And With A Wave Of His Great Hairy Paw and the Mojo of his Magic Mormon Underwear….

31 Oct

…..Mitt Romney fulfills his promise to create 12 million jobs. Let’s see how he does this magic. Mary Jo knows.


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10 responses to “And With A Wave Of His Great Hairy Paw and the Mojo of his Magic Mormon Underwear….

  1. Steve

    November 1, 2012 at 22:48

    Such a sad story. I wonder how long she would have had a job if Bain hadn’t bought the company and restructured it. Sent jobs to China? How pissed off are you that most of GM’s jobs go to China? At the expense of American taxpayers. In my book that is far worse than a private company buying a company and doing whatever that want with it. My guess is that the jobs are going to China because the company can’t do whatever they do profitably here in the US with all the high costs here such as labor, energy, taxes, regulations, etc. You guys keep advocating all this government control over business and this is the result. As I’ve said before, a business exists to make money for the investors, period. Not to further your social agenda. You guys need to wake up or there won’t be ANY businesses left here.

    • Tea Party Slayer

      November 2, 2012 at 04:25


      You’re talking nonsense, man. Stop listening to Rush Limbaugh and think for yourself. I’ve worked around Wall Street for about 15 years. Almost every business and job in our economy comes from federal government and private industry collaborative investment (from microchips and Internet to the titanium in you golf clubs and fracking technology). I’m working with a company right now who’s initial research is being funded by federal dollars, is creating private sector jobs, and will greatly benefit our economy into the future. Businesses have always benefited from government investment. This is not about a social agenda. It’s about a new economic agenda.

      Right now, cheap global labor, technology, and a tax code tipped too much in favor of capital gains has caused stagnation in the middle-class real production segment of the economy. Often government must step in to make investments in infrastructure, training, new science and tech that kick start new ideas and business cycles that creat millions of jobs and healthy consumers.

      • Steve

        November 2, 2012 at 15:31

        That’s exactly my point to you and tea party slayer. Our Federal government is completely out of control. Please show me where in the book of rules (that would be our Constitution) it gives the government the right to control ANY business.The government does not do anything well and it has proven time and time again that it does not do things as well as the private sector. freedom for ALL people? You do realize that those that own businesses are people too? This is your way of granting them their freedom? To work to have their just rewards stolen from them and given to someone else that didn’t earn them. Everytime the government does anything for you, you lose a little more of your own individual freedom and liberty to do for yourself. This isn’t rocket science, I don’t see how all you libs can’t figure this out. Being a slave to the government by way of being beholden to program A or program B doesn’t sound like freedom to me. Take off the shackles and watch business produce!

      • Steve

        November 2, 2012 at 15:44

        The problem with your Government ‘investment’ means that the government is now in charge of who and what sectors prosper and succeed instead of the marketplace. For example the govt picked wind and solar to succeed instead of hydogen tech by subsidizing wind and solar even though they know full well that at this time neither is anywhere near ready to provide the level we demand and do this by demonizing our existing oil industry. Why? What is so bad about the oil industry/ Exxon alone employs like 185,00o people. They discover, drill transport, refine, deliver a gallon of gas sometimes clear on the other side of the world for less than we pay for milk. Personally I think that’s pretty darn impressive. Profits on a gallon of gas is less than what the government makes by taxing it and I don’t hear one complaint about that. Why? take a minute and think about how many jobs are created just by the oil industry alone. think plastic. All the guys that drill for it, drive the trucks, work in the research labs, own the gas stations, not even considering all the secondary people that sell them the tools they use, the food they eat, that teach their kids, etc. you guys all want to bitch and complain about all these businesses you don’t like for whatever reason but each one of them represents real people like your own families and neighbors that are affected by them directly and indirectly. I don’t advocate polluting the earth either but I think it’s ok to allow them to exist, especially when they make my life so much more enjoyable

      • Tea Party Slayer

        November 2, 2012 at 17:36

        You just put a bunch of words in my mouth. I didn’t mention a single harsh word about the oil industry, nor did I diminish the jobs created by the fossil fuel industry. What I do know is the fossil fuel industry, along with all successful big game industries throughout the globe, have been propped up by government investment. I know retired Energy Department officials who managed the research into developing the fracking technology that’s stimulated this new drilling revolution. What I’ve also been told is that fossil fuel is finite. So pretend you’re CEO of America, and you have one business that’s an established, mature commodity that’s doing very well, but with a limited shelf life. You continue to sell that product, but if you’re smart, you move your R&D dollars to new ideas.

        Whether it’s the Internet or microchips, historically private sector funding into new science has dried up in the initial early research stages because of the long-term and risky return on investment horizons. The government stepped in and funded private sector ideas, which later turned into huge industries down the line that propelled the global economy. Even a small business guy running a Five Guys franchise owes his success to government investment. Sorry you don’t like it. But that’s the way it’s been and will need to be in order to compete globally.

      • Steve

        November 2, 2012 at 18:42

        Slayer- I didn’t mean to put a bunch of words in your mouth, I was using the oil industry as an example as they are constantly being demonized. Your points are well taken and I’m not disagreeing with your facts only your demonstrated principles. If I am the CEO of a company that has a limited commodity I would certainly be expanding into another field when and as it became economically feasible to do so, which is exactly my point. We no longer have any buggy whip manufacturers because a different technology became available that made them obsolete. Private enterprise did that, NOT some government program. By being ‘involved’ in research and development and “investing” (my personal favorite term which means taxing one to promote another) removes that method of bringing about better technology as it becomes available simply because it is better and usually cheaper. By allowing the government to control and virtually pick the winners and losers we are turning over the best way to become more efficient to an entity that is neither efficient nor benevolent.

        I am not saying that what you are saying is wrong, I am saying that it is stupid to turn this role over to the government that is not equipped to perform this role as well as the private enterprise systemdoes. In other words, we don’t have wind and solar because it doesn’t work as well as fossil fuel. Who knows, we may even find something better and more efficient than wind and solar as fossil fuel becomes more expensive because there is less of it. The way things are now, we will probably never know because we are allowing our government instead of the free market system to make that decision and they have decided to pursue wind and solar technology whether that is the right decision or not

      • Tea Party Slayer

        November 2, 2012 at 23:24

        I don’t see pragmatic societal investment as an erosion of free market principles. Capitalism can’t function alone on an island. Businesses require a healthy society and consumers in order to succeed. Sometimes government must step in to defend and promote both. During the Cold War, Government and private industry teamed up in defense against one huge military threat. New science ideas had languised for decades in the private sector, because no private money would finance such risk with 10 or 15-year investment horizons. To me, there’s a difference between new science, which is an idea or theory created from thin air; and new tech, which is great entrepreneurs like Apple, Microsoft, Intel, and Facebook borrowing existing government-funded science and commercializing it into smart new products that run our modern economy. Private money will invest in new tech gadgets with 3-year roi horizons. But it generally is more reluctant to invest in the new science that makes the gadgets possible in the first place.

        Nowadays we have limited military threats, but many emerging economic threats. I want my tax dollars invested in ideas that the private sector won’t go, but that promote our physical and economic security. Was the science behind computers, digital, GPS, Internet all bad government investments? Or did those initial investments turn out alright for the private sector?

        Anyway, I respect your devotion to the free market. I just believe economic policy shouldn’t be stringent, but instead should be bendable depending on societal needs and outside threats. Sometimes less government is best, sometimes a bit more is required.

    • angrymanspeaks

      November 2, 2012 at 15:07

      “As I’ve said before, a business exists to make money for the investors, period. Not to further your social agenda.”

      And therein lies the crux of the problem Steve. Corporate greed and no social responsibility.

      The idea is to force these corporations to act for the public good as well as the stockholders profit.
      Will this lessen their profit? Yes I think it will.
      Is there another choice? Not if we intend to save the Earth from self-destruction and create freedom for all people; not just the wealthy few.

      I understand how it works Steve. I simply find the status quo unacceptable. And talk about big companies jumping ship rather than conform to the new social responsibility?

      That’s why you hear so much from the far left about government nationalizing many industries.

      The harder the right fights the beneficial changes; the farther to the left we feel pushed.

      • Steve

        November 2, 2012 at 15:53

        Why is it that you continue to paint every corporation that wants to make money as evil? Most companies, not all, do all sorts of commendable things for their communities such as hospitals, museums, parks, arts centers, etc. What happened to you that you can only see the negative side of every issue. I own a little business here in Southeast PA and i can tell you that we do all sorts of things for our community. I have numerous friends that donate time and money to our community as well. Multiply that by thousands of small businesses across this country and you might start to get a sense of who are the job creators. I don’t need Washington telling me how to run my affairs. business and business people are GOOD not evil as you portray us. big business is the same only bigger with more headaches. It’s getting old being overtaxed, over regulated and being demonized by the likes of you that think I exist to be cannibalized by those that you deem to be more deserving than me that earns it

  2. Steve

    November 5, 2012 at 21:33

    Slayer- Thanks for your discusssion. Personally I don’t want any of my tax dollars going to ‘invest’ in anything, in my book that is the job of private enterprise NOT government. Government has a louzy track record of picking winners and losers. That is NOT a role of government!


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