Mandate – The Authority; Granted by A Constituency; To Act As Its Representative.

16 Nov


The Turtle and The Ground Sloth.

To: Speaker John Boehner; Senator Mitch McConnell 

It must be killing you.

So we pray; (E nominea Diminoes; et a nice Filet; et Spirits of Sanctimonium)

Barack Obama; whom you have done your best to defame and degrade; elected for a second term; with a clear mandate from the American people to finish the job they elected him to do.

The Mandate? Help the middle class and make America a land of equality for all people…………..

…………………You Old Creepy Critters been running your mouths a lot lately too. Trying to cover your embarrassment?

The same old chicken shit as always; but you are right about one thing. The people do expect The President to finish the job they elected him to do. They recognise that the first term was difficult because of the POO (Party of Obstruction); they realize that the first term was a set up for the second term.

The second term is the time to bring the hammer down and finish that job. Can’t be elected a third time? Might as well fuck up some old Fascists. Sounds right to me.

The Job? Grinding the Fascist GOP into submission; forcing them to open their eyes and see the huge wave of repulsion and disgust the American people (most of them) feel towards a Party whose only real opinion is that; they don’t want a Black man as President.

Barack Obama could find a cure for cancer; give it away free; feed the world ;and make the whole world; “The American Empire” and they would still call him a failure in public and a N—-r behind closed doors.

If I were a kinder Angryman; I might feel sorry for them. Kindness though is not something they understand and they would just try to turn it to their evil advantage. It doesn’t ever pay to be kind or understanding to people like these.

Much like wild animals in your house. You feel for the fuzzy little squirrell who shelters in your attic, but you have no sympathy for the Rattlesnake who slithers into the house; lays in the kitchen door and threatens to bite anyone who trys to get at the food. The squirrell may take something to eat but the snake will kill you; and the squirrell.

The only answer is to do away with the Rattlesnake by killing it or throwing it far away from your house to live or die on its own in the cold; cold; winter of public distaste and revulsion.

The Republican Party deserves no sympathy and they deserve no; none; zero; respect.

But They Control The House of Representatives; Don’t They?

The only reason the Party Of Obstruction still controls the House of Representatives is that they were elected by pockets of Republicans in heavily Republican Districts. It is important to remember the relatively small number of people; represented by each House Representative. Not the number of people living in their district but only those who support them.

Living there as well is a captive number whose point of view is not represented by the position of the Representative. Open the election of Representatives to all the people in most states and you will find they loose that majority. This is shown by the fact that the Democrats still hold a majority in the Senate where the entire state votes for two Senators.

We learn much from this. We learn that if a vote is left to a plebisite; the Republicans would find themselves in a losing battle for a practically non-existent country; one that only ever really existed in their minds as a tool to deceive themselves into self-righteousness.

The Republicans; it is clear; now hold a minority position within our nation. The world is becoming ever more complex and the people are becoming ever better informed and aware of the multiplicity of facts that attend any internationnal or even national event.

Before the Internet; it was easy to spin a story pretty much as they wanted to. Just hold a press conference and tell it like they wish it was. Who would know the difference between the truth and a well crafted lie? People didn’t get enough information; quickly and reliably enough to be sure what was likely to be truth.

But since the advent of instantaneous communication and open dissemination of facts; it isn’t so easy in most cases. Now; the Republican’s favorite tactic is; “Overabundance of Information”.They flood the net and air waves with so many conflicting reports and statements that it quickly becomes impossible to tell the truth from the lies.

In the end though; it isn’t so hard to know what the true Policy (there is only one) and the true belief (one also) of the Republican Party is.

The Republicans have only one policy. “Take Take Take”

Take more money.

Take more political influence.

Take more freedom. (because they are all about Freedom; taking it from us; for themselves) 

Take more power to empoverish and starve the lowly masses.

And the Belief? That they are “Superior in God‘s Mind” and in their own; to anyone who; well; to anyone

I would gladly spit right in the face of John Boehner and Mitch Mc Connell if I had the chance.

That’s what they have done to our President for the last four years and their treatment of him has shamed and embarrased our whole nation.


*At no time were any Squirrells or Rattlesnakes harmed during the production of this piece.

** The author would like it noted that he personally; is a friend to both Squirrells and Rattlesnakes and often has several over for Cocktails.

***Not too popular with the Cocks though; I must admit.


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