My Last Word Before The Election; Angryman Speaks

06 Nov

Well; this is it Brothers and Sisters. The time is finally here. All of our words and all of our promises to each other have brought us to this momentous time.

In my humble attempt to make clear the machinations of the Republican Party and their pet ape, Mitt Romney; I have met a large group of people who are all allied in this most American of endeavors.

These people are like me in so many ways. Their struggles in life; their belief in freedom; their belief in the Constitution; and most of all; their belief in Barack Obama. We have so many things in common; and yet; so many of us are still considered to be completely different from each other.

All of my life it was considered bad form to speak of this to the very people who were most affected by it. A long pregnant silence accompanied almost every effort. Even those closest to you were hesitant to talk about it; and so it stood; a huge elephant; always in the room. For many of my generation; this was the case.

Then in 2008 Barack Obama; a Black or African-American man became President of the United States.

For many younger readers; this event will have seemed like the inevitable end to a long wait; but to people my age (54); This event was; for most of our lives not thought inevitable; it was thought  impossible. Never to be.

Not that we thought the idea was bad; just that we felt that the Government establishment; the huge living breathing network of bureaucrats who stay as one administration gives way to the next would never allow it to happen.

Low and behold; in November of ’08’ it had happened and a whole new world opened up for those who noticed the opportunity.

In working for My President; I have ; as I say; met so many people who like me yearn for the changes that The President is bringing.

The differences that have kept us apart; even to this late time?

They don’t seem so big anymore. We seem to be able to discuss race and Racism in a much more open way than ever before. I believe this is directly related to the fact that Barack Obama is The President.

The elephant has left the room; hopefully he doesn’t find his way back and we; all of us who have stayed up nights; worked untill our eyes hurt; struggled to find just the right turn of phrase that would cause someone; anyone; to hear the logic and the love behind our words and those of The President; can keep the conversation going and finally find the way to the top of that elusive mountain ourselves.

Finally I believe the opportunity is right before us; to bring to fruition the dream that the good Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had; so many years ago. A dream of freedom and equality for all. A dream that the founding fathers gave mere lip service to but that Dr. King believed in with his entire being.

We are the children of that dream and that struggle. Never before have I felt qualified to say that. But today; because of my great respect and love for My President; and his for me and my experiences of late; I can and will say it. And I will live it. It’s time to get over the differences between us; not only by adjusting our beliefs but by bringing this to the surface so we can all; all of us of all races and colors; stand up; look the Racist; Right-Wing Fascist; hating bastards in the eye and say FUCK YOU!!! You; and your hate; and your pressure to keep the races apart and prevent the communication and empathizing that will keep that elephant out where it belongs and bring us all; together; to that place in the sun; where all people are “judged; not by the color of their skin; but by the content of their character”.

Where we can finally work as one united people to end Racism and poverty. We can see; if we are paying attention; that keeping the poor divided by their race and fomenting unrest and hatred between them; is the most effective tool the Racist Republican 1%ers have in their slimy little box of Fascist Thumb Screws and Testicle Crushers.

I considered reprinting Dr. King’s entire speech here today but I would just end up reading it and I don’t seem to be able to do that anymore. I guess because I now can see a way and I think to myself what a damned, unfair shame it is that Dr. King isn’t here to maybe see it too. They killed him in his prime but they didn’t and never will kill his dream.

I know in my heart that MY President  will carry the day and the nation; just as Americans knew in their hearts in 1941-45 that we would ultimately defeat the forces of evil arrayed against our nation and keep our nation free from the Nazi war machine and it’s soul slaughtering hatred and bigotry.

It can be done. NO!; more than that; it

must be done if we are to save this nation from damned liars like Mitt.

He isn’t the only one.  It’s good that he isn’t the best liar among them because his stumbling; bumbling; and his stupid superior smirk has given us clear warning of the premeditated and insidious attack being attempted against us and our American way of life.

The changes we seek won’t be completed tomorrow. The fight to prevent our degradation and possible demise as a people will go on after tomorrow and for as long as it takes. We must stand to gether as brothers.

Become involved now if you haven’t. Vote Vote Vote.

If you care about yourself; if you care about your family and friends; if you care about the future your children will have and what their life will be like; if you do not want your children to be virtual slaves to the Big Corporations and their Super-wealthy stockholders; VOTE for Barack Obama.

His Presidency is the first step and the most important step in saving this nation and saving the future for us; our friends; and our kids.

Get out and Vote!  It doesn’t take long. It isn’t hard. If you are not sure of any of the ballot questions; you don’t have to vote on that issue.  If you still are not sure of what to do when you arrive; just ask any volunteer; anyone sitting behind a table; or with a name tag;

“How do I Vote?”  They will be happy to show you.

Only your vote can put Our President back in office for the next four crucial years because your vote; is our vote; and the more of you who add your vote to ours; the bigger and more powerful our vote becomes like a wave rolling over the entire nation. A wave of people;  young; old; black; white; red; yellow; olive; and brown. People who realize; some of you for the first time; that your Vote does count; can count; because you are not voting alone.

When you cast your unique and one of kind Vote for Barack Obama I will be there beside you. Millions and millions of other people just like you and me and JB from and Walt from and all the other bloggers who have written about this for two years and more and all of the millions of other people who have seen the truth; we’ll all be there in that booth with you; and when you cast that vote; we will all be cheering and clapping and thanking you in our hearts for your wisdom and love and brotherhood that  brought you to this critical juncture in our lives.

So VOTE!!!  Take a few friends with you to vote. Ask your neighbor if they need a ride to vote. Get the kids out of bed and send them to vote; do anything you can think of to help us win this most serious battle for our lives.



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5 responses to “My Last Word Before The Election; Angryman Speaks

  1. IdealisticRebel

    November 6, 2012 at 03:00

    Great blog. Tomorrow is our day for celebration. Here is to President Obama.

    • Steve

      November 6, 2012 at 17:53

      God help the Republic if that happens!

      • eideard

        November 6, 2012 at 22:18

        The Flying Spaghetti Monster will vaporize those who try to halt republican democracy!

        You do recall the founding fathers meant the two words to be equal in weight, right?

      • kholli

        November 7, 2012 at 01:07

        If what happens, Steve? You have survived the last 3 1/2 years with President Obama, what do you think is going to happen now?

  2. Steve

    November 8, 2012 at 19:21

    Kholll- My guess would be more of the same, probably what you want and what I don’t. Yes, I have survived by working harder and keeping less as I see those around me with their hands out for more and more that they are neither entitled to or willing to work for. I wonder where America went? I realized Tuesday evening that the America I grew up in no longer exists, it has been replaced by a European style, Socialist, give away government that promises it’s citizens free stuff at someone else’s expense. A place where hard work and personal responsibility no longer counts as it’s no longer important. Sorry but that saddens me deeply as I love the opportunities that this once great nation has afforded me over the years to become successful through hard work and determination. A nation of people that are willing to trade their freedom and liberty away for a cell phone and a big screen TV that they can’t afford because they have figured out that through the ballot box they can vote for anything they want by supporting the party that will eventually enslave them. Not enslaved you say? Look around you, 23 million people unemployed, welfare up 20+%, food stamps up 70%, just in the last 3 years. Think! What do you think is going to happen when all these businesses keep folding up because their taxes are higher, their fuel costs higher, their expenses ever higher? Do you think things are going to get better? How? By what magic formula is this going to happen? There is no recovery and this guy you just re-elected is NOT the Messiah you think he is. He can’t walk on water. You will see in just a very short time the mistake you just made. I as only one business owner that I can speak for will publicly state here that I will not be your slave! My guess is that more business people than I will not either. There is coming a time very quickly when those who think like you will find out who needs whom. This goose has no more golden eggs for you to steal. Congratulations! You win, I lose.


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