Now That The Republicans Have Lost The Election; Wait; Let Me Say That Again; Now That The Republicans Have Lost The Election;Just Sounds Good Huh?

24 Nov

Now that the Republicans have lost the election; many are tearing their outer garments and pulling their hair out trying to figure out why they lost; other than “Anonymous” preventing the wide-spread fraud that Karl Rove and friends thought they had so meticulously planned. It is a real problem. The Republicans are just beginning to realize that what they have; America doesn’t want.

So how does one take a party like theirs; steeped in the superstition and ignorance of the Middle Ages; and make it palatable for 21st century voters?………………….

……………………..I just finished reading an article on

I recommend you read the article but for our purposes I will quote a few lines and make my own points about this issue.

“This week, the Republican soul-searching and polite recriminations via anonymous quote exploded into an all-out war of words between representatives of two wings of the party that have never gotten along, but largely kept quiet for the good of the conservative cause.”

Mike Murphy

“In one corner are the consultants, Steve Schmidt, who managed John McCain’s 2008 campaign, and Mike Murphy, who advised Mitt

Steve Schmidt

Romney. In the other corner is Rush Limbaugh, the embodiment of the conservative id in human form.”

Schmidt took the bait.

“Our elected leaders are scared to death of the conservative entertainment complex, the shrill and divisive voices that are bombastic and broadcasting out into the homes,” he said in a clear reference to the radio host.

Murphy tagged in and continued the pummeling, this time calling out Limbaugh by name.

“If we don’t modernize conservatism, we can go extinct … we’ve got to get kind of party view of America that’s not right out of Rush Limbaugh’s dream journal,” Murphy said. He continued to deliver the blows:

“We alienate young voters because of gay marriage, we have a policy problem. We alienate Latinos — the fastest growing voter group in the country, because of our fetish on so-called amnesty, when we should be for a path to immigration. And we’ve lost our connection to middle-class economics. We also have an operative class and unfortunately a lot of which is incompetent … The biggest problem Mitt Romney had was the Republican primary. That’s what’s driving the Republican brand right now to a disaster.”

“All these consultants, do you realize they get rich no matter who wins or loses? Little-known secret,”

Rush Limbaugh

Limbaugh said (right again). “We need to get rid of conservatism, is what is he’s saying. We need to get rid of all these people shouting stupid conservative stuff,” the radio host added.

“The openness and viciousness of the conflict, illuminates the front lines in the civil war as the party tries to remake itself for future elections.”

At first glance; one may be tempted to take these men seriously.

That would; I fear; be an error.

What we have is a discussion between two sides. The one believes that the Republican Party should change its policies to attract more voters.

The second group; the Limbaugh group; believes they should stick to their Conservative/Republican guns.

I predict that the consultants will ultimately win this argument. Despite that these guys were directing a campaign based on those traditional Republican policies taken to the extreme just weeks ago.

I am guessing that Mr. Murphy had an epiphany shortly after cashing his last check from the campaign. He probably saw the contempt the majority of Americans feel for his Party; or perhaps it happened as soon as he discovered that Karl Rove had been short circuited by “Anonymous” and the votes were actually going to the correct candidates.

Either way; they will win. Rush will complain loudly and indignantly. He will do this because it is his nature; because Rush Limbaugh is not an “Authoritarian Leader”.

He is an “Authoritarian Follower” with a gift for gab and a true belief. For all his bombast and

“Rush for Feurher”

bluster; Rush may be the most up-front, honest Republican you will meet. He has no qualms about saying what he thinks; even if what he thinks borders on Fascist Theocracy.

Though Rush will play his part with enthusiasm; the leadership and these consultants he so disdains will actually be pushing all the buttons and pulling all the strings. The purpose of Rush’s performance? To create the impression in the minds of the base; that the Party is resistant to changes like those proposed by the consultants.

In reality; the leaders know that they have no choice but to do what comes naturally to them. They know that if they are to have a chance of maintaining any place of power in this nation; they must give up what used to work and embrace what works today.

It doesn’t matter that they don’t believe in the new policies. They didn’t believe in the old policies.

Policy; belief; truth; these are all words that the Republicans define; in their mind as; “whatever gets me what I want”.

Beliefs are just concepts that they can use to manipulate an easily led base and attract the more gullible of the Independent voters.

That is what I see as the big difference between the Parties. The Democrats tell you what they intend; why they intend it; and then pretty much stick to those policies. They don’t achieve complete success; but they also don’t claim that they want to do one thing and then do the opposite when they get in office. No man is perfect and so neither is any Party but generally speaking this is the truth.

The Republicans have only one true agenda item but it is a HUGE one but it is also a hidden one. It is: to increase the wealth of the 1%; decrease the wealth of the 99%; create a Corporate Oligarchy with Theocratic overtones; and dominate the entire world in a conspiracy of lust and greed with the 1% from around the world.

Everything else the Republican Party claims to embrace; is flexible; changeable; complete lies because these people are not capable of believing in anything other than their own righteousness and superiority. If you look up: “The end justifies the means”; you will find a picture of a Republican as the illustration.

So; while these various men fight and argue over the direction the Party should take; remember; it is already a foregone conclusion. A done deal.

They will lie (as usual); they will suddenly begin to sound more moderate and Rush will either fade away or be convinced to lie as well to help the Republican Base adjust to their new Religion; “NotSo-Fundamentalism” ; and their new Political Position; “NotSo-Conservatism.

Will it work? Will the public be fooled? They have been before.

These guys are so ruthless; so totally without conscience that it is difficult for normal; empathetic; caring people to believe anyone could be so uncaring and greedily lustful.

That is what they are counting on. It is why the wolf succeeds at hunting sheep. It is why the caged snake so easily takes the white mouse.

The little factory raised mouse has no clue that anything as cold-blooded as the snake exists; wouldn’t understand if he could be told; and so he dies still believing all the world is safe and good at heart.

We can never allow ourselves to become that mouse. If we can avoid becoming the mouse; we can prevent the Republicans from becoming The Snake.

We must call them out for their lies. Refuse to buy the “New Republican Party”.

Most of all, we need to be absolutely sure that we support the policies of President Obama and constantly push to achieve a more successful result for the 99%. One that can not be ignored. One that will assure our continued move to the Left; far enough to create peace; comfort; and justice for the 99%.

This will take more than just the next four years so we will need to keep the faith and keep finding new candidates who will continue what President Obama has put in motion.

For those few people who have accused me of giving long explanations to short questions.

Obama = Good; more honest; for everyone

Republicans = Bad; liars and cheats; for the 1%

Got it?


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2 responses to “Now That The Republicans Have Lost The Election; Wait; Let Me Say That Again; Now That The Republicans Have Lost The Election;Just Sounds Good Huh?

  1. rumpydog

    November 24, 2012 at 23:20

    Knowing what I know about human nature, I don’t believe they’ve hurt enough to learn anything.

    • angrymanspeaks

      November 25, 2012 at 14:08

      Perhaps. It could be that; in their hearts; they believe this is just another temporary slump. I hope not. If so; a couple more elections like this last one is bound to open enough of their eyes. i don’t think all of them could still be in denial though. the Leaders of the Republican Party are not stupid in a conventional sense. Some are very sharp. It’s what they tell their followers that shapes what we think of as their agenda. The public one. From that; if we are aware; we can learn much though. Who they are attempting to manipulate; why; how that will forward their real agenda without being obvious. When I think about Republican Policy; I give up the normal urge to take it at face value and i begin to think deeply as though I were playing chess. Now; I’m not that good a player so I am sure that I miss much that is to be disearned but even I see the multiple levels of reasoning and planning that go into what they tell the public and especially their base of “Believers”.


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