Tread Carefully; Fiscal Cliff Dead Ahead

15 Nov

So once again we are warned of an imminent financial disaster looming just over the horizon unless drastic action is taken.

That is the picture the Republicans have painted in hopes of making The President look guilty if an agreement is not reached. They hope to keep the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy and the Bush tax cuts for the Middle Class attached to one another so that they can try to force President Obama to extend the tax cuts for everyone including the top 2% of the nation.

I don’t believe that Barack Obama is a man to be pushed into any such thing.  If I did; I and millions upon millions of my Brothers and Sisters in the fight for freedom and equality wouldn’t have worked so hard to elect and re-elect him.

The President has proposed and supported a Bill which has already been passed by the Senate; approved by the Democrats in The House and is now just waiting for the Republicans in The House; led by the ever disrespectful and quite plainly Racist; John Boehner; to decide if they are willing to oppose the will of the majority of Americans who have sent this president a mandate to increase taxes on the top 2% or if they will pretend to be willing to accept such an action so-as to appear co-operative while they plot their next attempt at undermining the will of the people and the authority of their President.

The only sure thing is that whatever they do; it will be for a reason only they know and will be whatever they think will make them look their best. They will however; harbor a flaming hot hatred for Barack Obama for defeating them.

So what else can I say? What might the Angryman tell you that is new or beyond what I have already said?

Well as it happens I would like to say that…………

……………..I have no doubt that the Bush Tax cuts will end for the wealthy. I hope that The President isn’t tempted to compromise on the tax rate that the wealthy will revert to after the end of “Bush”.

The first assumption that one might make is that the rates would revert to the pre-“Bush” rates. This may be true but; I’m not at all sure it is a given.

Of course; you probably could guess that I wouldn’t be averse to both the old rates and the closing of the much touted “Loopholes” that are prefered by the Republican leadership.

First; anything the Republicans prefer needs to be carefully examined for “Booby Traps” or other deceptions designed to lessen the burden on the wealthy despite our commitment to increase that burden.

Now; don’t get me wrong. I have a world of faith in My President. I believe he is a man of integrity and dignity. I believe him when he says he is committed to helping the “Real Americans” of the poor and middle class.

I also know the pressure that the game of politics can put on a leader to compromise too much to gain something more symbolic than truly beneficial.

Will closing Loopholes offer as much revenue as raising the rates? I think not.

Wouldn’t it be backing off from the attack; just when your opponent is nearly on his knees in submission to concede to this kind of pressure? I think it would.

No! I say go for the Jugular. This Republican Party can not be trusted. They have proven this.

This Republican Party needs to be driven to ground; made powerless; perhaps even driven into non-existence.

The wealth that the corporations  are sitting on; stubbornly refusing to invest in this nation for fear they may actually have to bite the bullet and take a slightly lower profit; needs to be used to grow the economy and pay for the  national debt.

After all; I don’t recall anyone asking me if it was Ok for the government to borrow 16 trillion dollars; I’m pretty sure they never asked my Dad either.

So from my point of view; the wealthy made this debt and it is the wealthy that should be expected to pay most of it. If it wasn’t for the greed of the wealthiest of our people and corporations; this debt would have been unnecessary.

When the need for these series of loans that put us in such debt was first recognised; these wealthy corporations and people should have immediately donated the required billions to avoid this debt. It is their country also; is it not? Do the wealthy not benefit more than anyone else from the opportunity to be American? If so; then they should have been happy to pay the expenses that the government was unable to cover through the normal revenue gathering.

Simple; right? And so un-arguably fair to all Americans.

Alas; their greed and selfishness; their great arrogance and self-righteous nature prevented these Republican Billionaires from doing what was best for America.

So; Mr. President; when you get in that room with Boehner and Mc Connell; keep in mind:

In ancient Rome when a Party or Politician lost his bid for supremacy; they were offered the chance to take the honorable way out.

They would usually throw a big party with a lot of alcohol and food and all their friends and family would attend. Then at some point the man would slip off and take a nice warm bath with a razor blade or sharp knife to open their arteries.

Now I’m not saying you have to be married to this tradition. There is some room for negotiation. You should be open to new ideas; such as; method of suicide; just kidding; I think.

But Mr. President; you will never convince us that having to pay a higher tax rate is going to affect the lifestyle or corporate success of these Uber-wealthy Capitalists run amuck.

Take them down Sir. Insist and refuse to allow them to pass the cost of these taxes to their employees and customers as is their wont.

That kind of behavior and greed is no longer acceptable to the other 98% of us still barely surviving in this nation.


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8 responses to “Tread Carefully; Fiscal Cliff Dead Ahead

  1. IdealisticRebel

    November 15, 2012 at 07:31

    Well done, my friend!

  2. IdealisticRebel

    November 15, 2012 at 07:31

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  3. Steve

    November 15, 2012 at 13:52

    Yea a mandate of the people? Maybe a mandate of those of you that continue to have their hands out for more and more government goodies. Certainly NOT a mandate for all those in the middle class fortunate enough to still have a job for the moment. He is not proposing any tax cut for anyone. All he is proposing is keeping the current tax rate for everybody EXCEPT for those evil rich people that continue to be villainized by you and yours for no reason whatsoever other than they have more than you.

    They aren’t going to pay anymore anyway, they are smart enough to move their investment offshore or some other creative way of not paying and guys like me will be left holding the bag AGAIN for guys like you that insist on taking more that doesn’t belong to you. You guys forget that everything you get that you didn’t earn is taken from someone else that did. There are no free rides! Thank you very much. Be careful, I don’t have much left.

  4. silentlyheardonce

    November 15, 2012 at 18:43

    Bravo!! I hear you loud and clear and I hope those who can make a difference can too.

  5. Valentine Logar

    November 17, 2012 at 15:32

    I wonder, Steve are you wealthy? Do you fall above or below the $250K mark. Are you aware that most of the wealthiest enclaves in the United States voted decidedly Blue in this election. All those wealthy people you are defending really aren’t looking for you to defend them.

    I will tell you right now, I am a small business owner. Some years I fall above the line others just below the line. Some years I struggle a bit, other years not so much. I am the only employee of my business. I work hard. I pay my taxes.

    I decidedly do not need you to defend me. I like taxes they assure me I will continue to live in a civil society. One that provides for the weakest members and shows compassion to its citizens. One that continues to support its infrastructure so I am able to work efficiently and effectively with my customers. One that protects me and mine.

    I want a civil society. One that treats all members equally. One that extends all members the same rights without putting those rights on a ballot for others to decide.

    I decidedly do not need the defense of those who do not understand the basics of a civil society but would rather create dystopia.

    • Steve

      November 20, 2012 at 18:11

      A civil society? Is that the one that determines that someone that didn’t work for what they get is entitled to what YOU earned? Is that the civil society that hates you just because you want to keep what you earned? What members of our civilized society don’t have the opportunity to work hard, make good life decisions and accept responsibility for themselves? Is my property mine or yours? What is civil about a society that doesn’t even recognize my right to keep what I earn, and I’m not talking about the necessity of paying taxes.

      • Valentine Logar

        November 21, 2012 at 00:43

        Yes Steve, you are indeed talking about Taxes. Taxes are the fuel of a Civil Society. You want Dystopia.

        We have the lowest tax rate and the one of the highest poverty rates in our modern history. Stop drinking the kool-aide Steve. Our infrastructure is falling apart. Our schools are failing the next generation. The ‘young guns’ in Congress worship at the alter of Ayn Rand, an escapee from Communist Russia who wrote bad novels based on unproven economic and social theory, with a core of selfishness and atheism as the baseline.

        Racism, sexism and inequality are rearing their heads. Theocracy is making its way into the halls of government. Science is being demonized in the name of a ‘God’ has no likeness to the Biblical Jesus.

        You have every right to keep what you earn, after you pay taxes. Those taxes should be fair, every member of society should pay them based on both active and passive income for the right and privilege they enjoy as citizens of this nation. Opportunity should be fair, the color of ones skin, ones gender nor ones sexual orientation should never prevent opportunity. The poverty of ones birth should not be the definition of ones future, today in 95% of all cases it is. Because of people who believe as you believe Steve, that your fellow citizen is not worthy.

        A civil society does not prey upon its weakest members Steve. Instead it ensures every child is afforded the opportunity to attend school, to be warm in the winter, to have food, to be healthy and see a doctor when it is needful. It ensures its aged are cared for Steve, it ensures those who came before us and contributed to this society do not suffer without heat in the winter, without health care or food. A civil society ensures its warriors are cared for, with any all assistance when they return from wars. A civil society builds upon its strength, this includes all of its resources it educates its young, it maintains its infrastructure, it explores opportunities to advance, it protects its lands, its water and all its other natural resources for future generations.

        Yes, Steve your view of the world is that of Dystopia. It is narrow and single-minded. It is not a view of a civil society but rather one of dog-eat-dog.

  6. Steve

    December 4, 2012 at 21:55

    I absolutely agree with almost every single word you wrote except I don’t see anybody starving to death or going cold or not being able to go to school. What I do see though is an ever increasing group of my fellow citizens that have become fat and lazy and more interested in scamming the system so they no longer are responsible for themselves. I don’t deny anyone that is truly in need of help from society, but that is way far what is happening in this country. I see an ever increasing federal buracracy that sucks the life out of those that work long and hard to keep what they work for. Those that are able to keep less and less for their own families because some one else feels its more important for them to eat steak, Cocoa Puffs and a 61″ big screen Tv while mine do without and eat name brand cereal because thats all WE can afford

    You need to spend some time in the real world out there because what you described isn’t what I’m seeing. I do not believe government is the answer to all our problems. Way too many takers and less and less of us that are willing to be enslaved by an out of control tyrannical government, and that madam is my beef, not taxes


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