All Aboard; This Train Is Moving Left

09 Nov

Official portrait of United States House Speak...I was listening to NPR this morning and John Boehner was making it clear that “The Republicans here in the house are ready to work with you Mr. President.”

Then they made it just as clear that they were waiting for The President to bend. No change in their position. They also stated that; the fact that; the House remained a Republican majority indicated that the people were in harmony with their tax policy.

But as they say; “Denial is more than a river in Egypt”

“The Party” is in deep shit. Their base is shrinking as we speak.

Americans are far too savvy these days to be duped by such clumsy actors and liars as Mitt Romney and even a good liar would be hard put to pull the wool over the eyes of America now. The young; the poor; the immigrants; the informed; the sceptical; all are too wise to buy into the “Sieg Heil” conformity that “The Party” demands; indeed; needs to exist.

The Republican Party has put a lot into seducing the poor white Fundamentalist “Christians”. This has been one of the reasons for their strong Right-Wing stance on matters best left to the individual’s conscience.

What will they do now? The fundamentalists may well desert the Party if it relaxes it’s stance on some issues.”The Party” will be seen as completely obstructionist if they do not relax some. If that happens; they will continue to lose seats in Congress.

The problem; the one these guys don’t get is; America doesn’t want their brand of Nationalism, Militarism, or Fascism. As even the Republicans will tell you; the demographics of this country are rapidly changing and the prevailing wind is blowing Left.

So pretending to move left won’t help the Republicans in the end.Their actions will show their colors.

What a quandary to find themselves in.

I suspect that eventually; the Republican Party will go the way of the Dinosaur.

Another Party will likely emerge. A Party farther Left than the Democrats.

What a position to find ourselves in.


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3 responses to “All Aboard; This Train Is Moving Left

  1. ohnwentsya

    November 11, 2012 at 06:13

    Reblogged this on 2012 Spirit In Action.

  2. kholli

    November 13, 2012 at 16:14

    But, this gives them license to claim later that they “tried” to work with the Dems and they were just “unreasonable.” Theya have already blamed the Dems for the failure to pass a budget and myriad other things, when in reality those of with brains know it is the result of excessive Right wing filibustering. It is all about appearances.

    • angrymanspeaks

      November 13, 2012 at 23:56

      You are right. It is about appearences or they hope so. I believe that the Republicans have been skating on their “appearence” for too long. I think that it is my job; our job; to be the little boy and stand up and yell “The Emperor has no clothes.” It is What The President did during the second and third debates and it’s what we did to assist. There are enough of “us” now that if we make enough noise; people will listen. If they lie; it must be revealed. They can’t be allowed to base a success on “Myths” as they tried to do last time. We are quickly becoming the significant majority of Americans.If we tell the truth; and expose the Republican’s lies; it should be the magic bullet that wiil prevent such a Conservative take-over. I hope. But you are right. the Republicans are admittedly crafty about their lies and not above any action that will support the lies even falsely.

      I believe they have already made it apparent that they are even willing to betray this government to reclaim what they perceive as their rightful place in our society. What they fail to get; is that it isn’t their prerogative to decide their place. That judgement belongs to the people and the people; being better informed and more liberal than ever are much more likely to see the truth despite the Republican Party’s dramatics and lies.

      Just quickly; “betray their country” is a term in need of clarification. You couldn’t charge Mitt Romney or Darrel Issa with Treason because their actions don’t necessarily meet the legal criteria. the same for the charge of Sedition. But is there doubt that revealing National secrets as Issa did or taking a public stand against The President during a time of crisis such as Ben Ghazi as Mitt Romney did are acts of betrayal against this nation. Acts that would certainly have been dealt with more harshly had the perpetrator been an average citizen and not a member of Congress or a presidential candidate. In their usual crafty way of committing crimes; the Republicans judged correctly that the Administration would not want to react so harshly because it would have been accused of targeting Republicans to gain a political advantage. Would their actions have constituted a serious charge? I don’t know enough of the details in the case of Issa and it really wouldn’t make a difference in the case of Romney. Also they are very good at walking the thin line between criminal and just inappropriate or disgraceful. They may have wanted a bigger reaction; charges to be filed; so they could attempt to cast aspersions on The President and his people by use of a legal technicalities which might reduce the appearence of the crime to a lessor one and theirfore make Obama look like a reactionary.

      The psychology of propaganda and misinformation is complex and multi-leveled and the Republicans are very good at it. Sorry to go so long. I think we just need to keep up telling the truth; it usally wins out iof not abandoned.


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