. thanks for your imput. I actually agree with more of your points than you may think, just not the methods of how to get there. Give me a little time to respond in a more meaningful way. I’m actually trying to get my store geared up for the Christmas season. We’re having a special next week on wet puppies and flat cats.. Thanks! Steve

      • Steve

        December 9, 2012 at 13:16

        I will do my best to leave an adequate response in a very limited space in a very limited medium. Your first premise you make in your article is in error as you determine that America is great because we have a diverse culture that somehow through some sort of “mixing” we prospered. No, America became great because our founding fathers didn’t trust government and set up a system of governance that was to allow us the maximum amount of INDIVIDUAL freedom as possible and still maintain a limited central government that kept public order. The very reason we became America in the first place was to throw off the shackles of a tyrannical government, Great Britain.

        After the revolution, faced with the task of setting up a government for our new country, they argued for years over how and what would be able to maintain civil order, unite and bind the individual states together into one country and still guarantee the rights of the individual. They came up with the idea of a Constitution that stated the exact role of the government and the exact rights of the INDIVIDUAL in the Republic that they created. Along with that the Bill of Rights. You should look it up and read it sometime. You will find it very interesting. It states quite clearly the rights that WE THE PEOPLE have from the government getting in our business. no where in it does it give the government the right to usurp the individual rights of the INDIVIDUAL as all you Progressives falsely think. Just the opposite. There are less and less individual rights as our government becomes ever larger and larger and more and more tyrannical as it gets more intrusive in our daily lives. Every time the government does anything for us, we the people lose the right and the freedom to do it for ourselves.

        Let me give you some examples as to how we differ. Because of space I will have to be rather brief, but lets take healthcare for example. We both agree that there are many in this country that have a need for better healthcare. Some cannot afford high premiums due to pre existing conditions or need a procedure that isn’t covered in their existing plan. Ok, I get it. The facts are that most people, not all, but a large percentage of people already have good healthcare coverage. Your solution is to have the federal government, who by the way has a long track record of incompetence and inability to do just about anything efficiently and cost effectively, take over the entire healthcare system of every citizen, which amounts to about one seventh of our economy? That’s insanity! By doing this we yield a vast amount of economic control to the government because, contrary to popular belief, it does have to be paid for by someone at sometime. I will bet you my last dollar that our new government run healthcare system will NOT be efficient or cost effective and the coverage that we the people end up getting will be far worse than what we had. Most importantly, we have lost the freedom to pick and choose what coverage we need or want to pay for. For example, I don’t need coverage for maternity, AIDS, drug rehabilitation, mental health, etc., but I have to pay into a big pot so everyone else that does need that is subsidized. In my opinion it would be far more cost effective for the government to insure the few that had the issue were taken care of than throwing out and trying to reinvent the best system in the world. Does it have flaws? Absolutely! There is reason why people come to the US when they have a medical issue.

        How about public welfare? It just so happens that I have first hand experience in this area. I have seen what actually goes on. Lets take subsidized housing shall we. I had a tenant, yes I am an evil landlord, lets call her Jane, who I inherited from the previous landlord when I purchased the building. At that time, Jane was an unwed mother with one child. She worked part time as a bank teller and got subsidized housing, Section 8. Her rent was $700 per month, Section 8 paid $578 dollars of that every month. In addition to that, welfare picked up the tab for her healthcare and her daughter, food stamps, voucher for her electric, heat is included in rent and several other alphabet named programs and subsidies. She had a big screen TV in the living room, a TV in her bedroom and her daughter had one in her room. Every time I went into her apartment I observed almost every light on, usually at least one of the TVs on and on numerous occasions the bathroom window was left open while the heat that I was paying for was running. I looked in her refrigerator on one occasion and noticed she was buying Boars Head lunch meat from the local corner store and her shelves were full of every name brand expensive product on the market. My own family NEVER purchased those products because we just plain couldn’t afford it. My kids ate store brand cereal growing up. After about three years of owning this building the Section 8 check I received went from $578 per month to $638 a month. Do you want to guess what changed? She had her second illegitimate child, so welfare gave her a raise. In the four years that she lived in my building, her portion of the rent that she actually had to pay, was on time twice. This is poverty in America? This is reality! This is what government hand outs creates. Just an isolated case you say? Not hardly, ask any landlord that deals with Section 8 people, the stories will be similar. The government isn’t providing aid and comfort to this girl, they are creating slaves. Not only is this girl reliant on the government for her existence, they control her housing, health and food source, but they now control the next generation as well. This family and millions of others just like them are controlled by the very government that says they want to help. SLAVERY IS NOT HELP!! This girl surrendered her freedom to choose for herself and her family for a big screen TV and a box of Cocoa Puffs.

        I could go on and on for pages and pages but I will stop and let you try to digest my thoughts. I don’t really disagree with a lot of what you say, but I do disagree most passionately as to your methods. Personal freedom must be at the forefront of ANY solution to societal problem or we as humans will cease to exist as anything but a slave for the state. I look forward to your response. thanks! Steve

  3. Steve

    December 9, 2012 at 14:34

    I guess I should try to respond to your points about capitalism and our economy directly as a large portion of your article was directed to that. I really don’t care much what “system” you want to call your economy that you, the so called 99% want to impose, it is kind of immaterial to me. You want to denigrate capitalism because you say it doesn’t work and if what we have had here in America for the last fifty or sixty years is what you call capitalism, then I would have to agree that it isn’t working. In order for capitalism to work, it can’t be controlled by the government, which is what we’ve been trying for about the last sixty years. It is NOT the role of the government to control the economy by picking winners and losers, new technologies,corporate subsidies, bailouts and other ways our government sticks its nose in our economy. That’s the real reason why or economy is in shambles. It is not the governments role to guarantee results, it’s the governments role to guarantee fair play and equal opportunity to compete. A level playing field so to speak. You are correct that corporate America is out of control, they are. No doubt about it. Why are some corporations given sweetheart contracts, money to NOT produce, special rules and regulations, etc? What is the common denominator? Government! It isn’t capitalism that’s the problem, it’s that government has taken control of our economy and is selling the right to compete in it to any business that can and will pay to do so. No longer does a corporations bottom line depend on making a better mouse trap that they can sell or a better service that they can give to be able to profit and therefore survive. It now depends on which politician has enough political pull to give them the advantage they need to have a leg up on any other competition. In other words, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. Our government now decides which company and thereby which product and technology will be implemented by which company will pay our politicians the most. Our government is for sale to the highest bidder and corporate America is where the most money is. It really isn’t hard to figure out. It’s nothing more than pay to play on a large scale. To a corporation it’s nothing more than any other cost of business such as wages paid, cost of raw materials, labor contracts or healthcare for employees, it’s ultimately just added to the cost of doing business and put onto the backs of the consumers that ultimately buy their product or service. It’s easier for these large corporations to compete in this type of market, and that’s what it is,a market, because they can control their costs better and their margin of profit is guaranteed. They have the most money, so for them it’s a no brainier. It s great for them but it kills the small business people because they don’t have the money to compete on that scale and an over oppressive government sucks the life out of them through ever higher taxation and more stringent government regulations. It’s certainly not an easy fix but I can tell you the problem is NOT with the average businessman such as myself, it’s the government that all you Progressives insist on giving more and more power to. Their desire for power can never be quenched. They will take total control if we allow them. Corporate America is NOT your enemy, it’s the government that they are forced to play ball with. Open markets and open competition without government participation is the answer to our economic woes. Governments role is to ensure FairPlay and equal opportunity NOT equal results

    Not everyone is, should or has a desire to be a businessman. That’s good. Some people just want to put in their 40 hours, go home and watchnTV with the wife and kids, take two weeks vacation every year and put away a little so their kids can go to college if they want. There’s nothing wrong with that. Some people though have a willingness to put in 80 hours or more a week, take a chance and invest their savings in an idea they had for a better mousetrap because they want a big house in the suburbs or a house at the shore, or a Ferrari or whatever. Why in your world is that such a crime if that’s what they want to do for THEIR life? I don’t understand why that’s such a crime. Why are they not looked at as an example to achieve instead of some sort of a pariah because they have more than you? We are NOT all the same. We all have different goals in life. Anyone in this country has the opportunity to succeed at whatever they want, pretty much. I understand there are exceptions, but not nearly as many as you would have us to believe. I don’t care if a person is black or white, purple or green, blind, bow legged, crippled or crazy, you CAN be successful in this country. The opportunities are there! Is it easy? Hell no it’s not easy. If it was easy, everybody would be doing it. I submit to you that THAT is why people from all over the world want to come to America. It’s not because we are some great land of ethnic diversity, it’s because here, there’s a CHANCE! A chance to become what you dream to be! I know for a fact, that this is true. I’ve seen it. I’ve experienced it.

    Most people,not al, but certainly what you refer to as the 99% are just plain willing to do what it takes to be what I will call “successful”. They look around and se the boss come to work and in his Mercedes 560 and assume he either cheated someone or he obtained it because they work hard for him and he doesn’t share the wealth with them so he must be some evil character because he has more than me. I’m telling you that I’ve been there. I thought the same thing about most of my bosses too until I became the boss. None of my people were there when my kids were wearing hand me down clothes, eating hot dogs from care packages brought over by their grand parents, nailing shingles on a hot roof in August, paying insurance and filing government papers and tax returns, matching each employees SS and so on and so on. I never knew what was involved until I actually did it, and do you know what? Neither do you unless you have. I am 56 years old and about two weeks ago I took the first two,week vacation of my life. I have worked like a dog, saved and gambled everything I’ve worked 80 plus hours a week for for forty years. You tell me I’m greedy because I don’t want to share that with someone who is unwilling to do a tenth of what I’ve done for themselves and I’m the evil one? I have what I have because I’ve worked for it. You have what you have because that is ultimately what you’ve worked for through the life choices you’ve made for yourself. I owe you nothing but the opportunity to prosper for your self as you’ve prepared for. Why am I evil for that?

    • angrymanspeaks

      December 19, 2012 at 02:37

      On Sun, Dec 9, 2012 at 9:34 AM, angrymanspeaks

    • Doughboy

      July 8, 2014 at 03:49

      Your answer was just what I neddee. It’s made my day!


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