How Far Left Must We Go To Save Us From Lyin’ Mitt And His Partners In Crime?

04 Nov

I have lately been asked if I believed Barack Obama is telling the truth about how far left he will take this country.

I am not privy to the private thoughts or wishes of Barrack Obama. Ever since the campaign stepped up the pace, he stopped calling me to chat and ask my advice on weighty matters of State.

Ah well; that’s what you must expect if you’re not willing to take up a Cabinet Post.

Not that that has anything to do with me; it’s just what you must expect.

So for me to comment on how far left he wishes he could take this country would be impossible and quite presumptuous.

I don’t see that he has done anything to suggest that he is heading too far left. In some ways; I find his decisions way too far to the right for even a moderate Democrat.

And I am no moderate Democrat. So I am sure The President will never take us as far left as I would like to see……………………..

………………………….If we were traveling North from say; Austin to Bismark; we make a left at Lincoln. I don’t see The President taking us much past Denver. I am ready to go all the way to Carson City; maybe even Sacramento. I would be pretty happy if we could just get to salt Lake City though.

Now Mitt; Mitt turned right at Lincoln; and he’s going somewhere between Atlantic City and Berlin, Germany. Even though he keeps talking about Columbus and Charleston; he has promised all those Tea Partiers and Libertarians that he was not stopping until he hits Berlin.

So your guess is as good as the next guy’s when you begin to speculate on how far right Mitt will go.

But me? I loath everything associated with uncontrolled Capitalism. The dishonesty; the greedy grubbing for yet another dollar. It’s a degrading way to spend your life and it then follows that these rabid Capitalists have very low self-respect.

They are willing to beg; borrow; or steal to get another rung up the ladder to the 1%. The 1% are as willing but for more and more money and power so they can gain ever more money and power; stuffing money down their throats until they choke on it and die in a sad scenario of waste, and hatred, and innocence never experienced.

So; you see; I believe that rather than the wealthy having the power and feeding the rest of us just enough to survive; I suggest that we allow them to keep just enough money to keep them living; somewhat above the rest of us but not so much as to have power over us.

Aggressive,driven entrepreneur and corporations need to be controlled so-as not to allow the run-a-muck Capitalism that we are now experiencing. Much in the way one keeps a muzzle on a vicious dog to prevent it biting its owner; the Capitalist must be encouraged to continue his efforts with a healthy income and much praise and awards but never allowed to decide what is to be done with the majority of the money he generates.

That money should be divided evenly between all the workers who actually do the work that allows him to continue to use his excellent intelect and ability to generate business and income; (after operating costs and reinvestment income for the business are deducted).

In that way the Capitalist is cosseted and petted like a good dog but allowed to run without his muzzle; so to speak; only when he is out among the other Capitalists.

Because without the workers; the Capitalist is not able produce the income. He didn’t build it alone; only with the help of thousands of people’ from the driver who took him to the airport to the man on the line putting nuts and bolts together. It takes a village to raise a child and it takes a whole company full of workers to build a business.

Those workers deserve more; much more than the greedy Capitalist is willing to give up and thus the reason for the strict regulation and control of the wealthy.

Left to their own devices they bring us to the very brink of Nationalism and Fascism as they have today. Their greed and thirst for power knows no bounds and they have little to no ability to control these unsavory desires.

This is why we; as people of compassion and tolerance must place these controls; to save us from the Capitalists and the Capitalists from the wrath of a population driven to revolution by the abuse of the Capitalists.

In all fairness though; the problem would be solved if the wealthy would just agree to pay enough to give every worker a minimum yearly income of say; 50K. No matter if you are a first time worker in the mail room or sweeping up hair at a salon or what your job is. Minimum wage 50K. Nice wage. A man can live comfortably if modestly; everyone makes money and the wealthy still live like kings and play with the leftover money. Either way; Capitalists need to be regulated and Capitalism must be contained within acceptable limits.

Much like the human body which has specialized cells for different tasks; our society needs specialized people and institutions to perform different functions. If we allow too many of any one kind of cell to be produced in the

body; it becomes malignant and spreads to all parts of the body and destroys the body it was designed to aid.

So it is with Capitalism. Some is good but too much; as we have today and; like a cancerous tumor; it is eating

Malignant Cancer Cell Spreads It’s tendrils To Take Over And Kill The Entire Body.

the body of the nation it was designed to aid; depleting the workforce by low wages; unsafe working conditions and lack of medical care. Devastating the Natural Resources in a mad race to extract everything of value; even at the cost of  every place of beauty and peace; the air we breath and the water we drink.

It’s time to put the brakes on. It’s time to say STOP! Enough is enough. Time to reconsider our goals for our nation and it’s people. Time to change the way we relate to our planet and each other.

The Capitalists won’t change; they reject all such suggestions and thus the reason to control them before we end up destroying them and perhaps ourselves in a last-minute; last-ditch; desperate battle to save ourselves and our planet.

In America we allow a person to own a gun. As a matter of fact as many as you wish to own. You are to use that gun for entertainment such a target shooting and for hunting which can provide food and helps control the population of animals whose natural habitat has been encroached on to such an extent that there isn’t enough room for all that are born.

But if you use that gun for improper purposes such as harming your neighbor or destroying his property or the natural beauty of his land; then we take away your gun or at least be sure that you are taught to use it safely as is only fair.

The same should be true of money. A guy like Mitt Romney has lost his right to have and use his money as he wishes because his wishes are to harm us; his neighbors; weaken or destroy the American Economy; set up an oligarchy or a theocracy; and take away our God-given; Constitutionally affirmed rights.

Whether a person with a gun or a Capitalist with his money; a criminal is a criminal and those who seek to harm their own country’s people and weaken it are criminals and must be controlled.

Now; how far left were you concerned about The President taking us?

Vote For Barack Obama because:


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7 responses to “How Far Left Must We Go To Save Us From Lyin’ Mitt And His Partners In Crime?

  1. List of X

    November 5, 2012 at 02:45

    I agree with you that Obama is not really a left winger, more like a moderate Republican from 10-20years ago. But I think you are going way too far to the left, all the way to Russia and China with your “$50K salary for all” proposal. Socialism does not work – and I am saying that not as a teabagger, but as someone who actually had lived in a real honest-to-God socialist country. As in word-“socialist”-being-part-of-the-country-name socialist country. Where they were close to paying equal salary to everyone, only to find out that many people found legitimate and illegitimate ways of making little (or a lot) of cash on the side, and many others just weren’t interested in working too hard for a salary which would be the same regardless of the quality of their work.

    • Steve

      November 6, 2012 at 19:15

      Not really a left winger? If he’s not, my God who is left of him? I can’t think of one person. Please name a few more left than him so I can know in advance to never vote for them. A moderate Republican from 20 years ago would be the Bushes. More like a moderate Democrat nowadays would be like the Republican of 20 years ago. Both parties have gone way left. What party would JFK or Harry Truman be closer to now? It would be today’s Republican Party which is why a lot of us find ourselves very uncomfortable there. I left the Repubs 4 years ago when they paraded that stiff Arlen Specter and John McCain as one of us….NOT!

      • List of X

        November 6, 2012 at 19:58

        Left of Obama… well, I could, of course, go with the easy targets of Chavez, Fidel, Lenin, or your hometown Communist party.
        But just to give an example of an actual US president, FDR would definitely be left of Obama. Judging by sheer number and size of new entitlements, new regulations, new public works projects, he was much farther to the left. A lot of what Obama has done is basically continuation of earlier Republican policies. Obamacare: proposed by Heritage foundation and implemented by Romney; Auto bailout: continuation of TARP and AIG bailout; NDAA, drone war, extrajudicial killings: there is nothing remotely liberal there. Oh, sure, he’s black, and isn’t a registered Republican, and that changes everything for some reason.

      • List of X

        November 6, 2012 at 20:08

        You need a left-winger president example? Sure – FDR. He passed so much anti-business regulation (e.g., Glass-Steagal), opened so many new public works projects, and finally, created so many new entitlements, that Obama seems conservative in comparison. A lot of what Obama had done is a direct continuation of earlier republican policies: Obamacare – proposed by Heritage foundation and implemented by Romney; auto bailout – continuation of TARP and AIG bailouts. And what is exactly, is so liberal about NDAA, continuing Afghanistan war, drone attacks, extrajudicial killings, keeping Guantanamo open? This would be left winger stuff only if you believe that Fox News is a liberal news media organization.

      • angrymanspeaks

        November 6, 2012 at 23:56

        I hardly think the idea that both parties have moved left a little hard to sell. The whole nation is talking about how the Republicans are on a downhill slide to the right. I wish the Democrats would move a bit left. We have been far to tollerant and patient waiting for justice for the people.

        On Tue, Nov 6, 2012 at 3:08 PM, angrymanspeaks

  2. Steve

    November 7, 2012 at 20:55

    X- What I was asking for was for you to name any present day politicians now serving in the Federal government that are MORE liberal than Obama

  3. Valentine Logar

    November 17, 2012 at 15:07

    Nancy Pelosi, Bernie Sanders, Al Franken, John Kerry, Jim Clyburn, Eddie Johnson, Al Green, Jim McDermott, Susan Bonamici, Karen Bass, Janice Hahn, Mike Honda, Maxine Waters – that is just a few of them. Should I continue? I can, there are several members of the Democratic Caucus who are more left than the President.


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